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Total Awards: 81
Award Name Image Presented By Description
Member Since mod Member since 2016
Post Achievement mod 1000 posts
Ranking - Intermediate mod Intermediate Rank
Telephone mod Telephone
One is the Loneliest Number mod One is the Loneliest Number
Philosopher mod Philosopher
Brainiac mod Brainiac
Furry Friends mod Furry Friends
Long May We Live mod Long May We Live
Prefect mod Ravenclaw Prefect - Summer 2016
Viridian Guild Leader mod Viridian Guild Leader
Spellslinger mod Spellslinger
Collector mod Collector
Midnight Write mod Midnight Write
Model Student mod Model Student
"Honest" mod "Honest"
Philosopher's Stone mod Philosopher's Stone
Too Much Information! mod Too Much Information!
Developer mod Developer
Ghostbuster mod Ghostbuster
Competitive Poster mod Competitive Poster
Strike Supporter mod Strike Supporter
Elf Friend mod Elf Friend
Scuba CYOA - Rest in Peace mod Rest in Peace
The Function of a Rubber Duck mod The Function of a Rubber Duck
Bungalow Buddy mod Bungalow Buddies
The Game is On! mod The Game is On!
Gotcha! mod Gotcha!
Jinxed mod Jinxed
Loves to Learn mod Loves to Learn
Toil and Trouble mod Toil and Trouble
Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My mod Kneazle-Cat Hybrid – Billy
Featured Thread December 2016 with Sigurd Nilsson mod Featured Thread with Sigurd Nilsson (December 2016)
Featured Relationship mod Featured Relationship with Lenny Plunkett (December 2016)
XOXO mod XOXO - Lenny Plunkett
Midnight Madness mod Midnight Madness
Kiss Da Curse mod Kiss Da Curse
Talk of the Town mod Talk of the Town
Monthly Mini - Copper Edition mod Monthly Mini - Copper Edition
Monthly Mini - Bronze Edition mod Monthly Mini - Bronze Edition
Mood Whiplash mod Mood Whiplash
Speed Poster mod Speed Poster
Chalet Sharer mod Chalet Sharer
Pitch the Ship Winner! - Most Romantic mod Pitch the Ship - Most Romantic - Gretchen & Lenny
Honest mod Honest
Magizoologist mod Magizoologist
Quotable mod Quotable
Spring Carnival 2k17 mod Spring Carnival 2k17
Wall Breaker mod Wall Breaker
Good Parenting mod Good Parenting
Creepy Creeper mod Creepy Creeper
Monthly Mini - Silver Edition mod Monthly Mini - Silver Edition
Monthly Mini - Gold Edition mod Monthly Mini - Gold Edition
We Are Family mod We Are Family
My Duet mod My Duet
Carnival Completionist 2k17 mod Carnival Completionist 2k17
Liaison mod Liaison - Lenny Plunkett
Didn't Stand Still mod Didn't Stand Still
Horselord mod Horselord
Trolley Tipper mod Trolley Tipper
Troll Terror mod Troll Terror
Superhero Admin Superhero
Featured Thread June 2017 - Make up without a fight mod Featured Thread with Lenny Plunkett (June 2017)
Member's Pick OTM June 2017 Admin Best Train Beast - The Trolley Witch
Sing To Me, Oh Muse! Admin Sing To Me, Oh Muse!
Wedding Bells Admin Wedding Bells of Convenience
Loyal Henchwoman Admin VG Wedding - Event Organizer
Wedding Enthusiast Admin Wedding Enthusiast
Site Contributor Admin Site Contributor
A Particularly Good Finder moderator A Particularly Good Finder
Saw Something I Liked Admin Saw Something I Liked
Sleepy Hollow Admin Sleepy Hollow
Toffee Apple Admin Toffee Apple
Star Gazer Admin Star Gazer
Feels Like Somebody's Watchin' Me Admin Feels Like Somebody's Watchin' Me
2k17 Fall Event - Costume Contest Winner Admin Pumpkin Queen - Princess Leia
I Survived the Hunt Admin I Survived the Hunt
Cry Me a RiWurr Admin Cry Me a RiWurr
Gore Won't Stop Me Now Admin Gore Won't Stop Me Now
Winter Is Here Admin Winter Is Here

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