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Award Name Image Presented By Description
it's a party mod It's a Party!
Quidditch Spring 2k16 Participant Staff Quidditch - Spring 2k16
Midnight Write Staff Midnight Write
Half-Life Staff Half-Life - Gryffindor v Slytherin 2k16
Member Since Staff 2016
Post Achievement Staff 500 Posts
Perfect Health! Staff Perfect Health! - Slytherin v Ravenclaw 2k16
Honest Staff Honest
Liaison Staff Liaison - Beauregard Fontaine
Flappy Flippers Staff Flappy Flippers
Dinglehopper Mod Dinglehopper
Rest in Peace Mod Rest in Peace
XOXO Staff XOXO Beauregard Fontaine
Long May We Live Mod Long May We Live
Unadventurous staf Unadventurous
Freaky Flounder Staff Freaky Flounder
Rest in Pieces Staff Rest in Pieces
Lobster Magnet Staff Lobster Magnet
Ranking moderator Ranking - Novice
Talk of the Town Staff Talk of the Town
My Duet Staff My Duet
Collector Staff Collector
Scavenger Hunt Summer 2k16 Mimi Scavenger Hunt - Summer 2k16
Philosopher Staff Philosopher
Featured Character Staff Featured Character - June 2016
Empath moderator (Animal) Empathy
WURR veteran moderator WURR veteran
Brainiac moderator Brainiac
Superhero mod Superhero
Addicted to wurr mod Addicted to WURR

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