It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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Total Awards: 158
Award Name Image Presented By Description
Half-Life! Stells Half-Life! Quidditch 2k18!
Had It Coming Stells Had It Coming
Member Since moderator Member Since 2017!
Speed Poster moderator Speed Poster
Early Bird moderator Early Bird
It's A Party! moderator It's A Party!
Post Achievement moderator 2000 Posts!
We Are Family moderator We Are Family
I <3 Newbies moderator I <3 Newbies
Serial Snogger moderator Serial Snogger
Featured Character moderator Featured Character - March 2017
Ranking - Novice moderator Ranking - Novice
Competitive Poster moderator Competitive Poster
Addicted To WURR moderator Addicted To WURR
Ultimate Athlete Staff Ultimate Athlete - Chaser
Language Lover moderator Language Lover
Collector moderator Collector
Dunkin' Donut moderator Dunkin' Donut
Quidditch Participant 2017 moderator Quidditch Participant 2017
Under My Wing moderator Under My Wing
Parallel Dimensions moderator Parallel Dimensions
Party Person moderator Party Person
Squid Friend moderator Squid Friend
Disneyception moderator Disneyception
Midnight Write moderator Midnight Write
Dragonboat Champion moderator Dragonboat Champion
Spring Carnival 2k17 moderator Spring Carnival 2k17
Carnival Completionist 2k17 moderator Carnival Completionist 2k17
Birthday Bash mod Birthday Bash
Half-Life! Stells Half-Life! Quidditch 2k17!
Pirate King moderator Pirate King
Talk of the Town moderator Talk of the Town
Fabulous Fashionista mod Fabulous Fashionista
Inside Person Staff Inside Person
Developer Staff Developer
Character Collector Staff Character Collector
Full House moderator Full House
Site Contributor Staff Site Contributor
Quidditch KissCam 2017 Staff Quidditch KissCam 2017
No Stupid Questions Staff No Stupid Questions
Tree Killer mod Tree Killer
Quotable Staff Quotable
Long May We Live mod Long May We Live
Philosopher mod Philosopher
Brainiac mod Brainiac
I'm here for the cake mod I'm here for the cake
Telephone mod Telephone
Sing To Me, Oh Muse! moderator Sing To Me, Oh Muse!
Remember Me moderator Remember Me
Featured Member moderator Featured Member - June 2017
Bingo! Summer 2k17 moderator Bingo! Summer 2k17
A Particularly Good Finder moderator A Particularly Good Finder
Fantastic Bestie moderator Fantastic Bestie
Mama Goose moderator Mama Goose
One is the Loneliest Number moderator One is the Loneliest Number
Magizoologist moderator Magizoologist
Baby Boom moderator Baby Boom
Wedding Bells moderator Wedding Bells
Viridian Guild moderator Viridian Guild
Spellslinger moderator Spellslinger
Off-Season Training moderator Off-Season Training
Honest moderator Honest
"Honest" moderator "Honest"
Monthly Mini moderator Monthly Mini - Platinum Edition
Model Student moderator Model Student
Toil and Trouble moderator Toil and Trouble
Loyal Henchperson moderator Loyal Henchman
Cry Me a RiWurr moderator Cry Me a RiWurr
Secret Code moderator Secret Code
Wedding Enthusiast moderator Wedding Enthusiast
Secret Agent moderator Secret Agent
I Volunteer As Tribute moderator I Volunteer As Tribute
Philosopher's Stone moderator Philosopher's Stone
Didn't Stand Still moderator Didn't Stand Still
Troll Terror moderator Troll Terror
Horselord moderator Horselord
Pride of Lions moderator Pride of Lions
Classy 'Stache moderator Classy 'Stache
Ghostbuster moderator Ghostbuster
Too Much Information! Stells Too Much Information!
Superhero moderator Superhero
Ultimate Fan moderator Ultimate Fan - The Kinetic Kitsune
Wood Splinters Stells Wood Splinters
Featured Member moderator Featured Member - September 2017
Night of the Living Dead moderator Night of the Living Dead
A Nightmare on Hogwarts Street moderator A Nightmare on Hogwarts Street
Jeepers Creepers moderator Jeepers Creepers
Phantom of the Opera moderator Phantom of the Opera
More Handsome than the Groom moderator More Handsome than the Groom
No Life Left! Stells No Life Left! Quidditch 2k18!
Pumpkin King moderator Pumpkin King - God of Darkness (Erebus)
Sleepy Hollow moderator Sleepy Hollow
Gore Won't Stop Me Now moderator Gore Won't Stop Me Now
I Survived the Hunt moderator I Survived the Hunt
Huntsman 2k17 moderator Huntsman 2k17!
Star Gazer Stells Star Gazer
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts! Stells I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts!
Obligatory PSL Run Stells Obligatory PSL Run
Until We Meet Again Stells Until We Meet Again
Apple of My Eye Stells Apple of My Eye
Toffee Apple Stells Toffee Apple
Try It On For Size Stells Try It On For Size
Blaze It Til The Mornin' Stells Blaze It Til The Mornin'
Frisky Frolicker Stells Frisky Frolicker
Punkin Stells Punkin
Jack O'Lantern Smile Stells Jack O'Lantern Smile
Spirit Board Stells Spirit Board
Flying South Stells Flying South
Feels Like Somebody's Watchin' Me Stells Feels Like Somebody's Watchin' Me
Trick! Stells Trick!
Treat! Stells Treat!
Light the Black Flame Candle Stells Light the Black Flame Candle
Cornucopia Stells Cornucopia
Good Parenting Stells Good Parenting
Thought You Ought to Know Stells Thought You Ought to Know
Shutdown Stells Shutdown
Creepy Creeper Stells Creepy Creeper
In the Workshop Stells In the Workshop
Nightmare Before Christmas Stells Nightmare Before Christmas
Lump of Coal Stells Lump of Coal
Spreading Holiday Cheer Stells Spreading Holiday Cheer
Stocking Stuffer Stells Stocking Stuffer
Christmas Miracle Stells Christmas Miracle
Winter is Here Stells Winter is Here
Ho Ho, Oh No Stells Ho Ho, Oh No
Deck the Stalls Stells Deck the Stalls
Busy Elf Stells Busy Elf
Gotta Catch 'Em All Stells Gotta Catch 'Em All
Wall Breaker Stells Wall Breaker
WURR Veteran Stells WURR Veteran
Mirror Gazer Stells Mirror Gazer
Well-Oiled Machine Stells Well-Oiled Machine
Looking for Love Stells Looking for Love - Event Organizer
Loved On Stells Loved On By Robin, Alice & TJ
Sunshine Lover Stells Sunshine Lover
Shopaholic Stells Shopaholic
New Moon, New Year Stells New Moon, New Year
Explorer Stells Department of Mysteries Explorer
House Unity Stells House Unity
Speed Ranker Stells Speed Ranker
Quidditch KissCam 2018 Stells Quidditch KissCam 2018
Hop to It! Stells Hop to It!
Rotten Egg Stells Rotten Egg
Beak-a-Boo Stells Beak-a-Boo
Eggcellent Eggsplorer Stells Eggcellent Eggsplorer
Quidditch 2018 Stells Quidditch 2018 - Gryffinpuff Captain
Ultimate Athlete Stells Ultimate Athlete - Beater
Went the Extra Mile Stells Went the Extra Mile
Quidditch Champions '18 Stells Gryffinpuff! Quidditch Champions '18!
Swift & Steady Stells Swift & Steady
Slow & Steady Stells Slow & Steady
Mood Whiplash Stells Mood Whiplash
Jedi Master Stells Jedi Master
Made To Finish Stells Made To Finish
My Duet Stells My Duet

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