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Total Awards: 86
Award Name Image Presented By Description
My Duet moderator My Duet - Kiljan Leander
Brainiac moderator Brainiac
Pirate King moderator Pirate King
Prefect Halloween Ball 2k15 Participant moderator Prefect Halloween Ball 2015
Spring Festival 2k15 Participant moderator Spring Festival 2015
Plants Vs. Students moderator Plants Vs. Students 2015
New Year's Ball 2014 moderator New Year's Ball 2014
Featured Relationship moderator Featured Relationship - Erik & Logan Summer 2015
Featured Thread moderator Featured Thread Spring 2014
Featured Member moderator Featured Member Spring 2015
House Prefect moderator Ravenclaw Prefect Summer 2014
Post Achievement moderator 1000 Posts
Ranking - Advanced moderator Ranking - Advanced
Member Since moderator 2014
Full House moderator Full House
Philosopher moderator Philosopher
Addicted to WURR moderator Addicted to WURR
One is the Loneliest Number moderator One is the Loneliest Number
WURR Veteran moderator WURR Veteran
I <3 Newbies moderator I <3 Newbies
Fabulous Fashionista moderator Fabulous Fashionista
BodyMod moderator BodyMod
Furry Friends moderator Furry Friends
Good Parenting moderator Good Parenting
We Are Family moderator We Are Family
Serial Snogger moderator Serial Snogger
Honest moderator Honest
Superhero moderator Superhero
Language Lover moderator Language Lover
Birthday Bash moderator Birthday Bash
Talk of the Town moderator Talk of the Town
House Unity moderator House Unity
Justice League Hogwarts moderator Justice League Hogwarts
Book Club moderator Book Club
Werewolf moderator Werewolf (Clash)
I Spread the Love moderator I Spread the Love
Long May We Live moderator Long May We Live
Quidditch Quarterly moderator Quidditch Quarterly
Speed Ranker moderator Speed Ranker
Sightseer moderator Sightseer
Party Person moderator Party Person
Featured Member Pick moderator Featured Member Pick - Godmother - October 2016
Secret Agent moderator Secret Agent
Speed Poster moderator Speed Poster
Special Snowflake moderator Special Snowflake
Fall Ball 2k16 moderator Fall Ball 2k16
Developer moderator Developer
Site Contributor moderator Site Contributor
Inside Person moderator Inside Person
Spring Carnival 2k17 moderator Spring Carnival 2k17
Quidditch KissCam 2k17 moderator Quidditch KissCam 2k17
Featured Relationship moderator Featured Relationship - March 2017 - Quincy Elkins
Wood Splinters moderator Wood Splinters
Cry Me a RiWurr moderator Cry Me a RiWurr
Parallel Dimensions moderator Parallel Dimensions
Monthly Mini - Bronze Edition moderator Monthly Mini - Bronze Edition
Tiptoed Through Tulips moderator Tiptoed Through Tulips
Rune Rampage moderator Rune Rampage
Spring Carnival 2k17 Completionist Staff Carnival Completionist 2k17
Spring Carnival 2k17 - Dunk Tank Staff Dunkin' Donut
The Function of a Rubber Duck mod The Function of a Rubber Duck
Summer 2k17 - Didn't Stand Still Staff Didn't Stand Still
Sing To Me, Oh Muse! moderator Sing To Me, Oh Muse!
Remember Me moderator Remember Me
Bingo! Summer 2k17 Admin Bingo! Summer 2k17
A Particularly Good Finder Admin A Particularly Good Finder
Liaison moderator Liaison - Quincy Elkins
There Was Cake moderator There Was Cake
Wedding Enthusiast moderator Wedding Enthusiast
A Nightmare on Hogwarts Street moderator A Nightmare on Hogwarts Street
Blaze It Til The Mornin' moderator Blaze It Til The Mornin'
Star Gazer moderator Star Gazer
Sleepy Hollow moderator Sleepy Hollow
Jeepers Creepers moderator Jeepers Creepers
Toffee Apple Stells Toffee Apple
Gore Won't Stop Me Now Stells Gore Won't Stop Me Now
Casuality of the Hunt Stells Casuality of the Hunt
Stocking Stuffer Stells Stocking Stuffer
Under My Wing Stells Under My Wing
In The Workshop Stells In The Workshop
Christmas Miracle Annie Christmas Miracle
Spreading Holiday Cheer Robin Spreading Holiday Cheer
Loved On Stells Loved On By Stells
Well-Oiled Machine Stells Well-Oiled Machine
New Moon, New Year Robin New Moon, New Year

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