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 Something's Gotta Give Soon, Nessa's Plots
Ani · 16 · 6th · N/A · Pureblood · 5'4"
Gryffindor Prefect
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May 8 2018, 09:49 PM   Link Quote

Nessa Ivers


Nessa is a fickle person. It depends on the day as to how she acts and treats those around her. On a good day, she’s bubbly. Her sentences are mostly rambles, as she likes to hear herself talk and get the attention of people listening in. There’s a pep in her step, and a feeling as if the entire world is at her fingertips. On a bad day, she’s grumpy. Her tone is curt, her posture is hunched. She slumps through the halls to and from class. The girl probably didn’t get much sleep, or is letting her emotions get the better of her. Either way, it’s probably best to steer clear for awhile.

Overall, however, she’s a caring person. She’s got a big heart that isn’t too hard to get into, and is difficult to leave.

Some Wants // Ideas:

> Kissing buddies // spring fling: Nessa is a loving person and enjoys the company of others, maybe a little too much. She’ll pretty much kiss anything that moves, so many people will probably fall into this category, past and present

> Enemies: Nessa is passionate, stubborn, and defensive. She’s sure to get on somebody’s bad side. (More information below)

> Friends: Anyone who can put up with her will more likely than not be her friend. (More information below)


Easily excitable, Nessa can fuel off most people’s energies. If someone is similar to her in high energy and passion, Nessa can build off of and encourage/enable others. If instead the person is located on the other end of the spectrum, being quiet and a bit shy, the blonde is known to have the skills to pull people out of their shells. She’s a massive troublemaker who loves having fun, and will do anything to seek it out. A party is being thrown at Hogwarts? The Gryffindor is more likely than not not only there, but had helped plan it and is currently maintaining the life of it- And she would love to drag anyone and everyone along. She’s also involved in many a club at Hogwarts, having dove right in to participation her first year. If there’s some way to be friends, Nessa will find it!


Despite being Pureblood, one thing that has always gotten on Nessa’s nerves is expectations based upon something predetermined. Be it race, gender, or blood status, any sort of discrimination, even joking, is often not tolerated by the girl. She works on a sort of strike system similar to baseball, but some actions can equal more than one strike if they seem to in her eyes. Similarly, she isn’t too big on bragging, and arrogance is one trait that if possessed by a person, they are most likely to end up squabbling in some form or another.


Ahh. Young love. How exciting- And Nessa sure thinks so too. She has slowly but surely come to accept that she is indeed bisexual. It was a long road of confusion, and denial, and maybe even hurting a few of her friends along the way with her own bit of discrimination, but she has learned her lesson and is ready to correct her mistakes. She’s also ready for loooove. There have most definitely been some past failed relationships, most of them with boys for aforementioned reasons. However, the Ness Kiss List is probably longer than she would like to admit, as she is definitely the type to drink a biiiit too much punch and go to town.


Laoise Murdoch


Laoise is an anxious person. It depends on many factors as to how much of her day it’ll rule. How much sleep did she get? Was her tea perfect that morning? Did someone look at her the wrong way that prompted a spiral, or did someone new smile at her and she shyly smiled back?

She doesn’t talk a lot. It isn’t her strong suit. What she’s good at is listening. The girl has a way of reading people, an emotional intelligence that provides her the tools to help those around her. However, she doesn’t know how to reach out in return. Her anxiety seems to be getting worse before it’s getting better, and with puberty hitting hard and her father’s recent passing, Laoise is struggling to make it through.


> Friends: Laoise doesn’t have too many of these. It’d be great to see her make some who respect her shyness and help in healthy ways and with patience. (More information below)

> “Friends”: Despite possessing emotional intelligence, she does have much social intelligence. If someone wanted to take her for granted in any way, shape, or form, it wouldn’t be too difficult to do so- Especially if they posed as a friendly figure. (More information below)


Sure, she doesn’t have many, but what she lacks in numbers she makes up in the strength of the bonds. It may take a little while, but when Laoise becomes friends with someone, she’ll never let them go. She is an extremely dedicated friend, willing to listen and give advice in any way she can- Minus an honest opinion. She doesn’t like having to say that a certain article of clothing does make someone look fat. Friends can come in any shape, house, or age. It’d be cute if she befriended someone older and got to look up to them.


Many things spike Laoise’s anxiety, but few do so more than conflict. She avoids drama, gossip, and angry people to the best of her abilities. It isn’t too hard for her to spot. What is difficult to distinguish, however, is someone who isn’t trying to be friendly at all, but pretends to be. Unable to see through a guise, Laoise is susceptible to find herself being used, be it to do homework or unknowingly carry contraband. It wouldn’t be difficult at all to get her to do what is wished, as long as she maintains the belief of friendship.


Even younger love. At thirteen, Laoise isn’t looking for much. Boys still have cooties, and girlfriends are just girls who are friends- And just friends. That isn’t to say, however, that she isn’t hoping someone finds her attractive, because she sure finds someone attractive. Currently, she’s got a massive crush on a lion-hearted boy she’s known all her life. Buuuut, she’s got four more years at school, and crushes are only crushes. Where Laoise’s love life will go, not even a tea reading would be able to tell for certain.

Trying her Hardest


Adopt one today!
Lone Fox · 18 · 7 · · · 5'10
Ravenclaw Beginner
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May 8 2018, 10:46 PM   Link Quote
Howdy Stranger!

Welcome to WR! (even though yes, you've been here a few days c:) I really hope you stay!

I absolutely LOVE Nessa... probably a little more than is healthy. Regardless, I'd love to start a plot between her and my gurl Lilith. I'm open to virtually all ideas, however I was thinking a good idea might be, perhaps, Nessa hosting a party (open thread potential?) And Lilith helping her set up or something like that?

Love love love!

Profile drawing credits to the wonderfully talented Mioree. Love your work <3
Leo Benjamin · 17 · 7 · · Muggleborn · 175 cm (5'7")
Awards: None
May 24 2018, 08:46 AM   Link Quote
Hello! :wave: I'm Leo and this is my Brandon. Why do I think we should plot? Well, for one, he can't shut his mouth if he has something to talk about. Two, he is an extrovert. Three, he definitely drinks too much. I feel like them being in the same room could send all of Hogwart's introverts running the other direction.

I do not currently have a workshop profile, but I do have a plotter that links to Brandon's sorting application. Drop me a message if you're interested!

user posted image

user posted image
(30th of May, 2018)

OOC: Leo Benjamin / I fall off the face of the earth a lot.
Sunny · 17 · 6th · n/a · Pureblood · 5'6"
Awards: 7

May 24 2018, 09:16 AM   Link Quote
Heyo! So, we've done some plotting off in the outerworld, but let me post here to make it site-official.

In summary:
Ronan and Nessa are cousins, but they might as well be siblings since they grew up on the same property. They don't always get along, but they do share a mutual interest in antagonizing their parents.

Although Nessa oftentimes finds herself embarrassed by her cousin's presence in public, if push comes to shove these two have each other's backs.

I look forward to writing with you, now and always <3
Ani · 13 · 3rd · · Halfblood · 5'1"
Awards: 4

May 30 2018, 12:57 AM   Link Quote

Added the newest arrival, Laoise, as well as a want/idea section!
Sammeh · 16 · 6th · undecided · pureblood · 5'6
Slytherin Beginner
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May 30 2018, 06:36 AM   Link Quote
hellooooo Ani!!

I assume you don't know me, so I'll go ahead and introduce myself first x3 I'm Sammeh, Wurr resident for 7 years now and I just finished my Master thesis! Aka I kinda poofed for a few months to finish that sucker but now I'm back in action c:<

Barging right in, I think I have two character for Laoise! First we have his kid Luca here! Often regarded as super friendly and polite, not many people really get why he got sorted into Slytherin. But, you see, all his happy behaviour is mostly to just get what he wants. Growing up, his family taught him the way to being successful is to make contacts all over, and gain more allies than enemies. Some people might think they're his friends, but often it's not mutual. I was thinking that maybe he would def go to people like Laoise if he needs anything, be it information on a person or help with his homework. He'll bring his nicest smile in order to convince her <33.

The other one is Tammuz! He's a seventh year Ravenclaw who loves art and dragons, and he's meant to be the heir of the dragon reserve his family has created actual centuries ago. Sadly he isn't the most social one either (especially not compared to his super amazing sisters), often shutting down or talking gibberish when confronted with overly confident people. I do think he sees a part of himself in Laoise, although she def has way more trouble than him ofc! He's a very patient person, and doesn't mind carrying conversations if it is in a calm situation. if you're up for it, he would def try and help her out some, if only sitting next to her in the communal common room to keep her some company.

These are just ideas, if you can't work with any of these that's def okay!! x3 Feel free to poke me on skype or Discord (Puffinnoises #8031) so we can maybe yell at each other some. I got like 10 kids, so I'm all open for ideas ^^

thankyouu Evan for the pretty avatar ;^; <33
Songbird · 15 · 4 · · pureblood · 5'5"/165cm
Awards: None
May 30 2018, 11:47 AM   Link Quote
Hello there, I'm Songbird and I'm new here, and I think my Mia-Rose might have an interesting dynamic with your Nessa! You write that Nessa has a knack for pulling people out of their shells, and that's exactly what Mia-Rose needs--someone to build her up and make her feel like she belongs. At the same time, Mia-Rose has a certain arrogance to her ideas about life that she wouldn't show Nessa at first, but would likely end up creating some conflict.

Let me know if this sounds like something you'd want to work on!
Benno · 17 · 6th · · Pureblood · 5'2
Hufflepuff Beginner
Awards: 16

Jun 1 2018, 08:54 PM   Link Quote
Why hello dearest Ani.....

I'm ben!! I don't believe we've spoken much but I really like your gals so lets jump right into this mess shall we.

I feel like Cameron and Laoise would be a great pair bc they are both horribly socially awkward and anxious little babies and could probably use friends that feel similarly? That way they don't have to stress about trying to make sense because someone else gets it, yknow? I would love love love for Cam to have a few close friends so maybe we could do somethin with that? Cam is a fifth year hufflepuff who loves nature and love love loves poetry!

@Laoise Murdoch

Oh yeah, I'm a reaper man,
every good thing I kill it dead
Oh yeah,
I'm a hooligan
Out in the street making a mess.
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