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Brandy Sage
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 10:38 AM
6th Year
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I wanna be shaken with a little danger

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Brandy SageRavenclaw
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The pungent scent of alcohol clung heavily to the shirt Brandy currently had pressed against her nose. If she were to make her best guess was that she had spilled some sort of beverage on it at some point, not that she remembered. The girl was a hot mess at lease eighty percent of the time and was prone too spilling drink on herself when things got sloppy. Discarding the soiled garment on the floor, she grabbed another t-shirt from the pile on her bed and gave it a sniff as well. Not only was the smell of alcohol missing but so were any other potential foul odors. With one swift movement, she tugged the thing over her head then pulled her blue locks free.

Glancing into the mirror hanging on the back of her room’s door and gave herself a once over. The shirt was a bit on the short side for this particular pair of jeans, allowing her stomach to peep out and experience the world. “Maybe you should lay off the crisps, girl,” she murmured, patting the exposed flesh. It would have to do, mostly because the eagle was lacking the patience to look for a different top. Besides, she didn’t look half bad but there was definitely something missing… There! Brandy whipped the tattoo choker Mattie had given her for Christmas last year and put it around her neck. Much better.

Finally presentable, she pulled open her door and exited into the Ravenclaw common room. A frown spread across her metallic, maroon lips. The room might as well have been empty as the only people who were there had their noses buried in homework or study materials. “Well fuck.” The words came out of her mouth a little bit louder than she had intended, earning her dirty looks from some of the other eagles in the room. It was times like this when Brandy wished she could have been placed in a more exciting house. Excitement was something she lived for and this place was often severely lacking. Despite her occasional discontentment, however, it was unlikely that the girl would have changed houses.

The look of excitement on the older woman’s face when the witch had told her where she had been sorted was a memory that brought her a great deal of pleasure. While she hadn’t given birth to her, Mattilda was the closest thing she had had to a mother. She had taken the time and care to raise the girl while her actual mother lounged around the house in a catatonic state. While that woman had tried to force this wild card to be something she wasn’t, the nanny had encouraged her to embrace herself and do be who she wanted, no matter what anyone told her. Naturally, when Brandy was sorted into the same house that the woman had been sorted into, she had been pleased.

Since there wasn’t much else to do, the eagle went briefly back into her room and grabbed her quill, ink and paper before settling down around a coffee table, leaning her back up against one of the couches. She chewed at her lip for a bit, ignoring the plastic taste of lipstick that filled her mouth, then pressed the tip of the pen against the paper and began scratching a quick note to her old nanny. The update she wrote regularly to the older witch didn’t take up as much time as the eagle had hoped. As she folded up the letter, she furrowed her brow and sighed, not sure what else to do that evening.

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@Liam Andrews

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Liam Andrews
 Posted: Yesterday at 05:18 pm
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Liam AndrewsRavenclaw Novice
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At one point during second or third year, the young man had found an old abandoned tree house in the Forbidden Forest. It wasn't something that he often shared with anyone; magic had fixed it up decent enough to make it remind Liam of the one that waited for him at home. Over the years, it had become a small safe haven for the boy that loved to be outside and to this day, the eagle still went out to it and climbed up the old rickety ladder in order to get to the part of the house that would house the eagle and his books for hours at a time. His studying was uninterrupted out there; the only surrounding sounds were usually the birds that chipped in the trees.

That's where the young man had been on this day. It was a gorgeous day out, the warmer air giving the eagle a restored energy that came every spring when he was finally able to spend some time outside without having to worry about the weather or the moods that came with having the winter weather. It wasn't that the young man minded the cold, for certainly he was out and about it in more than most of his classmates, but at the same time, Liam loved the spring. Mother Nature brought life back to the world around him; gave rain and sunshine to the plants and the flowers. The temperatures warmed and so did the eagle's spirits and it was finally that time of the year again where the eagle was able to go out to the tree house and spend some time studying in a way that wasn't out in the open - otherwise others would be sure to interrupt him.

Now though, holding a sandwich he had nicked from the house-elves just before curfew in the kitchens, Liam nudged open the Ravenclaw common room door after answering the riddle of the day - something that the eagle was sure was a repeat from a few years ago - and took a bite. Blue pearls wandered the common room. He wasn't looking for someone in particular, but rather a spot to put his bag and then be able to finish the questions for a potions assignment that he had before wanting to read more about mermaids and their world. It was his new fasnication and the eagle was just to the part to learning about where they were usually found, except for the fact that schoolwork had to come first. Deciding the couch would work, the eagle's soft footsteps padded across the ground towards the area.

Toeing off his shoes next to the side of the chair, Liam threw his bag across the couch towards the other end and stepped over the side to get on the couch. His long legs made this an easy task; besides, there was a girl that was bent over writing in front of the couch and the young man didn't really want to bug her. Holding his sandwich in his teeth, he flopped down longways across the couch and with a soft plop, landed lightly on the cushions. Calloused fingers took the sandwich back in hand and the eagle situated himself - and in the process, kicked the girl in the head.

"Aw, crap, I'm so sorry." Liam retracted his foot immediately and fell quiet, chewing on his lip. How many times had he done that maneuver and been fine? Well crud. "Really, I'm sorry." he repeated, hoping the girl wouldn't be mad at him.

@Brandy Sage

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