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 ❍ exploration, ~ sascha !

Kiska Ferdenova

you won't let yourself let loose

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Mar 12 2017, 11:46 AM   LINK Quote
    In all the years that Kiska had spent within this castle, all the evenings that she had wandered out of bed far beyond the designated curfew, it still managed to catch the lioness by surprise when she stumbled across rooms that were completely new to her. Such rooms were becoming fewer and more far between than they used to, and yet Hogwarts still managed to hold the occasional delightful surprise. Today, in being in a quiet state of mind, Kiss had been trying to avoid people as much as was possible. A mood such as hers today bit out of the norm for Kiska, a Gryffindor who didn’t usually mind the unexpected company of friends and even stumbling across strangers. Every now and again, though, feelings like this would strike – there was no desire to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the castle and solitude was actually wanted and welcomed. In having taken long-forgotten corridors as suited her desire, she had been able to avoid speaking with most anyone and had stumbled upon a peculiar little room that she had not before explored in the process.

    Well, it appeared little at first sight. As the girl closed the door behind her and had an opportunity to take a better look at the room she had entered, it soon became clear that the room was not as small as it first appeared. Dimly lit, shadows were cast upon most of the portraits that lined the walls… they seemed to be the only thing that lined the walls. Her eyes traveled over each, the scenes each shifting and moving, those within barely paying her any mind. Perhaps they received more visitors than it seemed, for nobody was clamoring to either get Kiss’s attention or tell her to leave. I suppose the latter is a bonus… the lioness thought, gaze still wandering over the walls before her.

    As they did, they paused on a darker corner that had a light flickering at the end of it. Her brows puckered before she gave a slight nod to nobody in particular and moved across the room to begin her exploration. As it turned out, the room was situated more as a winding hallway – left and right turns suddenly appearing. Given that Kiska was in no rush to be anywhere today, much less rejoin the rest of her schoolmates, her travel was slow, her feet stopping every so often in front of various portraits to have a look at the scenes. Some were recognizable as scenes of Hogwarts past, interesting in their own right. Others were scenes of what could have been faraway places, and some had knights and ladies within them. Fitting, for being housed within a castle.

    Their chatter continued, their scenes replaying, their portrait neighbors occasionally being visited. They were untroubled – or, if they were, it didn’t show. Folding her arms as she continued on down the hall, pondering on how that must feel, Kiss paused again as she heard a new noise, one that didn’t seem like it belonged. Her brow puckered again, fingers picking lightly at the thread on the hem of her sweater. Was there another student here, too? It sounded likely, and she wondered for how long – they had delved deep into this room, most likely hoping to avoid others just as she was. Did she really want to interrupt them, and have her alone time interrupted as well? Her feet stopped again as the girl really considered it; if someone else were here and had gone this far into a room that wouldn’t hold interest for most, they were probably having a bad day. Who was she to step in? But… who was she to just walk away from someone that could potentially use a listening ear? Blowing out a soft breath, Kiss continued onward. So much for solitude.
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@Sascha Klaus

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