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 [GR]*Jiduri Min, <3
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Feb 14 2018, 01:41 PM   Link Quote
Name: Jiduri Min
Age at time of death: 17
Bloodline: Halfblood
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Appearance: He dead. He a dead boy. Pale, pale eyes. They dead too.
Personality: If there could be one word to describe Jiduri, it would be, 'hard-working', if not 'unlucky'. He had always had to work hard for what he wanted, and usually ended up falling just short of his goal; it left him lying in the dirt many times, people kicking up dust as they ran away from him and continued with their own challenges. His older sister, Jaehwa, was the pivotal model of his life, though this was a little reluctantly. She took good care of him and was everything a good sister should have been, but it was just Jiduri being jealous that she was the more favoured between her and his parents. She did everything effortlessly, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hold a candle to her. Jealousy was something constantly present in Jiduri's life, combined with envy and displeasure, and it was almost funny sometimes how hard he worked to get noticed by his parents only to be brushed aside. He started to hate his sister. Despise her. And surprisingly, this was not something he wanted to happen. The guilt would wash over him, leaving him in worse situations than the ones he had started in, by simply letting his anger bubble out of him and overspill like an over-run bath. Hogwarts was meant to be a breath of fresh air, but it only made his undiagnosed anxiety worse, and the need to prove himself only decided to duplicate itself tenfold. Jiduri never did anything casually; if he was going to study, it would be hours upon hours. If he picked up a hobby, it would be the centre of his universe, and he would focus on nothing but that for a long while. Obsessive. Maybe that was a word to describe Jiduri, though he preferred to say he was determined.

His personality has changed slightly since, y'know, the whole becoming dead situation and all that. Jiduri has become a lot more withdrawn in on himself, and a lot less-trusting than he already was, which is definitely saying a lot. His death had been labelled, 'a mysterious accident', but he knew better. Somebody knew something, and now he was left alone to wander the castle until it was rubble. That was a depressing thought. Jiduri spends most of his time hiding, trying to avoid people as much as he can because... well, to be honest, he's not really sure. Avoiding people just seemed to be the best option. What if they asked him how he died? What if they wanted to know all the gory details, which he couldn't even remember? Or what if they were scared of him? Each of those questions were questions Jiduri did not want to answer. He avoided his friends, if he could even call them that anymore, for one reason though, not that he would ever admit this; he felt like he had let them down. His biggest fear was being the failure he always imagined himself to be, and now after dying, it felt like that was exactly what he had done. What would he amount to now, other than some sort of scary story for the new Hogwarts students to eventually forget? All that hard work was now dashed because his heart had stopped beating and his lungs had stopped working and nobody could even decipher why, or how. Whenever people found him, or drew him out from his hiding place, that was the only question, "so what really happened to you?" And being the utter disgrace and disappointment he was, he couldn't answer. There was one positive though, which was he couldn't disappoint his parents anymore.

Character Background: Min Jiduri's life was as uneventful as they came.

He was the second-born son of Min Hajoon and Lee Seoyun, with a sister a mere five minutes older than him who was almost the root of his problems. Jaehwa was apparently 'more special' than Jiduri, meaning that attracted their parents' attention a lot easier than he could. She was gifted at magic, naturally pretty and intelligent, whereas Jiduri was just... average. He had to work extremely hard during his first few years at Mahoutokoro, though his robes never changed from that initial pink hue. He was thought to be peculiar because of his distinct lack of talent with a wand, to the point the professors were considering holding him back a foundation year just so he could get the extra practice before his exams. Jaehwa's success didn't help, as Hajoon and Seoyun were too caught up with their daughter to notice their son was drowning in the system. He was too stubborn to ask for help, though. Always has been, always will be... though, maybe would have been is the better tense now. People pretended to be his friend just so they could befriend his far more popular sister, leaving him lonely and angry about it, but more hurt about the situation than he would care to admit. Jiduri tried to focus on his studies, to try and surpass his sister and prove that he deserved the love and attention of his parents too, only nothing seemed to work while she was around. He wanted away from the influence of his oh-so popular sister, and so asked his parents in he could transfer to a different school. They settled for Hogwarts, and the ease in sending Jiduri away was just impacted another crack on his already broken heart.

It was a good distance away from Mahoutokoro, and he was thirteen at this point, meaning he would still have two years to prepare for his exams at this new institution. Everything was so different though. Jiduri thought being sorted into the Ravenclaw house was good, right? Wasn't that the house that valued wisdom over everything else? Everything here was so different from back home, to the language and the culture to the little things, like food and how people behaved, which he found strange more than anything else; at least nobody knew him or his sister here. He wouldn't be constantly compared to Jaehwa; "you should study hard like your sister", "be popular like your sister", to the point where he wasn't even sure himself about who he was. Maybe that was why he acted out a little, lashed out at people with cold and biting words who were kind to him because he still deep down thought that they were only this way to get close to Jaehwa. Jiduri was cold, and far too focused on his studies to do anything about the many people in his house, let alone a Hogwarts. They were distractions right now. It was only when he finally passed his OWLs that he let down those barriers, finally making some friends in his year rather than just spending all of his time studying. It was a shame it was a little too late, though, as it was likely angering the wrong people that probably led to Jiduri's untimely demise, though nobody could really be sure. There were no witnesses apart from the boy himself, who couldn't even remember himself how he died. Only that it was scary, and cold, and that it was no accident.

Jiduri has been too distressed to show himself, however… scared of what people would think of him, and spends his time up in the tower where he was last seen alive.

Amount of time since death: 1 Year

OOC Name: Yurio
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from beyond the grave your spirit reaches out—it is not time to vanish, your home is here...


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