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 The Sole Scarlet Train, Or, Theories About Trains and Shops
Alec Graeme
 Posted: Feb 24 2017, 05:43 PM
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Alec GraemeRavenclaw
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I brought this up in chat, then decided to open it up to a more general audience. Hopefully this is the right forum for this, which is more related to the world of WR specifically than the canon Pottterverse. Anyway.

So far as I can tell from canon information, the Hogwarts Express is the only way to Hogwarts. There's only one Hogwarts Express, which runs from London to Hogsmeade, in the Highlands. Assuming it travels mostly like its Muggle equivalent (unlike, say the Knight Bus), this would equate to an 8 hour train. Now consider your Scottish or North English students. Are they supposed to go to London too? That could mean another 8 hour train just to get down, only to go back up!

I couldn't find any information on extant alternatives to the Express in canon, only on its predecessors, before being compulsorily replaced with the Express. However, this being an alternate universe RP, I suppose there is some room for creative liberty.

This brings me to a second point. Diagon Alley is the only place in the canon where magicfolk can shop for school supplies (and presumably other things). Are we to suppose that all of Britian's witches and wizards shop here, though? Seems a bit bottlenecky, but not without room for other creative liberties.

Has anyone supposed on this topic before and come to a solution? I have my own ideas, but I'd rather hear others' first.
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