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 König Sommer führt den Tanz dem ich folg' im Blütenkranz, Gretchen <3
Erik Dwight
 Posted: Mar 13 2017, 10:58 AM
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I'll be your breath if you can be mine.

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Erik DwightRavenclaw Advanced
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I need your assistance in a very important matter.
Want to see something burn?
Meet me by the forest, Týr’s Day afternoon.
Xoxo Erik

Every end was a new beginning - at least that was what people said, just like they kept saying that something had to be destroyed in order to build something new out of the debris. Erik had never believed in these things - yet today, he was going to try and start believing, if only for the sake that something old had broken and needed to be removed from his life. The flower crown Sigurd Nilsson had made for him was still in his room, packed in a cardboard box where it was waiting for its funeral like a corpse in the mortuary. Ever since the afternoon his kitten had broken the fine braiding of lilies of the valley, it had been resting there, because he had not managed to throw it away. But then, Gretchen Kirke-Faust had kept to her promise and sent him a new flower crown to replace the old one - with different flowers, and so much more colourful than the first one had been.

He recognised the flowers, as flowers had already been a big part of his life. They were growing in the gardens and in the greenhouse his mother was mending, they hung from flower pots in front of the windows and were arranged in bouquets on every table and every surface. Greta Dwight, née Leander, had taught her son how to take care of them, and she had fuelled his rather unusual interest for Herbology. Bleeding Heart - Primrose - Baby Blue Eyes. These blossoms had been chosen to heal, to mend wounds that had been dug deep. And how was he supposed to thank her for this - how did one thank a girl one had never spoken to before, and would have never spoken to if it had not been for the fact that his cat had killed the flower crown he had guarded like a dragon would have guarded its favourite piece of gold? Erik did not know - and so the only way to thank her would be through this: a fire sacrifice, a pyre for the past - to Logi, to Heimdall, to Freyja and Frey. He had tried to drown the demons, yet they knew how to swim - now he was going to cleanse himself with fire instead, as fire was the clear opposite of water.

When Erik left the castle behind - two days after he had sent the message to Gretchen - the sky was already dipped in the pastel colours of a setting sun, clouds coloured in pink and orange on a background that was darkening, the tree tops of the forbidden forest sharp pencil lines against the blueish-purple colour. It was easy to walk over the lawns, the broken flower crown in his pale hands, held like a precious treasure and not a withering ring of lilies of the valley. Dried green leaves and tiny white petals were raining down as he walked, leaving a trail behind as he walked over the lawns towards the edge of the forest, where he placed the crown on a tree stump - a naturally given funeral pyre, just what he needed right now. The flower crown was not the only thing he had brought along, placing the green bottle filled with ale beside the stump before he waited.

A true viking funeral would need more than this - there needed to be more sacrifices made, more goods offered, more women kissed and slaughtered and more ale poured to the ground and down their throats. Yet for Erik’s purpose, this would be enough. It did not happen often that he remembered the traditions of his family; the rune patterns and pagan rites that were celebrated like in the old days, the Blóts and solstices. Today, he remembered them all, picking a small twig from the ground and holding the flame of his hot pink plastic lighter against it until he could smell burning wood, blowing against the small spark again as soon as the twig’s tip had blackened.

He did not have to turn around to hear the soft footsteps that approached, as if the wind was carrying a scent other than firs trees and fresh grass towards him. It made him shiver, but at least his hair was tied back today - loosely braided and falling over his back while he was holding the twig in his hand. “Ready to watch things burn?” he asked quietly, a small smirk on his lips before his green gaze finally settled on Gretchen.

@Gretchen Kirke-Faust
{inspiration song <3}


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