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Posted by: Felipe Silva Jul 10 2018, 10:24 PM
Hello everybody! My name is Jacee and I present to you the dainty and definitely precious Alandra doll and my sweet and spicy little try-hard, Felipe.
    Alandra Vielhaber - 16 - Ravenclaw
    Alandra is a serious girl. No, really she's seriously serious. She studies seriously, she eats her meals seriously, and she mostly talks very seriously. Some might even say she doesn't really know how to have fun. Come to think of it, she doesn't really like change all that much either. See, she used to try and put herself out of her comfort zone by playing quidditch (as a beater no less) and she used to model - well, she kind of doesn't like to talk about that. She even used to think about becoming a curse breaker! But she doesn't do those things anymore and she's been having doubts about her future. Maybe she fell out with the people who used to pull her away from her shell. Maybe she just seeks out comfort. But I think she shouldn't settle and she needs to go out and smile and have fun and do some curse breaking!

      Friends - Alandra needs friends. She might already have some friends like her who are more reserved. She's not quite so shy as she is the kind of person to resist fun. She needs someone to get her out to play quidditch again and to drag her off into a dark abyss they can escape from! But she also needs someone to study with because, let's face it, she loves snuggling by a fire and reading.

      Enemies - She also needs people who don't really like her! Alandra can be kind of blunt and closed minded, and she also sometimes acts really privileged (her parents are decently well off). She also doesn't really like arrogance (even though she can be a little arrogant herself) and generally gets annoyed with stupid little things because she's kind of a perfectionist. She's very non-confrontational, so it would be interesting to see her lash out on occasion.

      Lovers - Alandra's very inexperienced in the romance department. She had a little thing with a certain Slytherin boy once (the one that *ahem* used to take pretty pictures of her), but that's fallen through. She's also a bit shy, which makes her act cold so maybe that turns people off? She's not off limits though!

    Felipe Silva - 16 - Slytherin
    Felipe is like this big ball of nervous energy that just wants so bad to do well for himself. Like, he'd work himself to death if he could. And he'd shmooze himself from this life to the next. He's an eager beaver, though he is of average intellect. He puts on this eager, young professional exterior, but inside he's kind of a mess. You know the Pokemon theme song? Well, that's also Felipe's theme song (but without Ash's endlessly good-natured attitude).

      Friends - He needs friends that tell him to chill TF out! Like, dude, you're doing A-O.K. He would have a handful of friends that he bares his soul to, but he enjoys the thrill of hanging out with different friend groups for variety so he's pretty friendly to all sorts.

      Enemies - People he's jealous of and competes with because they're equally, if not more, successful than he is. People he annoys. People he could POTENTIALLY throw under the bus to get ahead, ya know what I'm sayin'? Also, people who have (or would) step all over him to get ahead.

      Lovers - I haven't fully figured out Felipe's sexuality yet, but let's just say for the moment that he's straight but open to experimenting. He's had a couple of relationships that didn't last long - partly because he can be mean and critical to his significant others, and partly because they just can't take his high maintenance ways.

Posted by: Mason Iversen Jul 11 2018, 01:00 PM
Hey!! How are you doing? I answered to your Introduction thread but just making a point to show up here since what you have written is so interesting! Just wanna say before I'm sorry if something doesn't make sense - right now I'm trying to distract myself with books and computer so I won't sleep x-x (I went to bad almost 4am today and woke up 6am, so... my fault anyways).

I really enjoyed myself reading what you have for Alandra and I have a feeling she and Mason could hit it off quite well - or as well as the two of them can, considering their personalities. Mason is a seventh year Ravenclaw who just arrived from Durmstrang and he's not at all good with people. In fact, he's often annoyed by them. He wants to gather as much knowledge as possible, more than anything really (even more than he's passion for cooking and swimming), as he sees every bit of information as important and something that will never let him down or be useless (he's quite traumatized by his lack of skills with magic and how it both disappointed his parents and helped turning his mom into this bitter hurtful person). I can certainly see them studying together! I have this feeling Mason would be surprised and impressed with her, which is interesting... probably admire her in some level. Although, I'd love to see how it goes in an actual thread! He does have fun from time to time but I'm afraid my poor boy is better at the water than he'll ever be with quidditch or flying... he's deadly afraid of both.

Perhaps they could meet each other in the library, be paired up in some class, maybe something could happen that call each other attention and somehow they decide 'joining forces' to study can be a good idea. Mason prefers to study by himself but he sees value in having people who are just as focused as they can help him with whatever doubts arises during the course of his studies. Honestly my brain is fried now so ideas aren't coming so easily, feel more than free to give yours!

I also have Tiger, who is this Third Year Hufflepuff, also just arrived at Hogwarts. She's basically a beam of light, super sweet, loves horse-riding and cooking, a lil vulnerable because of how naive she is, but she has enough self-confidence not to pay attention to most bullying that comes from her being a muggleborn and also not having her left arm (she had an accident a few years ago). I don't have any idea right now of how she could meet Alandra, but perhaps she and Felipe can be a good choice?? She's fourteen so their age difference isn't so big, plus she def is the best person to help him chill! Tiger is that type of people who tries to see the good in every situation but also help her friends overcome anxiety and their fears? idk she just tries to do it and offer some kind words...

Sorry for how long this is and for not adding something about Mason/Felipe (but hey they might compete in something! if you feel like it! there's the year difference but there might be something...). I hope we can plot and talk! :3

Posted by: Alandra Vielhaber Jul 11 2018, 09:59 PM
@Mason Iversen
    Alandra & Mason - Yes! I think study buddies would work! Alandra's fairly good at school and is only a little proud of it. She's pretty aloof, but she's got some kindness in her. She wouldn't be against offering to help Mason become confident in his magical abilities, so they could do some hands-on practice! Yes! Let's see where this goes!

    Tiger & Felipe - These two would definitely have interacted before in the Slytherin common room! He wouldn't open up to Tiger very easily as she's a bit younger than him (when you're 16, you feel like you're miles away from 14), but maybe he sees her as a younger sibling? He's an only child so this would be interesting to explore. Also, maybe he'll open up to her slowly that way.

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