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 Your Review Team & Their Guidelines
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Mar 8 2016, 01:13 AM   Link Quote

The Review Team

The Review Team is a team of people who have either gone through the ranks and reached Elite or been trained to do reviews as a part of WR’s staff team -- or both! Here’s a roster of the current, active team and which character account they will be reviewing on:

  1. Alice (Admin, Elite) -- reviewing as Blyssenor Wright
  2. Robin (Admin, Advanced) -- reviewing as Gretchen Kirke-Faust
  3. TJ (Admin, Novice) -- reviewing as Beauregard Fontaine
  4. Stells (Admin, Novice) -- reviewing as Martín Marzán
  5. Exh (SMOOSH, Beginner) -- reviewing as Juno Moreau
  6. Evan (SMOOSH) -- reviewing as Moth Skelton

Qualified, but inactive members of WR are eligible to rejoin the Review Team after two weeks of consistent activity. These would include Elite or Advanced ranked members, as well as former Administrators. If you happen to fall into one of these categories, please PM an admin and we will be happy to discuss re-adding you to the team with you!

What to Expect in a Review

From our current roster, you can expect an official approval or denial in each review. Our goals are to give you 1) general feedback on your character at each stage and 2) some suggestions for further and future improvement. Each person has a different way of writing up a review, but the content should more or less revolve around these two points.

Your review will contain a combination of positive feedback and areas to focus on. We want to both highlight the things you do well as a writer so that you can continue to polish these areas and maintain them, as well as point out some of the places where you might want to focus on next, in order to make you more well-rounded! Regardless, you can also expect objectivity from the Review Team. We strive to leave all our preconceptions at the door, and bring you the best advice we can offer to make you a better writer!

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