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 The Mentor System
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Apr 18 2016, 09:37 PM   Link Quote

the mentor system

WURR's mentoring system is a formally-structured, yet informal way to receive feedback about your writing (or character development) between ranks, or outside of the ranking system entirely, if you choose not to participate in the ranking system.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: If you would like a mentor, scroll down and read through the blurbs to find someone who will work with you to achieve your writing goals--whether that be WURR-specific ranking goals, character development, plot development, or technical improvement. You'll PM (or contact that person in their preferred method of contact) the mentor, and together, you'll draw out a plan of attack to help you improve your writing!

Mentors will come from the current Review Team at any point--that is, WURR's administrators, SMOOSHes, GLOMPs, and active Elites, and is on a voluntary basis. You can see which Review Team members are currently participating in the program below, along with brief summaries of their specializations and strengths. Only Review Team members who have posted a blurb are participating as mentors in the system, so make sure you check who's currently taking on mentees before you shoot off a PM! While you are free to pick any mentor (barring availability), you will get the most out of this system if you choose someone whose strengths lie in the area you seek to improve in.

Mentoring will be tailored to you. If you are seeking direction on your profile, we may work with you in constructing your profile and throwing out ideas for content and structure. If you seek direction about character development, we may help you map out the changes in your character's life. If you seek direction about plot arcs, we may work with you to generate tailored plot arcs for your characters, spurring you on. What you and your mentor do, and to what extent, will depend on what you want. Again, the sky is the limit here!

Still interested? Scroll down to see our current list of mentors, and how you can reach them to set up some mentoring!

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May 16 2017, 07:56 PM   Link Quote


Hello WURR, it's me, Valenteej! No? I can't say that?

I'm on the review team as well as one of your three administrators! Alright, well, moving on. I've been part of the review team and staff for a few short months now, but my goal has always been to get at least one of my children to Elite! I've been RPing and the likes since I was twelve years old, with my start actually coming back on the Warner Bros. Harry Potter forums. That makes it thirteen (basically fourteen) years now that I've been doing this, so, let's see if I can help you down your path!

What I'm generally best at is finding a rhythm to the dialogue of your threads, as well as maintaining the specific differences key for writing multiple characters. What this means is I'm most suited to help you with the following:

  1. Constructing and maintaining a consistent voice - While not always the case, in a setting such as the one we have on WURR there comes the desire to build or construct a variety of characters, and as such comes the necessity to develop different voices. My main point that I'm trying to make here is that at times it can be hard to maintain one voice let alone two, and hopefully, with a little of my guidance, we can develop specific techniques or patterns to keep you on track.
  2. Character Growth - Believe it or not, one of the best ways to grow a character from within is through their dialogue, and developing a specific voice makes it easier to build on the internal reasonings within each character. Asking yourself questions such as "How?" or "Why?" are actually extremely beneficial in building on the backstory of a character's voice.
  3. Emotions and Angst: While this isn't explicitly tied to voice, one of the things I've maintained through my own writing is a consistent level of emotion or angst. If a character is sad, even ecstatic, there are a lot of ways that dialogue can be utilized to express this. It's not just about describing it, but showing through speech how a character reacts or is affected. I like to think this is especially important in telling a story, but, what do I know? Just love me.

As a dialogue junkie, I think one of the single-most beautiful elements in writing is the story that is told through a character's speech. Each story, each novel that I've ever read I feel like the one thing that always stood out to me was the way a character or characters communicated. Some of them are, of course, more memorable, while others were more easily forgotten due to what I felt was missing in their dialogue. Now I'm not saying that a character's dialogue should be the be-all, end-all of what they do, but rather that it should help to construct a further image of them moving forward. Still, I do understand that dialogue is not important to everyone, so if it's not a point of emphasis you believe in I might not be the mentor for you.

In terms of your content, I'm more heavily interested in the hows as well as the whys of your writing. I don't just want to see how a character reacts or copes through their speech patterns, but also how that shapes the world around them, and thus how they see it as a whole. There are multiple ways to construct a successful dialogue and together I think we can nail that!

I am currently available for new mentees!


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Stells Artois · 16 · 6th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 5'11
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Dec 17 2017, 07:38 PM   Link Quote


Hello everyone! I’m Stells and you may have seen me around here and there! Currently, I’m one of your Administrators and also a member of the Review Team, but I’ve been in WURR for almost a year now and been RPing ever since I was a tiny tiny ten year old! Writing has always been an extremely important part of my life, even if at the beginning I only did so in Spanish (believe me, making the transition to English has been quite the journey!), and while I don’t think of myself as being exceptionally amazing, I believe there are a few things about which I could offer some helpful insight if you would let me ♡ Here are some of them:

  1. Characterization & Character’s voice - Personally, I believe one of my strengths as a writer is how well I know my characters and how each of them acts. Regardless if you have a single one of them or many, one of the most fundamental things when it comes to writing is knowing who your character is in order for them to have their own voice that maintains itself steadily throughout your writing. A big part of this comes from building their lives: their background, their experiences, knowing how these affect their personality, etc. and I think I could provide some guidance and techniques when it comes to that!
  2. Character Development & Arc Creation - Once you have your character and know who they are, it’s time to start developing them into the person they’re meant to become! Showing character development and change through arcs is something fundamental when it comes to moving up through the ranks. I like to think I could be of assistance when it comes to building arcs that display how your character’s experiences have changed them and shaped them, along with giving arcs consistency and help them follow their path of development without seeming repetitive.
  3. Imagery & Symbolisms - Sometimes, conveying thoughts and feelings through writing is not that easy, and I like to think the use of imagery can be helpful in such occasions, as it gives the reader something specific to which the character’s experiences compare (be them sensory or otherwise). I’m very fond of poetic writing, and I generally tend to make great use of poetic devices, but I also believe these can be used on a different level of a plotline than just actions, as they can help tie threads together through a consistent mention and ultimately have a deeper meaning towards a character development! It’s something that can be really fun to make use of, and I really enjoy discussing the use of images and symbols in writing.
  4. Integration of HP Canon - Well, this is an HP AU, isn’t it? One of the things we should never forget about our characters in WURR is that they’re wizards, they have magic, and integrating canonical factors into their lives and background is something that can be very important towards their characterization. I absolutely adore research, and I love HP as much as anyone in this site, which has lead to me having quite a lot of knowledge regarding the HP Universe. So, yes, if you would like help integrating such factors into your character’s writing, and even mixing them up with actual history and mythology, hit me up!

As you have probably noticed, a lot of this is about who your character is, as generally answering that question will always be my most primordial focus as a writer. I’m a huge fan of inner monologues, and while I tend to believe my biggest struggle tends to be finding a balance between these and environmental descriptions, I find them to be a core factor when it comes to writing! My main focus as a mentor will always be hearing about who your character is and what you want to express when writing them, and hopefully provide help towards successfully conveying all that through their characterization and development!

I am currently available for new mentees! If you would like me to mentor you, feel free to PM me or message me on Skype!

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