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 Additional Review Team, Status: OPEN
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Feb 4 2017, 02:24 AM   Link Quote
Additional Review Team • • •
There are always times when many people go up for ranking, and sometimes there are just so many that staff cannot do them all in a timely manner. To create a backup and allow you to help staff in concerns of reviews, we are happy to introduce the Additional Review Team to you!

This is the official recruitment hub for this new team of members to help us review. Please always check the status stated in the subtitle to see whether we are currently looking for help or not.

Rules & Tasks
  • As a member of this team, you will help us doing Beginner and Novice reviews. If you are above these levels, you are allowed to review higher ranks as well. For example: If you have reached Intermediate, you can take on Intermediate reviews as well.
  • Reviews above Novice count as suggestions, much like those reviews Advanced members are allowed to give.
  • You will be granted access to the Review Lounge where you can see the reviews that are currently up, as well as participate in discussions staff is having about the reviews in general.
  • While you will not be on our reviewer roster, you are allowed to pick up reviews from review team members if you have the time or inspiration. Please make sure you always ask before taking a review from somebody in case the person has already started.
  • You can ask a member of the review team any time to double check your review if you are feeling insecure about it.
  • If you are an older member returning from a break, we require, like a retired admin or elite coming back, at least two weeks of activity on the site before we can add you onto the team.
Please make sure to refresh yourself on all the rules and guidelines reviewers have to follow before. You can find all of these in this forum.

How do I apply?
You apply by filling out this form and sending it via pm to a staff member, where your application will be considered. Then you will be added to the current roster.

[b]Name:[/b] [b]Which character would you be reviewing with?[/b] [b]Ranks achieved so far:[/b] [b]Years on Wurr:[/b] [b]Have you done reviews before?[/b] [b]Do you prefer giving feedback on posts or profiles?[/b] [b]What would you focus on when reviewing a character?[/b] (development, style, characterisation, etc) [b]Why do you think you qualify for the Review Team?[/b] [b]Anything else?[/b]

Additional Review Team Roster
Ordered per Rank
  • Kenzie reviewing as JR Zerner (Intermediate)

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