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20th APR
House Points have been updated!
14th APR
The second Quidditch match of the season has began!
12th APR
House Points have been updated!
8th APR
New Easter Egg Hunt event brought to you by our Prefects!
5th APR
House Points have been updated!
1st APR
New MWMs and CDCs have been posted!
1st APR
March OTMs have been announced!
30th MAR
House Points have been updated!
25th MAR
OTM voting is now OPEN!
24th MAR
The first Quidditch match of the season has started!
23rd MAR
House Points have been updated!
18th MAR
Ranking has Re-Opened.
17th MAR
Sign-Ups for the Quidditch Quarterly and Commentators have opened.
17th MAR
OTM nominations are OPEN!
17th MAR
Quidditch Teams have been announced!
16th MAR
House Points have been updated!
8th MAR
House Points have been updated!
2nd MAR
Sign ups for Quidditch 2k18 Spring Season are now OPEN!
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Come in here to apply to move up in your rank. Please read through all of the rules before making your application!

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Need to find someone to roleplay with? Looking for a significant other? Do you wish someone could be your long-lost cousin? Or is there a complicated subplot you need to plan? Come here to plan all the elaborate schemes you want! This is an out of character forum.

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Come in here for random character discussions, activity polls, and other misc. things that relate to the characters on the website.

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This is your one-stop super center of all things relating to your character. From face claim, to birthday, to year and house, you'll find all those nifty lists we need you to fill out! If you are a returning member, please check the lists to see if your claims are still free and that you're still on our lists!

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