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 Danny the Poltergeist

Danny the Poltergeist

You don't swing it like you used to, man

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Mar 19 2017, 09:09 AM   LINK Quote
"Sorting" Application

Name: Danny
Which character do you have at Intermediate or Advanced? Gretchen Kirke-Faust
Age: …Has existed for 61 years but ‘age’ is more like… 14
Beast/Creature?: Poltergeist
Area of residency?: The Castle

This little pest appears as a young teenage boy, skinny, incredibly pale and 5’3, with a round face and large eyes – painfully childlike, much to his chagrin. A grin takes up almost half of his face, revealing straight, eerily white teeth, and thick, dark hair frames his face, covering his ears and reaching down his neck. The mop-top is long enough to cover his eyes, making his Cheshire cat grin pretty much all you see. Honestly, you don’t even want to see his eyes, they’re an eerie electric blue. Being short and thin already gives the impression that the fiend is pretty small, but the loose Rolling Stones T-shirt only emphasises it. He wears high-waisted, blue denim bellbottoms, and the back of his flared trousers’ cuffs are slightly worn from stepping on them, as they’re long enough to cover his Union Jack lace-up shoes. He hardly ever wears anything else, and is barely ever without his guitar.

Unlike the castle’s ghostly residents, Danny isn’t fleshless, silvery pale, or see-through, he comes in lively colours, possessing a solid physical body – even when he’s invisible. Meaning you’ll just bump into him like any other person, as Dan can’t pass through things. He needs to use the doors like everyone else – a little tedious, really, when you hang out with ghosts who take these things for granted. But hey, at least he can apparate.

Then again, he can’t really pass for human either, as there’s obviously something off about him. This non-being might walk and talk like a teenager, he forgets to breathe, fails to sweat or even notice the temperature, and, y’know, doesn’t have a heartbeat. Well, at least not having a scent of his own is mostly covered up by dousing himself in hairspray.

Danny’s physicality has the disadvantage of making him vulnerable to spells, especially since he can’t fire anything back. He can, however, throw a table, a cabinet, or any other heavy piece of furniture, at your head. And he will. But anyway – if you were looking for a spirit you could punch in the face, here you go! Good luck with that.

Personality: (600 WORD MINIMUM.)
Danny’s just like his favourite music: energetic and provoking. He darts around the castle, apparently knowing his way there perfectly – that’s debatable though, he may have been here for sixty years, it’s a really big castle – all the while making as much noise as possible. Like most of his kind, Danny is unruly and obnoxious, with a flair for the dramatic and a constant need for attention. He has quite the temper and has proven to be rather tantrum-prone. Additionally, the fiend is insensitive and inconsiderate, with a cruel streak that people easily chalk up to childishness, but of course, he’s not actually a child – he’s not even human. Be careful not to mistake malice for mischief. Getting angry with him doesn’t help, as he tends to find that highly amusing, and playing the escalation game with Danny can really get out of control. You’re bound to lose, as there are no consequences for him.

Being somewhat of a compulsive liar, Dan is also constantly fabricating stories. He doesn’t even really try to make them believable, it’s just a habit. When first years ask what he is he’ll lackadaisically tell them he’s a superhero, or a ghost, then he’ll give them some sob story about how he met his tragic end, too. Most of these stories are ridiculous, even for the wizarding world, and are often just plots from books he read once. In fact, this amortal entity fills his days with reading – what else are you supposed to do with all that time? He doesn’t even sleep – and listening to music, and has pretty much taken up residence in the dance hall, because at least there are record turntables and instruments there.

More often than not, Danny sees humans as toys that are there to entertain him. He doesn’t really care about them beyond that. Really, human biological functions are pretty gross. Eating is gross, going to the bathroom even more so, and all that stuff that apparently comes with the dating scene, and which none of the kids seem able to shut up about, is frankly disgusting. Fine, you like each other, that’s real neato, but does that really require you swap spit?
That isn’t going to stop him from commentating on your love life though. If he witnessed that chick you liked rejecting you, caught you writing some cheesy love letter, or accidently found your porn mags, you’re never living it down. He’ll even drag his guitar around with him just so he can do an improv musical number about it when he sees you walking around the corridors in-between classes. Incidentally, the poltergeist also has no sense of personal space or privacy.

He obviously takes great delight in chaos, when someone starts a fight in the hallways you can count on him being there, grinning from ear to ear. The raunchier the insults, the better. To nobody’s surprise, he’s absolutely terrible with authority figures – aggravating the professors on purpose and refusing to do anything that is asked of him by a grown up.

If you’re a student, Danny can occasionally be helpful, but it’s always good to keep in mind that he isn’t very invested in your well-being. Ultimately, he’s a very cruel non-person, who specialises in manipulating people for a laugh. Even if he wasn’t a poltergeist, Danny is essentially just a very toxic person. The kind that enables your worst behaviour, only to guilt trip and manipulate you with it later. He basically exploits people for his own entertainment on a regular basis. Danny is only pretending to be a people’s (non-)person so he can be the centre of attention – really, he’s asocial, with a lack of sympathy and an utter disregard for people’s feelings. He goes from chipper and ridiculous to mean and vicious very quickly.

Speaking of his ridiculous outward persona – he’s actually very defensive of the faux teenage identity that he constructed for himself, and challenging it is a sure-fire way to get on his bad side. Aside from his poltergeist nature, it’s one of the reasons why Danny seeks to be in the centre of attention. He just wants to be noticed – to exist, to be. You wouldn’t understand – you don’t know what it’s like to be nameless.

Character Background: (600 WORD MINIMUM.)
Good morning, Hogwarts! Your teen angst has a body count! Except it’s not dropping bodies, it’s spawning new ones.

The entity of concentrated magic that would later be known as Danny spawned into existence in 1955. It was not but a small, if disruptive, invisible force that swept through Hogwarts, faceless and nameless for years. It wasn’t until the end of the Sixties that he actually formed a physical body – which is still remarkably fast, especially since this never even happens outside of Hogwarts. Usually, concentrated disruptive magic is all a poltergeist is and ever will be, but there must be something in the air at Hogwarts – Sugar, spice, and everything nice? No, clearly the Chemical X of Hogwarts is the concentration of teenage wizards and witches that reside there, each and every one of them with their own issues. Be it their family, their grades, their crushes, or just plain puberty, there’s always something going on with these kids! Plenty of teen angst to feed on for a force of chaos that spawned from it.

Something like the magical equivalent of an AI that had grown sentient, Danny learned by taking in everything around him – resulting in his persona being completely constructed. He couldn’t even have experienced most of the popculture references he uses first-hand, such as talking about the telly when he has literally never set foot outside the castle. He actually feels pretty strongly that this is his castle. The ghosts, the poltergeists, and the house-elves are the real Hogwarts residents, while the students are here on borrowed time. Know your place.

He named himself (obviously) a common boy name, because that’s what he could identify with. Dan instantly turned Hogwarts upside down – at least for its aforementioned permanent residents. Most of the castle’s old-fashioned ghosts weren’t too happy with the rowdy Sixties’ mod, and his very existence instantly threw him into a never-ending competition with Peeves. It’s kind of like having to deal with a petulant child – while also being a petulant child.

Danny’s been trying to convince the ghost council to allow him to attend Hogwarts’ feasts and banquets for years, mostly because they’d never allow Peeves – “you know what he’s like, utterly uncivilised, can’t see a plate of food without throwing it” – and Dan would like to see the look on the other Poltergeist’s face if he were to get permission. The House ghosts always say they’ll consider it, depending on Dan’s behaviour that year – however, for a poltergeist, good behaviour is relative. It’s mostly “not as much of a jerk as you could have been.” Unfortunately, thanks to Danny’s aversion of grown-ups, he continuously fails at being nice to the House ghosts, yelling profanities at the Bloody Baron and mocking sir Nicholas’ nearly-headless state whenever he gets the chance, and has thus managed to get himself banned from every Hogwarts’ event to date.

If you ever wonder why he’s still allowed to carry it around with him everywhere – Hogwarts staff confiscated his guitar in the eighties, at which point he just completely trashed the place, so they gave it back. It’s the lesser of two evils, really. Do you want to deal with a cocky bard with a mop-top – or a supernatural monster?

Shaping his physical appearance – and consequentially, his personality – so fast probably wasn’t the best idea, as every fad and belief that he practically programmed himself with gradually disappeared. That’s just what happens when you base your entire persona on a subculture that’ll be irrelevant in a few decennia. Adopting human ideologies and interests was probably never a good idea when you don’t grow and adapt the way they do. Underneath it all, Danny’s already starting to feel old… and he has so many more decennia to go.

But hey… Rock ‘n Roll is here to stay. Because nobody seems particularly worried about an amortal, sentient entity of pure malicious energy – when it uses words like groovy unironically.

Anything else we should know?: e.g special abilities, etc. Approved by an admin via Personal Message before this application is accepted.
Nope! Just the regular set of poltergeist abilities, but this might be a good place to list them since I had to re-read the series to be sure of everything xD ok so: amortality, flight, apparition/disapparition within Hogwarts, and invisibility. However, unlike, well, everyone else, he doesn’t actually have magic.

OOC Name: This is like the first character I wanted to make, it just took me a year. …It’s Robin. Happy Wurrniversary to me!
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I spawned here, too

If you can't handle me at my worst, you probably have healthy boundaries ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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