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 So You Think You Can't Dance?, Dance lessons! Open for all
Moreena Dubois
 Posted: Dec 22 2016, 05:38 AM

"it's hard to dance with the devil on your back"

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Moreena Dubois
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Not every student was granted the privilege of an upbringing which contained excessive etiquette lessons, and Marco was well aware of this fact. But he was also aware that sooner or later, every student was going to be confronted with a fancy ball in one way or another - be it because of a school-based event or celebrations at home. Especially during the days in between the years and around Christmas, there seemed to be a new invitation on his desk every day - and of course he could not agree to all of them. The family name would not suffer too much from a few unattended parties, but all those invitations gave the young professor an idea - he was going to pin a note on the announcement boards and invite students - and staff, if they needed it - of Hogwarts to a dance lesson in the Dance Hall. And who would be better to assist him than Professor Moreena Dubois herself? Indeed, no one.

And of course the jolly old lady had agreed when Marco asked her, before he magically spread the pastel green flyers all over the castle, stating the time and place for those voluntary dance lessons, signed by Moreena and Marco himself. The young man himself had been taught in all kinds of ballroom dancing from a young age on, as well as his siblings - and he was rather confident about his skills, although he had decided to leave the pleasure of explaining those basic steps to Moreena. She was just better at those things, and she also had a few years of advantage on him when it came to public dances. They had agreed to meet a bit earlier in the Dance Hall, where Marco had already put up a gramophone and a bunch of vinyls along.

One of them was already blaring gently in the background, and Marco found himself humming along to the song, his head nodding along to the beat before he cleared his throat and clapped his hands, positioning himself right beside Professor Dubois and smiling at the (more or less) willing students who timidly gathered here to benefit from their little dance lesson. “I am so pleased to see you all here, thank you for coming! Today, Professor Dubois and I are going to teach you all the basics of one or two dances that will become essential if you ever have the pleasure to attend a ball - and you will until your graduation, I am sure!” With that, Marco looked at Moreena, metaphorically handing the imaginary microphone over to her.

Like most witches, Moreena had the fortune of being rather spry for her age thanks to her magic. The seventy-one-year-old woman could still dance like she was thirty-one, according to one dance partner of hers. Of course, that could’ve simply been flattery, but Moreena thought it certainly held some truth. Marco seemed to agree, at least. The young man’s suggestion had been such a good one, she was almost disappointed not to have come up with it herself. Needless to say, she had quite enthusiastically agreed. More than simply a chance to teach the beloved student body of Hogwarts, and likely cause a little chaos in the process, dance held a special place in her heart. Unlike most of the purebloods, and the richer half-bloods and muggleborns, Moreena had not learned to dance at some ball, out of societal obligation. No, she had learned the art of the dance as just another bumbling student at a Christmas party not unlike this one.

Admittedly, that one had been when she had already transferred to Beauxbatons, so it had been rather fancier and more French, but the general picture was startlingly similar. It had been Michel who had taught her how to dance. They had only just begun to see each other then, and there were some days when their burgeoning relationship resembled their formerly antagonistic one. The dance lessons had been freely, kindly offered, but all Moreena had seen at the time was the implied insult to her lack of skills and knowledge. Her teenage self had been so embarrassed and offended at the offer, she had swiftly declined and might’ve even aimed a hex at the poor boy (she had been Sorted into Gryffindor for a reason, clearly). Eventually, however, after a long conversation wherein they both placed their wands aside on a table, Moreena had come around to the idea.

Having always been fairly athletic and quick on her feet, Moreena was proud to say she’d picked up the art of the dance with ease. Exempting certain moments, that is. With the height of teenage hormones upon her at the time, there had been more than one embarrassing stumble because she’d gotten distracted admiring her dance partner’s… form. How furiously she had blushed then! But the memory of such innocent times only made her smile now, and Moreena had the all too mischievous thought about creating some similar memories for the students currently gathered in the hall. Matchmaking was one of her favorite hobbies, after all, and what better moment than a dance lesson?

At that reminder, however, Moreena tapped her wand against her throat, casting a quick Sonorus as she announced, “We’ll be going through a few basic ballroom dances of various genres today. The exact number will depend on how fast you all pick the steps up, but rest assured you will all emerge from the doors today as competent ballroom dancers at the very least!” Moreena promised with a smile that was probably not meant to look so ominous (or maybe it was, she did have a strange sense of humor). Gesturing to her dance partner for the day, the old woman explained. “Professor Marco and I will be demonstrating the dance in its entirety first, then break it down into steps, before we break off into pairs and we go around the hall helping you out individually.”

Pausing for a moment to make sure everyone understood her point, she then explained, “For the first dance, traditionally, a Waltz would be better perhaps, but I find that a bit too slow and boring, so instead, we’re going to be doing something fairly simple, but more upbeat--we’ll be doing the Cha-Cha!”


So, with every ball comes the best (worst?) part---the dance! Knowing not every student at Hogwarts is blessed with incredible dance abilities or knowledge, our two professors have teamed up to teach these poor students the Art of the Dance. It will probably go a little badly.

The first dance to be taught is the Cha-Cha! It should probably be the Waltz, but Moreena finds that boring and I also took a Latin Ballroom Dance course last semester so this is all I know. Moreena and Marco will demonstrate the dance and its steps before the students break into pairs for practice.

For those who came in with a partner, you can just dance with them. Same-gender pairs are fine, but someone needs to be assigned to the “male” role and the other the “female” role because steps are different sometimes. For those without someone in mind, the professors will assign one for you! To be fair, we’re going to do this via dice rolls.


Just slap this ^ at the bottom of your post, and the resulting 1s will get paired with 2s on a first come, first serve basis. Basically, if you roll a 1, wait for the next person to get a 2, and they’ll be your partner! smile.gif

That’s it, and remember to summarize your posts at the bottom as always!

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