It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 Mia-Rose Linwood
Songbird · 15 · 4 · · pureblood · 5'5"/165cm
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Jun 3 2018, 08:55 AM   Link Quote
Name: Mia-Rose Catriona Linwood
Age: 15
Blood status: Pureblood

Appearance: With her father's square features and wild hair, and her mother's slim yet athletic body, Mia-Rose is the sharp kind of pretty, not the soft kind. Her most striking feature is her bright red hair, usually in its naturally curly state, though sometimes pulled back in case of any accidents in Potions class. One might also notice her narrow green eyes, constantly scanning those around her in an effort to keep track of all that is going on, and her thin lips, pressed together in concentration. She walks with her head held high, more from athletic habit than from confidence, though she wouldn't mind looking confident to others. Despite her red hair, she inherited only a few freckles, but she'd rather have freckles than the acne currently residing on her face. Once she finds out the correct spell to fix that, she'll have soft, fair skin. Standing at 5'5", she's never sure if she feels too short or too tall.

Personality: Mia-Rose is a shy but determined person. She tends to be isolated because she doesn’t easily trust others, but she desires close relationships. She loves animals and flowers and is normally soft-hearted, but when she does get angry, she can hold a grudge for--possibly forever, really. She is naturally curious and asked a lot of questions as a child, mostly about science and the inner workings of magic. She is energetic and loves to run, but she never liked organized sports, preferring to exercise by herself. If she were inclined to like team sports, she might have been a good Seeker or Chaser, but it’s probably too late now to start practicing to try out for her House team. Sometimes, when she is feeling too stuck in the castle or in her own head, she sneaks out at night to go for a run on the Hogwarts grounds.

Mia-Rose might not have many friends, but she will create deep relationships when she does have them. Probably the closest relationship she has is with her sister Evie, a first-year at Hogwarts. Evie has a much brighter and more confident personality than Mia-Rose, but so far, this hasn’t gotten in the way of their friendship. She has an ongoing goal to try to be more outgoing and make new friends, which she hopes will work out sometime. On the other hand, her bad relationships run just as deep. She has a rivalry with her older sister Isobel, which started for silly reasons when they were just small children, but because both of them are ridiculously stubborn, they won’t let it go. When she feels like someone is more talented or cooler than her, she is likely to develop bitterness toward them.

Her other close relationships are with animals--she grew up taking care of the sheep on her family’s farm, as well as their pet cats, dogs, and messenger owl. Recently, her parents adopted a new litter of kittens for the farm since their two cats are getting old. She really wants to have one of them for herself to take to Hogwarts in the fall--she has her eye on the calico one, and is thinking of a good name, maybe Peaches or Pancake. She will just have to convince her parents to let her take the kitten, which means she’ll have to come up with a good reason why it would help in her studies. If she could be an animal, she’d probably be a fox. Not only does she look the part, with red hair and skinny limbs, she also loves to run, and while she is usually silent, she can be playful if she opens up.

Probably her biggest goal in life is to do something important that would make her name known, which means her biggest insecurity is when she feels ignored. Unfortunately for her, she’s too shy to succeed by socializing, which means she has to prove herself in other ways. She loves dueling because it allows her to feel powerful and talented. Her strategy is to always surprise her opponents, using unusual spells and quick movements. Her favorite class is Defense Against the Dark Arts, because it feels the most relevant to the real world. She wants to learn how to do nonverbal magic, and she wishes she didn’t have to wait until her sixth year. Still, she hasn’t figured out exactly what she wants to do as an adult. She doesn’t think she would fit in well in London in the Ministry of Magic, but wouldn’t that be the most important place she could be? She hopes she can find a big goal soon.

She was very much a tomboy growing up because of the farm conditions, but recently she has started to take an interest in beauty because she wants to be as pretty as other girls. She doesn’t want to give up her physical energy or ability to work hard, but she spends a lot more time with her hair now and really wants to magic away her acne. She bought some dress robes in the fall that match her green eyes, but she hasn’t been brave enough to go to any events wearing them yet.

Finally, she spends a lot of time living in her own imagination. If she had been a Muggle, she might have been excited every time she got to write stories in English class. This makes her appear a bit spacey to others, but make no mistake, she’s perfectly fine, just thinking hard. She’s better with words on paper than spoken words.

History: The Linwoods--Andrew, Sarah, Isobel, Mia-Rose, Evie, and Zachary--are one of a couple wizarding families on the remote Falkland Islands, preferring to live there in order to use magic throughout their daily lives without worrying about being discovered by Muggles. Andrew Linwood is Mia-Rose’s father. While Andrew’s brother moved to Britain for better chances at work, Andrew returned to Speedwell Island after graduating with his Hogwarts sweetheart, Sarah, and took over the family sheep farm. Andrew and Sarah were classmates in Gryffindor, and they bonded by being partners in a particularly difficult Potions class. Wool from the Linwoods’ sheep is known even in the Muggle world for being incredibly soft, almost magically soft, which earns the family a lot of money. Sarah is from London, and was always an adventurous type, so even though it was a huge transition, she decided to move to the farm in the Falklands. She enjoys traveling to unusual locations. The parents don’t want to spoil their children and have them be ungrateful, so even though they have started to make money from their farm, they had the children grow up working whenever they are home. Andrew’s parents lived on the farm when Mia-Rose was little, but they have moved away to retire, and they travel, sending owls with fun postcards. His brother, Mia-Rose's uncle, lives somewhere in Scotland now, they're pretty sure. She's only met him a few times so far.

Mia-Rose, the Linwoods’ second of four children, was born May 26, 2003. Sarah wanted to name her Mia and Andrew wanted to name her Rose, so they gave her both as a name. Even as a baby, she seemed shy already, crying every time someone other than her parents tried to hold her. She even resisted being touched by her sister Isobel, who was still essentially a baby herself at the time. When Isobel was 5 and Mia-Rose 4, Mia-Rose accidentally turned Isobel’s hair into tree branches right before she was supposed to leave for her first day of school. While their parents fixed the issue with magic, Isobel never forgave Mia-Rose, and this was the start of a frosty relationship that has never been repaired. They have simply become accustomed to rarely speaking to each other.

As a small child, she had a tendency to wander off through the pastures of the family farm, chasing sheep, cats, or the family dog, a border collie named Skye. The penguins that occasionally visited the Falklands also excited her whenever she got a chance to see them. Mia-Rose always wanted a greater variety of animals on the farm, but the ecology of the islands wouldn’t allow for introducing new animals. When it was time to go to school, Mia-Rose and her siblings were sent to boarding school in Stanley, since there were too few children on the island and no qualified teachers to run a school there. The parents wanted their children to learn the basic skills of English and math, so off to school they went. Mia-Rose really wanted to fit in at school, but she never quite made close friends the way that her sisters did. She had to live in a room together with Isobel and two other older girls from another wizarding family on another island. The older girls used to tease her when they were left to sleep for the night. The Linwoods used the Floo Network to bring the children home on weekends, and Mia-Rose always looked forward to being in her own bed in her familiar home. When her sister Evie, three years younger, came to school, the two became inseparable, as they both finally had a playmate. Mia-Rose’s favorite memory from this time is a trip she took with her mother to Brazil. Sarah was going to the rainforest to look for unusual potion ingredients, and she decided to take her daughter along to see the sights. Mia-Rose loved having all the attention for once, and she can still smell the rainforest and taste the Brazilian fudge balls she couldn’t stop eating.

At 11, Mia-Rose was sent across the sea to Hogwarts. The transition was very jarring for her—the seasons were different, the plants and animals were different, there were so many people. She was extremely homesick during her first year, but has since gotten used to her surroundings. Her parents send her homemade wool yarn, which she uses to knit as a hobby. However, she started trying to hide this in her third year because she was afraid she would be seen as too weird. That year, she also found a hobby in dueling with her fellow students. When her sister Evie arrived at Hogwarts this past year, she was sorted into a different house from Mia-Rose, which upset her because she really wanted them to be together at school again. She's also recently gotten a new little brother, but so far he's too small for her to be interested in.
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