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 The unexpected can happen, Devitt
Liam Andrews
 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 10:18 AM
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Liam AndrewsRavenclaw Beginner
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    It was quiet in the Great Hall between meal times and when Liam knew that he'd be reading through the time that food was expected to be in his body, there were times that you could find him in the Great Hall rather than the library or his common room. It was a way that the eagle could keep delving into the book as he still consumed the materials that were necessary to keep the body going. Since Kiska was busy, there was rarely anyone that wanted to speak with him anyways and the young man was a loner by nature as it was. It didn't bother him to be surrounded by his homework and textbooks, books in general, out in the greenhouses, or with some animals - whether that be on the grounds, in the owelry he didn't mind. Right now his thoughts were consumered with the sea creature that had appeared in the lake and he wanted to learn more about her kind. Anyone asking however, would not get the whole truth about why he w was reading about mermaids, of course, since he had promised Nasha to keep her existence in the school's lake a secret.

    There was a shell that was laying in the depths of his pocket, a symbol that he was going to keep the promise to the girl. His fingers absently reached into his jeans as the blue eyes continued to read on about where mermaids could be found in the Wizarding world. The mermaid in the lake didn't know much of her life before she had come to the grounds of Hogwarts.Liam felt bad for her and thought that maybe if he could learn more about the sea creatures in general, he could somehow help Nasha - spike her memory or something.

    A smile formed on his lips as he read about the magnificant creatures that had their home in the water. Liam didn't mind swimming, but he couldn't imagine being able to live under water. While he would enjoy it, there was something about the green earth that he also liked - being able to hear burds, plant different things, help and learn about all the other species of animals that lived in the world. In all honesty the eagle would probably be lost without his books to be able to learn about the magical world in which he had joined when he was eleven.
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