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 My Life as a [ Pigeon ], Exh's (preparing for) spring plotter
Exh · 16 · 6th · None yet · pureblood · 5"5
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Feb 19 2018, 11:05 PM   Link Quote
PSA for anyone that still doesn't have me on skype, I can be found at: kickuptheroots@outlook.com


So as some all of you might’ve noticed… winter was/has been an absolute flop for me. I overexerted myself in fall and bit off more than I could chew- the tricke down of unfinished plots from autumn took a toll on me, and made it even harder for me to get around to responding to the threads started in winter. When you add 2 part time jobs, an unfinished work placement, a new (and very exciting) potential full job on the horizon AND my last semester of school to the mix… you get radio silence. It absolutely kills me to do this, and I am truly sorry if this upsets anyone, but i’ve come to the conclusion that SOMETHING has to give… otherwise, things will simply continue on in this fashion and none of you will get replies. I’ve been too stressed to even think about replying to anyone, because i’ve been worried it would upset the other people I ALSO owe replies to. So, what’s the solution then you ask? I’m going to limit myself to one thread per member for the time being. Meaning, if you have currently several threads going with me… i’d really like for you to reach out and let me know which one you would like to continue (over skype, PM or here)- or alternatively, we can start a brand new thread in the spring! To all of you lovely new members, or anyone I don’t currently have plots going with… i’m going to include my character’s information down below && I’d more than happily start up a brand new thread in the spring term <3 At this point… that’s only a handful of days away. I just need these last few days of winter to focus on getting the spring skin finished and starting on those replies you have all been waiting MONTHS on.

To make things a little easier on myself, I'm going to aim to respond to these threads in the order you guys get back to me in <3 so, hopefully nobody will be left hanging for too much longer!

I truly am sorry to have put you all in this position… but i feel like it’s the fairest way to divvy up my time and attention. I love you all with everything I have, and the last thing I want to do is ignore anyone. So, this seems like the only way I can do that without working myself into exhaustion. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me… i know it’s been rough. Trust me when I say that your support is the only thing that’s been keeping me afloat. <3

(also, if any of you would like to pull pre established plots/ships/etc. with me, i’m not going to hold it against you <3 some of you have been waiting an incredibly long time for these plot progressions and it’s absolutely not fair of me to keep you waiting. Just hmu on skype and let me know. I won’t be mad in the slightest!)
Juno Moreau
Sixth year - Gryffindor - Party girl
Most of you probably know Juno by now, but just in case you don't here's a quick run down of her history and personality:

Born into one french, on one british pureblood line- Juno is a bit of a mixed bag. She's an only child, and a bit of a brat. She and her mother don't really see eye to eye- and her dad is often MIA etc. etc.

Juno is a party girl through and through. Drinking, smoking and sleeping around come as almost second nature to her by this point. She's loud mouthed, obnoxious and crude... but at the end of the day- well meaning. She's currently off the market bc she'll soon be entering into a betrothal. As far as endgames go... she's technically open, but I do have some ideas for her clash plot line that may interfere with endgame plots so, it's something we'd have to talk about.

Now for the fun part... what plots she needs for spring term! Ofc, feel free to offer up children and plots for anything and everything!

What she needs:

- Friends! Juno is always in need of more friends. Whether they be party friends or close bff types. She's a very social human who likes to be at the centre of attention, so making friends has never really been a problem for her. Throw ya babies @ me.

-Enemies! For being as loud mouthed and obnoxious as she is, Juno hasn't found herself in too many sticky situations as of late. So, let's change that! Throw your antagonistic bastards at me!

-Current/Past one night stands! This one is pretty self explanatory... I just want to make the most of this side of Juno's personality before she enters into a betrothal.
Morgan Mulloy
Sixth year - Ravenclaw - punk trash
Okay so... Morgan. Morgan Mulloy is most messed up kiddo- he's had a pretty rough time of it, and things don't really seem to looking up for him just yet. His father was a murderer, his mother abandoned him and his siblings... and he's recently found out he has a half sister in the form of Iris!

Currently he's living in a one bedroom apartment with his older siblings, but tends to spend most of his holidays here at school. He's got some MAJOR anger problems (that he's working on) but is otherwise a pretty nice kid. He loves punk music, playing the drums/guitar, and tattooing people...

Right now he's not really in the market for any romantic plots, because he is currently pining after someone in hwe... and already has an endgame in clash! That isn't to say that he doesn't need some other things though!

What he needs:

- A past girlfriend/first love! Idk... I just thought this could be a bit of fun to play around with! Teenagers tend to fall in and out of relationships pretty often, so I imagine that Morgan here probably has a few ex girlfriends running around the site. It's totally up to you whether the two of them ended on bad terms or remained friends... I just thought it could be a bit of fun!

- A male best friend! So Morgan already has a lots of very close female friends... but I have such a soft spot for bromances! I really would like for him to have one or two best 'guy' friends that he can hang around with... and just be generally cute n stuff with! -Enemies! Oh my gosh... I am just DYING to play around with Morgan's horrible, angry side, and I feel like this is exactly what I need to bring it out of him! Be aware that Morgan can get extremely violent when he is this angry... so I imagine that someone (be it morgan or the other character) is going to end up in the hospital wing as a result of this enemy/enemies plot!
Arina Drozdova
Fifth year - Slytherin - ice queen
Meet my newest (and arguably most horrifying) character, Arina Drozdova! Younger sister to the wonderful Grigoriy Drozdov, she too is a recent transfer from Koldovstoretz. Intelligent, cunning and driven, Arina is certainly a force to be reckoned with. At first glance, she appears harmless- charming, beautiful and kind... but beneath her perfect exterior is a damned evil mastermind.

For the time being, Arina's goals don't extend far beyond becoming head girl and ruling over hogwarts like the ice queen she truly is... but, with time, her darker motives will start to show. I'm almost certain of it!

Being a new transfer, her current plan of attack is to win everyone over with kindness. So, while she may have ill intentions, she's not about to divulge that information to anyone. As far as her classmates know, she's just an innocent little fifth year with the best of intentions. Ya feel?

As for her views on blood purity, for the time being she works on a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. She really doesn't want to know. After all, this sort of knowledge could very well break her goody-goody outward persona. What he needs:

-Everything: Really though... she's new, she needs everything.

-A clique: Think mean girls! Arina needs to find a clique to infiltrate... preferably one made up of other pureblood fifth years. While she has every intention of ruling over the school, she's more than happy to settle for ruling over a clique for the time being.

-Enemies: I'm sure there's a few particularly perceptive people who will see right through Arina's charade. Buyers beware however... those who cross this little lady had best do so with caution. Gossip seems to gravitate towards her naturally, and she's absolutely not above using this information to destroy your life. Or, you know, punch herself in the face and blame it on your character. Either way, something horribly manipulative!

-Teacher friendsss: Arina is the biggest brown noser known to man. She'll suck up to all your professor characters without so much as batting an eye. Whether they buy into her charade or not is completely up to you!

-Boys to mess with: Arina is an unashamed flirt. She'll do just about anything to get her way, even if that means charming some poor boy into doing her dirty work. She's not above breaking up relationships, or crossing her friends. Honestly, this girl will do whatever it takes to benefit herself!

I Can't Escape
the way that I don't fit in with any of this

user posted imageuser posted image

Avatars by the wonderful Evan <3

Stells Artois · 16 · 6th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 5'11
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Feb 19 2018, 11:16 PM   Link Quote
EXH! ;-; I hope things get a bit easier for you soon, being busy really sucks, and even if you have so much going on in your life you still do sooooo much for WURR! It's amazing.

I told you on Skype that I definitely didn't mind putting our threads on hold, specially since we have a few of them, but if there's one I would like to continue that'd def would be our Erised one with Mars and Juno oooor alternatively Grisha and Arina :3 Totally up to you ♡

god - captain / chaser
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user posted imageuser posted image
These cute pixel and avatars were made by the most wonderful Evan ♡
Leo Benjamin · 17 · 7 · · Muggleborn · 175 cm (5'7")
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May 24 2018, 10:17 AM   Link Quote
Heeellooo! It's me, Leo and I think I can offer my "sunshine" up for plots, whichever idea appeals to you most.

I am most certain that both of your Slytherin's and Brandon wouldn't not see eye to eye - in general, he hates decietful and dishonest people, and if you add a bit of blood purism... I think that would be one huffing puff here.

As for friends - Juno. Drunken shenanigans? Accidentally getting in and out of trouble? What do ya say?

user posted image

user posted image
(30th of May, 2018)

OOC: Leo Benjamin / I fall off the face of the earth a lot.
Sunny · 17 · 6th · n/a · Pureblood · 5'6"
Awards: 11

May 25 2018, 08:13 PM   Link Quote
Hey! So, I read your blurb about being busy and I totally get that, so please don't feel rushed to respond to this right away or anything. I just wanted to get a foot in the door with you and your boy Morgan.

Ronan and Morgan are both sixth year Ravenclaw boys, so odds are they know each other pretty well. I'd love to chat with you about what their relationship might look like. I feel like Ronan might antagonize Morgan a bit? Maybe bring out that angry side of him that you mention in his description? Ronan doesn't really get that some subjects are /sensitive/, so there's a good possibility he could have said something at some time that rubbed Morgan the wrong way and set them up to clash.

If you're interested, you can shoot me a PM, contact me on Discord at SunnyBunches#2360, or on Skype @punkyandtheshortbus@gmail.com. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic!
Exh · 15 · 5th · Undecided · Pureblood · 5"6
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Jun 1 2018, 06:13 AM   Link Quote
Gosh... I'm so sorry it took me this long to get around to replying here, but I have been extremely busy with the new site skin! Now that it's done and dusted though, I'm ready to get my plot on <3

@Brandon Eastoft

Hiya Leo, this here is Arina, one of those horrible, terrible slytherins you mentioned! I've really been feeling the muse for this little lady lately, and thought maybe we could peruse something less-than-pleasant between these two? While there's a few years between them, I'm sure we could come up with some way for them to cross paths?

Arina is a blood purist through and through, but she tends to hide it behind a smile wherever she can. I just... think that the two of them would hate each other and I'm kind of living for it!

Also, as for my baby Juno... she's always in need of more drunken buddies! I'm down for whatever smile.gif

@Ronan Ivers

I love this so much, you have no idea <3. I haven't had the chance to play around with Morgan's touchy side much, and it's been killing me inside! I would absolutely love to do something with these kiddos.

I also have my girl Juno if you're interested? She and Nessa are pals, so I imagine there's every possibility the two of them have crossed paths a few times!

In any case, I'm going to hit you up on skype and we can scream about it over there

Arina's avatars by the wonderful Evan <3 & Exh (das me)
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