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 🌤️ For Today's Forecast..., Stells prepares for Summer!
Stells Artois · 16 · 6th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 5'11
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Feb 27 2018, 05:08 PM   Link Quote
When WURR decides to break your plotter code so your only choice is to improvise...

Hey WURRld! Some of you may have already seen my other plotter, but I decided that instead of updating it to add my new kids, it would be better to make a new one including less characters for Summer!

While I'm including the 8 characters I currently write the most and have the most muse for, I have about 10 other than them, so if there's anyone in specific you'd like to plot with, just let me know! That being said, because of time and other factors, I want to limit the amount of plots/threads I take at once to one or two per member, as while I reaaaaaaally love plotting and writing, I don't want to overwhelm myself or to overwhelm anyone else. I hope that's understandable!

I look forward to plotting with all of you! ❤

16 | 6th Year Gryffindor Pureblood

Martín M. Marzán

Ah... my prodigal son, my hormonal teenage god, and the biggest idiot I will ever write. Where to even get started about Mars?

It is common knowledge that the Marzáns should not be trusted. They are as rich as they can be, and they have earned that wealth through questionable means. We're talking loan sharking, protection racketing, and a series of small businesses one more illegal than the other. A criminal empire, one that masks it's activities through hotels, pubs, and some really good wines – a criminal empire that will be inherited by Mars.

Oh, but worry not, because Martín hates being a Marzán and constantly does everything in his power to upset them (Parties, social scandals, being a flirt and smooching all the pretty people, you name it!). In fact, he hates his family so much that he's very likely to punch whoever does as much as compare him to them - or ask about his parents. He's named after the God of War for a reason, and it was that same tendency to occasional violence that got him expelled from Beauxbatons and sent to Hogwarts during Sixth Year (You also shouldn't ask about that).

But, on most days, Mars acts exactly like the young deity he claims to be: charismatic, enthusiastic, sociable, out-going, and incredibly narcissistic. He likes being in a constant spotlight: be it at parties, Quidditch, or any other situation. He loves telling pretty people how beautiful they are and he really really enjoys compliments. That being said, while he will freely smooch half of Hogwarts (yes, both boys and girls), he's not one to have flings and sleep around, because he believes those things are much more... special.

Of course, while he really does believe he's the most amazing person there is, a lot of this is a facade kept up to hide certain things... like how he has terrible nightmares on most nights or that he has no idea what to do with his life once his graduation comes.

While I love any kind of plot with Mars, my current focus is his family, the opinions people may have about them, and how that compares to their opinion of him. Soooo I would love to have plots that relate to that

16 | 6th Year Hufflepuff Pureblood

Aisley N. Munn

Aisley didn’t begin attending Hogwarts until her 6th Year, so honestly, she still doesn’t really know a lot of people or know her way around the castle perfectly. Much alike the rest of the Munns, she used to attend Durmstrang, but instead of transfering when they did, she was homeschooled for about a year. But hey, now she’s here!

So…What can I tell you about this lovely badger? Well, she’s not really that lovely. Aisley is outgoing, and can be very caring and overprotective when it comes to her family and friends, but when people are rude… well, she returns the favour. Condescending people are definitely the worst in her book, and those who insult her family will most certainly see her angry side - and probably meet her bow or beater's bat. That's right! Archery and Quidditch are actually the great passions of her life and the one thing she loves the most, but at the moment she's very conflicted because she's supposed to continue her healer studies to follow the druid tradition of her family.

She's a Healer Intern, and really quite talented when it comes to holistics, but spellwork isn't really something she's all that good at, instead focusing on Herbology and Potionmaking. Plus, it doesn't help that half the time she wishes she could be outside on her broom instead of at the hospital wing. Aisley was raise in the wood at the Isle of Man, so honestly, she's very fond of the outdoors and can often be found outside regardless of the season. She enjoys venturing into the forest, and she likes swimming quite a lot, but tries her best to stay away from the lake because merfolk aren't really her cup of tea. In fact, she's actually extremely terrified of them. Also, don't be surprised if you see her walking around with no shoes xD

Aside from all that she just really likes adventures and fun, and romantically speaking, she's generally more fond of flings and casual things than anything else. She has never really crushed on anyone or been in a relationship but that shall change soon enough!

What she needs:
- Quidditch friends who encourage her to pursue a Quidditch career!
- People she can be a bad influence on and teach them dangerous things like Archery
- Healer things? Anthing tbh!

17 | 7th Year Slytherin Pureblood

Archibald P. Munn

My true prodigal son. Archie is the heir of the Munn family, and he's exactly what everyone expects a heir to be: a gentleman, calm, educated, refined, with excellent grades in most his subjects and truly focused on making his family proud. In fact, he's so focused on it that he lives a life of constantly being stressed out.

All his efforts and hard work are because he wants to join the Auror program and one day be Head Auror like his father currently is, but it's not something that's easy to do, and because of that he spends a grand portion of his time studying for every class. On top of that, his life got a bit complicated this seventh year, as his parents suddenly decided to arrange his engagement and that he should also train to become an Animagus – he recently completed his training for this and is now learning to deal with being a dog c': (Irish Wolfhound).

Basically, his life is currently a mess. In truth, all he wants to do is spend time at the greenhouses and drink tea - he loves Herbology, and has his own personal tea garden for which he cares a lot, but at the moment he's very caught up with trying to get accustomed to all the changes in his life and meet all the expectations his family has for him.

As for romance, Archie has nothing going on right now c': He's kind of very inexperience in those matters and it's something he doesn't like to admit (and also he's very much gay).

Oh, also, in Clash he's the Head of the Auror department and one of AEGIS' Leaders, in case you want to RP something there!

What he needs:
- People with whom to talk Animagus things ;-;
- People with whom to talk about the engagement?
- Adult interactions are more than welcomed tbh!
- People with whom to chill and drink tea
- Animagus form things! He's a fluffy dog, give him some treats

18 | 7th Year Hufflepuff Muggleborn

Icarus S. St George

Icarus St George isn't even supposed to be at Hogwarts, in fact, he should have graduated a year ago, but after not showing up to his NEWTs for mysterious reasons no one really knows, he was forced to do his Seventh Year once more. Is he happy about it? Not really, but most would agree that he doesn't sound as if he cares much when asked about the matter.

Icarus is... one of those people who just takes what live gives. He's often smiling, or laughing, or singing, or doing whatever he considers to be most fun and entertaining. Sometimes he'll skip class because he feels like napping, others he'll seem really excited to be there, but mostly, he just does whatever he wants, always putting his best effort into avoiding doing that which he considers to be dull.

If there's one word to describe him, that would likely be mellow. He's sociable and friendly, while also not being overly pushy, and seems to become infatuated with people all too easily – crushes being developed quite often. Because of this, Icarus has a record of having quite a few relationships that didn't last all that long, and while that would likely be something that would discourage most, it seems as if he hasn't learned a thing at all.

His favourite hobby is definitely singing, although he's also really fond of playing piano and spending time at the secluded pool (he's a great swimmer! xD). Oh... and he has a rather unhealthy obsession with the colour orange and all things related to it (oranges, Fanta, you name it!)

Note: Icarus is currently endgamed!

What he needs:
-People who don't like him!?
-Past relationships because I love drama!?
-Anything tbh, I don't have much planned for him ;-;

17 | 7th Year Ravenclaw Halfblood

Isidora N. Argyris

Isidora – or as most people call her, Izzy – was raised in the Argyris Institute, an organization created by her family centuries ago and solely dedicated to the research and study of Alchemy.

Having spent most of her life around researchers and scholars, Izzy considers knowledge to be one of the fundamental things in life, and she strives to become a great Alchemist one day. Of course, because of this, she has spent most of her Hogwarts years without making many friends, as she has purposely isolated herself from most people and never really cared about social interactions until this day.

Now, being her Seventh year, Izzy realizes that she wasted a lot of time during her years as Hogwarts, as there are a lot of "normal teenager things" she has never experienced (For example: she has never had a crush...until now, rarely goes out, etc). So, because of this, she has decided to finally step out of her comfort zone and attempt to do new things, but none of it really seems to result to be as easy as she would expect. Specially considering that she can be rather stubborn, opinionated, sarcastic, and not the easiest person to get along with at first.

Currently, Izzy is a Healing Intern (as that is among those things that she always wanted to try but never did). And aside from Alchemy, she's also quite good at Potions and Transfiguration, though Charms doesn't come nearly as easily for her. She's also a Vegetarian, and allergic to cats, so please keep your feline friends away unless you want to see her sneeze to no end c;

Also, she's a huge believer in Karmic debt (you know, do good things and good things will come? Blahblah) and honestly, I don't have much planned for her, so I would love for all kinds of possible plots when it comes to her. New experiences? New friends? You name it!

Note: Izzy is currently endgamed!

17 | 7th Year Slytherin Pureblood

Grigoriy Y. Drozdov

Much alike almost everything about his family... there's a lot which is a mystery about Grisha. He transferred very recently from Koldovstoretz, his engagement to Seraphina Windsor being used as an excuse for it, even though his sisters transferred soon after - you may have seen Arina, Elya and Margo Drozdova around!

There are two things which are known about the Drozdovs: they're firm believers in the supremacy of pure bloodlines, and they're neck deep in dark magic. Both things are also true about Grisha, as he is an unquestionable elitist, and the Dark Arts will always be his favourite subject of studies (even if it's forbidden at Hogwarts). Honestly, unless you're a pureblood who is smart enough not to insult his family for the terrible rumours about them, he's not a very nice person, and he's very likely to be both insulting and hurtful. He's not polite, he's not a gentleman, and he will say what he thinks with no hesitation.

That being said, engagement or not, Grisha has no shame in having flings or making out with people, because he doesn't really see what's wrong with it at all, and it really doesn't help that both these things tend to come rather easily when one is a half-veela (even if no one knows that such is the case for Grisha). He generally likes high places and can be found smoking kreteks up towers or on rooftops... or at the Owlery looking after his pet kestrel. That being said, he's not likely to ask about someone's blood status, so he's rather bearable unless it's painfully obvious that they're related to muggles. Basically, the more stuck up pureblood you are, the better in Grisha's opinion.

Honestly, here I'm down for anything, but I'd especially love me some casual flings or maybe even more (for the conflict yo! I love me some good drama!) and some mean pureblood friendships - cause even jerks deserve friends, right?

Note: Grisha is currently endgamed!

What he needs:
- An actual reason to be nice to someone!?
- Adult interactions maybe? Tell him off >:D
- Someone to tell him what an awful jerk he actually is
- More flings always means more drama, right?

26 | Transfig. Prof. Gryffindor Hoh Pureblood

Elissa A. D'Este

Once a Gryffindor student and actually quite the troublemaker. Elissa graduated from Hogwarts nine years ago, soon becoming a Hit Witch and marrying into the D'Este family via an arrangement.

Unless one knew her during her time as a student, it would be rather impossible to actually guess how much time someone like Elissa used to spend breaking rules and in detention. She just doesn't seem like the type, you know? As a professor, she's formal, serious, and almost militaristic in demeanor. She's one to demand respect, that her students take her class seriously, and she is intolerant of any kind of misbehaviours. (She'll even take points from Gryffindor if you give her a reason!)

But of course, that's all mostly a demeanor acquired thanks to her time as a Hit Witch, as the truth is Elissa is rather clumsy, almost awkward at times, and nervous that her students will never take her seriously as a professor. She really likes animals, specially cats, and you will often find her being followed around by her own Savannah cat "Oz" – who, honestly, is very likely to hiss and scratch (He's also a fan of chasing other small animals around -sob-). She lives in Hogsmeade with her 3 year old son, Bastien, and it's not rare to find her drinking espresso at her office!

Now, Elissa has been teaching at Hogwarts for almost two years now, so she's likely to know a lot of the students and staff. Despite the way she acts during class, out of it she's actually very approachable, except of course if one decides to ask her the reasons why she stopped being a Hit Witch and decided to become a professor... sensitive topic xD

What she needs/Possible plots

Honestly I didn't preplan much for Eli, so there's a lot of options on the table.

◆ Students she actually gets along with? She still has 1 TA spot available if you think you have a character who would want to be TA for Transfiguration.
◆ 1on1 Meets: If your character wants to discuss anything with a professor or with Gryffindor's Head of House, Elissa spends quite a lot of her time at her office drinking some nice espresso.
◆ Like I said, she's definitely very strict, so if you'd like for your student to get in trouble, have some points taken from their house and also end up in a horrible detention... that can be arranged xD
◆ Her cat is pretty but also not very friendly at all, so if you want to have Oz pick on your character or their pet and then see Eli frantically apologizing, that's an option!
◆ Any kind of adult intereactions in general, I love me some of those ❤
◆ Eli is currently widowed, so her romance plots are technically open but also not, it all depends on what you may have in mind.
◆ Honestly... Anything you may have in mind!

31 | Groundskeeper Former Hufflepuff Halfblood

Nollaig Henry O'Sullivan

Meet your Groundskeeper! Henry (Yes, Henry, please don’t call him Nollaig, he really doesn’t appreciate being called that) started working at Hogwarts a few months back, and he currently lives in a small hut at the edge of the Forbidden Forest with his fluffy cat Nutmeg who always follows him around. Generally, he doesn’t bother with students unless they’re overly problematic and get in his way, as he prefer to spend his time caring for the creatures the school keeps, the small gardens outside his hut, and of course, all of the school grounds. All business, no fun, you know? He specially isn’t fun if you try to go poking around in the forest >:c So I mean… you definitely should do it, right?

Want to pet some hippogriffs? Maybe even some thestrals? If you get on his good side, he's the guy to ask, but don't expect him to act all happy about it because Henry and happiness just don't seem to co-exist all that much. Actually, most of the time you'll probably see him looking disgruntled and smoking his lungs out.

Want to sneak around at night to go to some party or some other place? Well, he better not catch you, as he certainly isn't a fan of students wandering around the lawns at night... specially if they've been drinking and such. What a buzzkill, right? Sadly, that's his job, as he's all too aware of how dangerous it can be to walk around Hogwarts at night, and he refuses to make the same mistakes of the past. (But hey, if you get on his good side, exceptions can be made!)

What mistakes, you ask? You see, the truth is Henry dearest never graduated from Hogwarts, because during his 6th Year at the school, a girl was found dead in the woods, and he was kinda sorta blamed for the whole thing and expelled. Of course, this is not something students know about, but it's something that haunts him because he does not even know if it actually was his fault or not.

What kind of plots do I want for him? Everything is open! But let's have a look:
- People who'll sneak into the forest and get caught? Make him angry!
- Adult interactions with people he knew from his time as student would be interesting
- He's more likely to like students who are nice to Nutmeg, so there's that.
- ANYTHING! Just generally be a pain and make his life harder -sob-


god - captain / chaser
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These cute pixel and avatars were made by the most wonderful Evan ♡
nelliel · 17 · 7 · n/a · halfblood · 6'0
Hufflepuff Beginner
Awards: 8

Feb 27 2018, 05:44 PM   Link Quote
@Martín Marzán stells hello! you have children! i have children! here are some ideas! i'm not expecting all of these to take, of course, but i thought it would be good to give you some options, and we can go through them as your life kind of falls back into place <3


so we have momo and henry (which obviously take as much time as you need there!!) and i guess we'll need to see how they interact before going further with them but for... organizational needs... i'll just list that.


i'd actually think offering pollux to him would be really interesting - they're in the same year, they're both pureblood, and pollux is eventually going to start having complicated thoughts about his family because he both never wants to separate from them and just... like... wants to break free? of all the ~expectations~ and stuff that he has to deal with if he wants to become heir. i think mars can help pollux sort of... develop his own opinions on things, i guess! gryffindors are probably good at that, haha. pollux is brand new to hogwarts, so they probably haven't met, but i wouldn't be surprised if he's heard stuff about the marzáns from his own pureblood friends and family.


umm... throwing pollux at him again because we both love mythology LOL

but also, momo is his roommate. i can definitely see them skipping class to nap together haha. momo also tends to focus his energy only on things he deems worth the effort, so he skimps on a lot of schoolwork >< not out of laziness... just... he's preoccupied... so maybe friends? cute friends? ^^


i think he and pollux could... eventually have an interesting dynamic? pollux's family is fairly neutral in terms of their views on basically everything, but clearly the drozdovs are very opinionated hahaha. i don't have anything specific, and we're both busy, but this might be fun to play out in the future!
Stells The Steedle · 18 · 7th · ☀️ · Muggleborn · 5'9
Awards: 13

Feb 28 2018, 06:47 AM   Link Quote
@Chikara Momomiya
;-; Nell you're wonderful ❤

I def have my reply for this on the works, I just have been super busy and what not ;-; but I'm excited about these 2!

Aww I like this! Mars is definitely very out-going so I'm sure he would approach Pollux and what not... specially bc out of all my characters he's the mythology nerd LOL (I wish I was kidding, he has read so many Epics and used to be the TA xD) So he'd be all over Pollux' name. Mars definitely wants nothing to do with being a heir or with the business of his family (though its ironic bc he takes it over in Clash) so if you want him to help Pollux build his own perspectives he's definitely up for that!

Yay mythology nerds! xD I really like the idea of him and Momo though ;-; Specially because they technically only became roomies this year so Icarus is like "Oh someone who gets it!" xD I can definitely see them being friends and skipping class and what not ;-; it sounds really cute!

Oooh I agree that this is something that could play out nicely in the future. Grisha himself is super opinionated about things, although he'll start going against those opinions rather sooner than later. So yeah, if you ever want someone to be judgemental, or "This is how things should be done", hmu bc he can do that xD



Avies by Evan ♡
Amelia Du Couteau
· · · · ·
Feb 28 2018, 03:16 PM   Link Quote
Stellers, I am here~!

So here we go.

I currently have so much muse for four characters right now (not to say i dont have muse for the others lets be real I love all my kids). Mattias, Yvain, Terrence, and Amelia. but I'm just gonna throw plots for Amelia cause she needs to get around and Matty cause wooh this boy is a walking garbage bag.

Amelia's a pureblood so I'm guessing she can meet Martin. She's easy to give compliments to those around her so I bet they'd be in good terms. She also knowd all about pureblood families around France and Itsly cause the Du Couteaus have lived in both countries at one point and they make it their business to know who's pureblood or not. Amelia looks like a doll since she's short af and acts and poses like a princess. Basically a human porcelain doll.

I can also see Amelia and Grigoriy cause wooh, lords Millie is out to make friends with purebloods! I just like the contrast of a sweet little girl and a horrible boy and if they end up hating each other or being in good terms. Amelia is a good girl but she's pretty sassy. So since G-man is anything but a gentleman it would be nice for tension yes?

Now onto the next target Mattias.

Mattias is my antisocial bag of rubbish who loves ballroom dance and the internet. He's allergic to smoke but that could be a good meeting xD Matty tends to roam around when he's bored so maybe as he's taking a walk him and Nollaig can meet? With Nutmeg or not is totes fine, Mattias likes animals when the animals like him xD Matty is a dull boy but he's been trying to connect with people recently.

So yea tell me what you think or if you want anyone else of my kiddies~!

@Martín Marzán
Not So Stellar · 31 · Groundskeeper · 🌲 · Halfblood · 6'6
Hogwarts Staff
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Feb 28 2018, 03:47 PM   Link Quote
@Amelia Du Couteau
Yaaay throw those kids at me

I think Mars and Amelia could work really well! The Marzáns have a lot of influence in the Mediterranean regions, so I feel like they would definitely know Amelia's family, specially bc Mars' grandmother used to be headmistress at Beauxbatons. I think Mars would be a fan of Amelia's aesthetics xD bc he's approving of all pretty things lol and the compliment thing is definitely a great plus. So yeeees I'd love to throw these two together and see what happens.

As for her and Grisha... Grigoriy actually has 7 sisters and I'm pretty sure there's at least one in Amelia's year. The youngest (Elya, my one of my kids) is a 3rd year and a total princess, so I feel like he'd definitely be reminded of his sisters if talking to Amelia. Needless to say, that doesn't mean he'd be nice, and he'd probably wondering why some little girl is bothering him or something -sob-. Sorry Amelia.

I feel like him and Nollaig Henry could actually get along really well? Because Henry isn't a fan of most people and he thinks kids are kind of annoying, so he'd probably see Mattias and be like "damn, how is someone like you a professor, don't you get a headache?". Also I think the smoke thing is totally hilarious and a great way to meet xD And Nutmeg likes most people and is really cuddly and friendly, so hey she could be there as a tension-breaker. I really want this to happen because I've been wanting to throw Henry at other adults!!! ;-;


Avies by the most amazing and wonderful Evian
Benno · 17 · 6th · · Pureblood · 5'2
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Feb 28 2018, 09:29 PM   Link Quote
Isaac & Grisha

Hiya! I know you said you wanted people to tell Grisha off and I want Isaac to pluck up some courage to stand up to people, so there ya go! Isaac is definitely the kind of kid that is easy to pick on; as you know, he's the kid who fucked up quite publicly and embarrassed his pureblood family. If Grisha were to say something snide, I feel like Isaac is stressed enough with trying to get his shit together that he might actually snap/yell which might result in a duel or somethin and that'd be pretty wicked!

Isaac & Icarus!

There's a lot that can be done here! Isaac is super easy going when it comes to friendships so friends is def a thing that can happen, but isaac also casually flirts a lot? So if you wanted a nice arc where Icarus crushes on him and then falls from that crush, etc, that would be very doable. Especially if Isaac doesn't catch on that it was a crush and accidentally leads Icarus on....... whoops

Isaac & Isodora!

Isaac is... the resident smoocher. He will give Izzy her first make out sesh ok he is a caring individual.

but really, if Izzy wants to live it up a little, he's your guy!

Cameron & Icarus!

Cam really needs pals, okay, and as you know he is soft and shy and Icarus definitely seems like the type who wouldn't judge him or push his boundaries too much. Cam is younger than him by a good chunk so it might be interesting to work out a little brother/older brother dynamic for them? perhaps? idfk we can always throw them in a thread and see what happens!

Cameron & Henry

As you also know Cam's secret plot, ish, I feel like him and Henry would be interesting to throw together. Cameron is a pretty straight lace kid and doesn't tend to do anything stupid, but he finds solace and peace in forests and I can see him wanting so badly to go into the forbidden forest. Which leaves plenty of room for them to run into each other, and also for Henry to tell him off and/or learn about him in general. It's not out of the question that Cameron might actually ask Henry to let him go in there, or take him in there for Henry's work, so that he could just have some time in the woods. Cameron is pretty chill in general and really wouldn't naturally be a pain in henry's ass aside from possibly getting caught in the forest, so there's that!

@Icarus St George

Oh yeah, I'm a reaper man,
every good thing I kill it dead
Oh yeah,
I'm a hooligan
Out in the street making a mess.
Stells The Steedle · 18 · 7th · ☀️ · Muggleborn · 5'9
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Mar 1 2018, 01:47 PM   Link Quote
@Isaac Jackson
Missed me yet?

Isaac & Grisha:
Heh this sounds like it could be pretty interesting. Tbh Grisha is one for hooking up with a lot of people, so that definitely could have happened? But also like, if he heard about Isaac doing things that make him an embarrassment to his family, etc, he's more than likely to make some rude comment about it even if he and Isaac have been friendly xD He's just an opinionated jerk like that lmao so yeeeees I like this

Isaac & Icarus
Tbh I find this hilarious xD Icarus definitely grows infatuated with people who are nice and flirty to him really fast, so its very likely to happen. If that's the case then he'd also 100% flirt back and then be very sad when he realizes Isaac is totally oblivious lmao If it happened, he may actually bright it all up though, which could be really interesting!

Isaac & Izzy
Gods the poor girl, her love life is such a disaster xD I approve!

Cameron & Icarus
Aww this is really sweet and I definitely want it to happen! Icarus isn't a pushy person at all, while he's also really sociable, so he may just... hang around Cameron and casually talk about random things xD He's super mellow and doesn't mind leading a conversation... Fair warning, he's likely to hum a lot of random songs. Icarus himself doesn't have any siblings, so I think a dynamic like that could be fun! I really wanna throw these 2 in a thread together!

Cameron & Henry
Since you also know about Henry's secret plot (xD), I gotta say I def like this idea a lot for the future! I think Henry would like Cameron and tbh he may remind him a lot of himself as a kid, which would make him very nostalgic and also sad LOL (Gosh Henry when did you become such a grump). I think that if Cam asked, there's definitely a chance Henry may say yes to him going to the forest with him to idk feed the thestrals or something lmao



Avies by Evan ♡
Luka · 17 · 7 · · ·
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Mar 1 2018, 02:45 PM   Link Quote
Ello there Stells! I figured its about time i throw my small children at you.

Takumi & Martín

Takumi is my tiny, clueless Gryffindor child. He knows very little, and it's always amusing watching him realize he's being flirted with. Perhaps Mars could flirt with the smol pretty boy, only for them later to form an actual bond of friendship later over both having terrible families that cause them to lose sleep once they've gotten to know each other?

Luce & Icarus

Ah, my small musician boy. Perhaps he could form a bond with Icarus over both being musicians, only for drama to start later on when Luce realizes he is muggleborn. Luce does not dislike muggleborns, but he does not believe they should practice magic, so it'd be interesting to see him get conflicted over finding out somebody he bonded with was a muggleborn. I don't know if you'd like this idea or not, but it does give a chance for some dramatic plot development~
Storm · 16 · 6th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 6'3"
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Mar 1 2018, 11:52 PM   Link Quote

We both know I am slower than cold molasses so believe me when I say that slowness doesn't bother me! If there are any threads we currently have that you'd like to put on hold or drop let me know. No stress <3 @Martín Marzán

Mars & TJ: Sleepy time potions and shenanigans?

Mars & Tori: midnight walks, stargazing, and hating on the family... or something in clash?

Izzy & Gabby: we have valentines day stuff going, idk where I was going with this -sobs-

Grisha & TJ: grump x2, I think we said they were friends? correct me if i'm wrong

Grisha & Tori: I don't think she'd approve of her brother being friends with him, and she'd have no problem telling him off for being a jerk.

Grisha & Miles: not sure if he is still doing flings, but I know previously we had discussed these two hooking up at a party or something and Grisha later finding out he is a filthy mudblood, so that could be fun.

Icarus & Gabby: she thinks he's a moron

Henry & Fin: bust him and haul him off for detention? idk, but I'm sure Fin being dumb abd going on adventures could be inconvenient

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Mar 2 2018, 01:25 PM   Link Quote
Hi Stells! It's Kenzie and I'm here to throw a thought or two your ways.

Icarus&Sawyer: Okay, I read through his little description you have for him and I think they could be music buddies at the very least.

Bry&Mars: At one point, we talked about them, they are roommates and I think they'd be interesting to throw together.

Sawyer&Mars: Because of his threat to Florentin, this could later on be and interesting combo, especially with @Florentin Deschamps involved. Just food for thought, at some point in time.

I know you're super busy and I want you to know we all appreciate what you do for us and this site. I'd love to thread more with you and miss those days <3333
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Mar 4 2018, 12:35 PM   Link Quote

@Takumi Shishido
Bonjour! Yes please throw the children at me. I’ll catch them, I promise.

Mars & Takumi
Mars is definitely one to be quick with his words and who can easily through a compliment in any conversation ever, so I could see something like that happening, though I’m not sure how well they could bond given that Mars is not one to open up to people easily. In fact, he has only told 1 person about his childhood. So, that’s something I like to leave as being more organic. Sadly, I’m a bit swamped right now and Mars has a lot of plots, so I would appreciate it if we could leave this the future if that’s okay!

Icarus & Luce
Honestly, Icarus couldn’t care less about blood purity xD He finds it to be very silly and very middle-ages. So, if they were to bond over music only for Luce to then be horrified, Icarus would just be like “lol, you’re kiddin’ right?”. Which is great! Fair warning though, Icarus may play piano but he’s not really one to sick to classics or very formal views regarding music, and he’s much more likely to start playing (and singing!) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star than Chopin – he does love a good Bach tho! I think this is a nice idea for a plot, so I’d def be up for it if you are~

@Theodore Isley
MY BETTER HALF ❤ Ty for being as slow as me and understanding my struggles xD I’m gonna reply to a few of these because can’t overwhelm ourselves, ya feel? heh

I REALLY WANT POTION SHENANIGANS ;-; I can start this if you want? Maybe when they meet after our recent owl and Mars looks tired as hell and whatever not xD

Mars & Tori
We got the Pensieve going on (which I’m replying to soon #SpoilerAlert) but we could do more family things in HWE or Clash bc that’s always interesting. Archie is currently investigating the Marzán bank in Clash so Mars may go to Tori all CONTROL YOUR HUSBAND LMAO

Grisha & TJ
We said they’re friends! And jerks together yep XD I think a thread with these two could be pretty fun!

Grisha & Tori
Omg please tell him off lol Grisha would be so appalled but also rude xD He has little sisters, he deals with enough shiz from younger girls already hehe

Icarus & Gabby
DON’T CALL THE POOR BOY A MORON… he’d probably just laugh, such a moron xD I think this would be hilarious

Henry & Fin
Oh god, Fin going off for an adventure in the forest sounds terrifying LOL Henry would get such a headache with him hehe I love it


@Sawyer Kingsman
It’s a Kenz! Hello! ❤

Icarus & Sawyer
I like the idea of music buddies! Though to Icarus music is mostly a hobby and something he does for fun… even if he does it very very often, he has no ambitions at all regarding it – or anything, tbh xD I think they could def get along well in the sense and that could potentially be pretty interesting!

Bry & Mars
Right! They’re roomies! I don’t think I’d ever had Mars really interact with one of his roomies, but it could be interesting to figure out the dynamics for them and what not and see where we go from there. Mars is also friends with Stan xD So there’s that.

Sawyer & Mars
I have to admit I haven’t really read the interactions between Sawyer and Flo because I don’t really have the time to go around reading threads… so I’m not aware what’s going on. I think it could definitely be interesting towards the future, depending on what’s happening or what not. c:



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May 25 2018, 10:31 PM   Link Quote

Plotter update: new and active characters have been added!
Please come plot with me ❤ ;-;

user posted image
Avatars by the lovely Evan ♡
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May 25 2018, 11:02 PM   Link Quote

Out of these all, I'd be the most interested plotting with Aisley, because nature? YES! Archery! I'm sold! Of course, hopefully being muggleborn is not a problem.

And Henry. Brandon here loooves Care For Magical Creatures and he'd himself would love to be keeper of grounds, so, if an overly eager animal enthusiast sounds good, I'm ready!

user posted image

user posted image
(30th of May, 2018)

OOC: Leo Benjamin / I fall off the face of the earth a lot.
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May 25 2018, 11:20 PM   Link Quote
Hello, you wonderful person, you!

I know we’ve already got a plot going, but given your new Plotter and my new Professor, I was thinking we could get an awesome plot rolling with Elissa and Laila? They both seem to be quite sarcastic, fun people and I imagine they’d have some really cool interactions smile.gif I’d love to flesh out a plot along this vein with you, if you’re interested!!

Profile drawing credits to the wonderfully talented Mioree. Love your work <3
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May 30 2018, 12:10 PM   Link Quote
Sorry I took a few days to reply guys but I've been super super sick ;-; Thank you for replying to my plotter <333 It makes me really happy that you want to plot with my kiddos ;-;

@Brandon Eastoft
Hey Leo!

Aisley & Brandon
Tbh despite being a pureblood and her family's general elitism, Aisley isn't one to care about such things or to be prideful (aside from her pride in her heritage and culture). Is there any kind of thread in particular you'd like for the two of them? They're both Hufflepuffs, so I assume they could have ran into each other at the common room, had a couple of classes together and what not. Aisley is usually carrying around her bow (or her bat, because she does a lot of practicing for Quidditch) so yeah... xD

Henry & Brandon
Henry isn't much to like most people... like at all, so be warned because a thread with him means dealing with a very very grumpy man xD But he does appreciate students who like magical creatures and animals in general, so if Brandon wants to pet some hippogriffs or something, it could happen! (Just don't go in the forest!)

@Lilith Woodland
Hi you wonderful Fox, you c;

Elissa & Laila
A plot with these two sounds really fun! I'm not sure how long Laila has been working at Hogwarts but Elissa has been here for about 2 years, so idk if they know each other already or not. Either way, its something we can figure out! We could probably have a teacher's lounge thread or something more interesting if you want, we can discuss details c:

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