It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 walkin' on sunshine, xena's summer plots
Xena · 17 · 7 · Undeclared · Pureblood · 5'9"
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Jun 1 2018, 06:04 PM   Link Quote
name maeve kearney
age seventeen
house 7th ravenclaw
status pureblood elitist
ship single
It's not that Maeve thinks that she's right, so much as she knows that she's right at all times. When given the option between books and people, Maeve Kearney always chooses books. It's not that she inherently dislikes people, it's just that books never change and, in turn, forever change their readers. Maeve enjoys expanding her horizons and pushing her intellectual limits. She has gotten in trouble on more than one occasion for tuning out the teacher in class while she constructed better versions of the enchantments that they were tasked to perform. Her mind for innovation and continual improvement simply does not correlate with common charms and hexes. Maeve continually seeks challenges, and when there were no challenges put forth, she constructs them herself. Although she internally questions and often transgresses the expectations of pureblood ladies, on the outside, Maeve is undoubtedly the perfect pureblooded socialite in training. She is an expert at small talk, event planning, styling outfits, and knowing which silverware to use with which portion of a fancy meal. However, pureblood society constantly reminds her of her mother's family - the Donovans. The ghosts of the Donovan Massacre have haunted Maeve's dreams. She wants to be able to avenge them, but has no leads into the mystery behind the carnage. This feeds her frustration and funnels it toward her hatred of Muggles and Muggleborns. While it would be simple enough to paint Maeve as a regular blood purist, that's not exactly the case. Maeve does not entirely buy into the notion that purebloods are inherently better than Muggles, Muggleborns, and half-bloods, but she does believe that most Muggleborns secretly hold a vendetta against pureblooded witches and wizards. Her disdain for them is a defensive response, rather than a prejudiced action.

OOC Notes: Maeve's reason for hating Muggles is 110% unfounded, as she doesn't know what actually happened during the Donovan Massacre (which killed everyone in her mother's family except for her mother), but Maeve is too consumed with the idea of revenge to ever consider the possibility that what she has been told all of her life is a lie.

FRIENDS Maeve is something of an expert at making others believe that they are her friends while keeping them an arm's length away. On the outside, she's a smiling, sweet, engaged, and confidant, but truthfully, she is always putting on an act - going though the expected motions of friendship without any of the emotional risks associated with such devotion. Around the school, she's highly thought of for her perceived warmth and generosity, but a select few recognize the act and know that Maeve operates with an understanding that self-preservation is her first priority.
ENEMIES While Maeve keeps very few people truly close to her, those that do manage their way into her inner circle encourage Maeve to continue pursuing her love of reading and learning, rather than continuing on her quest of revenge. However, their logical and caring concerns rarely reach Maeve, as she still is consumed with rage over the Donovan Massacre. As a result, even those closest to her still feel like there is some guard up between her and the world around her, and that guard is pushing them away. She feels like the weight of the Donovan legacy is hers alone to bear, despite her younger sisters' offerings to share the burden. Even with all of the support from her friends and immediate family, Maeve still feels incredibly lonely.
LOVERS The only aspect of pureblood society that Maeve has been openly outspoken against is the concept of arranged marriages. While Maeve enjoys her role as a debutante, she despises the tradition of parents dictating who their children shall marry. It is not because Maeve hangs all of her hopes on the prospect of finding her true love - indeed, Maeve is not entirely sure that love is even an actual emotion at this point - but because she does not want to be tied down to a man who is not in any way beneficial to her own success. But, of course, a real lady is not supposed to be concerned about her own successes. With that said, Maeve enjoys flirting, but only if she can gain something from the interaction. In that sense, she is very selective about who she lets herself feel romantic toward, but those restrictions do not follow the usual bounds, like gender.

little miss can't be wrong

name cadi harris
age fifteen
house 5th hufflepuff
status half-blood
ship single
Cadi Harris is the sort of girl who always knows exactly what she wants, and she will go to great lengths to get it. She grew up in Northern Wales spending equal amounts of time in her father's Muggle world and in her mother's magical one. Cadi enjoys the thrill of adventure and believes in experiencing as much as possible in her time on Earth, and Hogwarts is a big part of that. She enjoys playing quidditch, and has been on the Hufflepuff team as a Chaser since her third year. Finally, Cadi really enjoys baking - she gets up extra early each morning and bakes a different kind of treat that she carries in an enchanted bag and hands out to different people every day. She enjoys seeing the excitement and gratitude on people's faces, and it gives her a good way to meet new and interesting people on a regular basis.
FRIENDS Cadi comes across as stubborn and brash, but caring. She has never been one to refrain from voicing her opinion, especially if the topic is something important to her. She is deeply concerned over the divide that she sees between the magical and Muggle worlds and unequivocally places the blame on pureblood elitists. Her strong opinions have made Cadi many enemies, but also many friends. As a friend, Cadi is extraordinarily compassionate and loyal. Any enemy of her friend is an enemy of hers as well, and on more than one occasion, she has retaliated on a scorned friend's behalf without being asked to.
ENEMIES Once Cadi determines that someone is an enemy, she is extremely slow to forgive. As dedicated as Cadi is to learn from as many people as possible, she is quick to draw conclusions and rarely changes her mind, even when presented with evidence to the contrary. She finds a little bit of pride in knowing that some people hate her, since she feels like their hatred simply reaffirms her initial conclusions.
LOVERS Cadi was a late bloomer when it comes to love. She didn't see the purpose of romance. It was only at the close of her fourth year that Cadi started having fantasies of intimacy. While she loved her supportive network of friends, she began to wonder what it would be like to break that "friend barrier." She had her first kiss with a boy in her Potions class on the last day of her fourth year. Now Cadi is looking to experiment a little bit more and see what else - and who else- is out there.

shut up and dance with me

Lone Fox · 18 · 7 · · · 5'10
Ravenclaw Beginner
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Jun 3 2018, 04:49 AM   Link Quote
Henlo! I don't think we've met! I'm Fox smile.gif So lovely to meet you.

Lilith & Marve (adorable name by the way!)
I would absolutely love to see how these two interact. Maeve, being the intricate socialite and master of all things pureblood... I think would either clash with Lilith or perhaps find an escape? One way or the other, they're roommates as well as being seventh years together and I think that'd be a cool interaction
(especially given Lilith doesn't know if she's pureblood or not!)

I'd love to do some plots with you, if you want!

Feel free to add me on discord (#natfox5812) or skype (natfoxw@gmail.com)

<3 Look forward to hearing from you!

Profile drawing credits to the wonderfully talented Mioree. Love your work <3
Sunny · 17 · 6th · n/a · Pureblood · 5'6"
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Jun 3 2018, 10:23 AM   Link Quote
Hello and welcome (back??) to WR! I'm Sunny and I'm fresh off the boat here, but I think I might have some ideas in mind for your Maeve and my boy Ronan.

Specifically, they are both Irish Purebloods around the same age, so I was thinking they might have been acquainted with one another from an early age? Although the Ivers are not exceptionally wealthy or powerful (at least by Pureblood standards), they are trying to claw their way up the social ladder by getting in and rubbing elbows with other, more powerful Pureblood families. The Kearney's seem like exactly the kind of family they would want to associate with.

So, a little more about Ro and how he fits into (or, rather, doesn't fit into) all this. He's the only son on his dad's side of the family which makes him first in line to inherit his father's half of the family business (they own a chunk of land in Ireland which produces some of the highest-quality wand wood in Britain and Ireland), but he's a little . . . odd. He has a hard time understanding all the nuances of polite society. He has difficulties reading social cues and knowing what's appropriate to say when, and as a result, he can come across as inadvertently rude or offensive which has embarrassed his family in the past. As you can maybe imagine, this is a big issue given that the family is trying to establish themselves among the elites of wizarding society.

There are some other things about him that I can go into more detail about later, but I just wanted to offer a quick outline of what's going on with him and his family so you can let me know if you think his family and Maeve's family might have brushed up against each other sometime in the past. If you'd be interested in plotting further, you can let me know here or shoot me a PM and I'll give you my contact details!

Again, welcome! I look forward to chatting more with you soon!

@Maeve Kearney
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