It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 Inside a hungry mind, Mah's one man party
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Jun 26 2018, 06:35 PM   Link Quote
Hello! I'm very new to this rp and the one thing I like almost as much as hugs is writing, so I'm super excited to find my character Mason some nice plots to play around with! I might be slow at times since this is my senior year of high-school, but I promise to always answer our threads. </3

(TW: mentions of abusive) (Mention of Kenz's character, JR, as he and Mason are half-brothers)

Soooo, here is the short version of Mason's story: He was born in a house of wizards, but didn't show signs of magic whatsoever for years. Turned out his father didn't stay much at home and his mother wasn't very fond of him, often resorting to physical demonstrations of hate rather than love. He decided to go with the flow and simply do what was expected of him; even finding out he was, indeed, a wizard! Nobody except for his dog was there as a witness, though, but the Durmstrang letter years later was enough to prove it. Mason discovered a deep love for learning once he started reading the books from school, and what motivated him through his years at the academy was gaining as much knowledge as he could; he sees it as the only reliable variable in his life, and something very important to hold on to.

Years later Mason's love started bearing obsessiveness, the few friends he had started to worry, decided to make a bet with him: a broom race! Ooops, Mason hates brooms. And flying. He's actually scared of both. Decided to do it anyway, because if he could pull through it at least his friends would stop boring him, right? Unfortunately, an accident happened and he stayed at the hospital for months - enough to find out he had a half-brother! Mason searched for him, found him, spent some nice weeks with him, dang, another accident; this time, his mother is dead, he fakes dead, wakes up, sometime later remembers what happened and decides that going to Hogwarts is the best option.

So, there we go! Mason is fairly reserved but a nice guy deep down, I promise. He needs everything, from friends to lover to enemies! I'll leave some headcanons here which might help too

> Mason's two main hobbies besides studying are cooking and swimming.
> He's fairly reserved; on the other hand, he doesn't hide his feelings or thoughts for fear, but rather because he can't see a reason to share personal problems with other people.
> He is very practical when solving problems. Durmstrang turned him into a strategist, which is something he is very proud of.
> Besides that, he's also very calm! Few things/people can make him lose his temper, although I can see him getting into fights even if the only reason is to make somebody shut up.
> Actually, an idea I have for friendship and/or romance is somebody who can, indeed, make him lose his temper.
> He isn't the best with duels or magic to these days. I can't see him actively looking for help, but if anybody offered to tutor him or something that would be great!
> As he's repeated his seventh year, Mason is (almost?) a nineteen year old. I'm not entirely sure but his birthday is 27 of September, so...
> I would love to have him meet people he can get into discussions with! Like subjects/topic discussions, could be teachers, could be friends, could be anybody /I'm ready.

I might add some stuff here but that's all for now. Thanks for reading .yay
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