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 Random Thread Ideas
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Nov 5 2013, 12:57 PM   Link Quote
So while lurking on old!wurr, I found this old old thread with a list of ideas for post-a-thon threads. I thought it'd be kind of nifty to put them here, and to just have a list for random thread ideas in general. Because I know sometimes I feel like I'm running low on ideas. XD

But here is the original list. Feel free to use any of these or add your ideas for people to use. <3

1. A girl crying
2. A mysterious letter
3. Tuesday Surprises
4. Falling down the stairs
5. Wearing someting very different from what the character normally wears for some bizarre reason
6. Untied shoelaces
7. An allergic reaction to food in the Great Hall
8. Dancing like an idiot and then falling down the stairs
9. Your head has been turned into a pumpkin in a duel
10. A lost necklace/bracelet/ something of value.
11. Face a phobia
12. Bad hair day.
13. Bragging about something.
14. Challenge someone to a duel
15. Accidentally go up and kiss the wrong person.
16. Lose a shoe.
17. Having trouble with homework
18. Lighting something on fire by accident
19. Fall off a broom
20. Get hit by the Whomping Willow
21. Meet a Werewolf
22. Go looking for Thestrals
23. Fall asleep on the stairs
24. fall asleep doing homework and get ink all over face
25. crying in the bathrooms
26. a letter with bad news
27. Song stuck in your head.
28. Everything is going wrong.
29. 'Life ain't always what it seems to be'
30. PARTY. Those are fun. Throw one.

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Jinx is perfection.

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