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 In the midst of winter I found within me an invincible summer, Andre <3
Noire Winters
 Posted: Apr 12 2017, 06:54 PM
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Searching for...Heroes!

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Noire WintersGryffindor
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There was one time when Noire slept and awoken in her dream as a mighty dragon slayer. In that dream world, an evil wizard had set loose a raging dragon upon the humans of that realm. The dragon set fire to many of the towns and cities and was a cruel creature. It feasted on human fear and needed it to survive. Many attempts to destroy the dragon ended in vain. In this world, the only magical being had been the dark wizard and his dragon. There was no magic to save them. There was nothing save one Noire Winters, a village girl who watched her own town get destroyed by dragon flames. Though everyone was in fear for their lives, Noire refused to back down from the challenge of ridding the dragon from the world. She had a family to avenge.

Quickly, she gathered a motley group of heroes who were equally as brave as the girl herself. Knowing that it was impossible to achieve unity without a leader, she bravely stepped up to the task and became the Supreme Leader of the Group of Good People Who Wishes to Destroy the Evil Dragon. With a two handed sword in her hands and a heart of gold, she traversed through the lands that had been submerged in darkness. It had taken months of travel, but finally, the group reached the lair of the dragon boss. The lair of the dragon was a dark and sinister dungeon, filled with the undead and orcs. The orcs were the worse out of the two and Noire dreaded having to meet them. It was because unlike the undead, orcs took more to kill than just fire. When the group finally reached the lair, one of them had succumbed to the army of the dragon. He had taken a shot for Noire. As she stepped forward into the lair, she vowed to avenge her fallen ally as she held out her sword. She had been ready for this moment for a long time.

And then...she woke up.

Noire sighed as she washed her face in the boy's washroom. It had been such a pleasant dream, but why did it have to end when she was about to finally slay the dragon? It just wasn't fair. Then again, she supposed there were many things in life that weren't fair If she had things her way, she'd be at Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts.

“Ugh, so sad,” said the girl, splashing more water onto her face. “That's right...I was suppose to stay awake this time...for sure.” It had been hard trying to stay awake and she nearly did too if it weren't for the fact that the teacher's voice was so gentle. By the time she realized it, a pile of drool had formed on her notes and she was the only student left in the classroom. The lioness stared in the mirror, rubbing the remains of her drool off the corner of her lips. She studied her chest. A bit of sweat had formed throughout the day, so she figured it was best to change the bindings before the next class started. She hated walking around in sweat.


Class would actually be in less than a minute due to the fact that she slept past the end of her class and had taken her sweet time in the restroom. Stealing a look around the corner to see if anyone would use the washroom, she quickly decided that most people would be in class by now. Not bothering to enter one of the stalls before, she took off her shirt and proceeded to change the bindings around her chest.

@Andre Elkins
Andre Elkins
 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 05:29 PM
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Hate me or love me

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Andre ElkinsSlytherin Beginner
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Why was he going to class again? Oh wait, because golden boy had been so pleasent and decided that it would be great to owl their mother and tell her about the fact that Andre was not doing anything other than staying in the dungeons. Of course, that in itself hadn't quite pushed the boy out of the new hide out, but the woman had threatened coming to take his broom. There was only one possession that the blue streaked hair boy loved and it was his racing broom that his adoptive parents had purchased him for Christmas fourth year. Of course they said it was because he was actually doing good in a class - what they didn't know was that class was studying dragons that term. Anyone that knew the boy knew that he adored dragons and read anything he could about them.

No, that detail was better left unsaid, since the parents actually thought that he was applying himself in classes. It was a short lived thought; but it had been there. At least for a moment. Now though, he was stuck at Hogwarts and being sent to classes so that the snake wouldn't have his broom taken away. Sighing softly, his feet carried him down the corridors, a scowl on his face that threatened bad news for anyone that might come too close. His fingers played lazily with his wand - he was never out and about without the weapon of choice in hand. His thumb ran over the smooth piece of wood as his feet made soft shuffling sounds against the stone castle. He could hear Anais' voice in his ear telling him to pick up his feet, or was it his mother's? Either way, the snake could hardly be bothered to actually listen to it.

It was getting closer to the time that students needed to be in their classes, but the fifth year needed to use the bathroom before he went to Charms - after all, they couldn't dock him points for being late if he needed to use the toilet before sitting through hours of boring content, right? His bright green eyes wandered around the corridor before spotting where the boy's bathroom was located and he moved to it, not bothering to pick up his pace. He had told Johanna he would attend class, not that he would be there whole time, anyways.

Entering the restroom, Andre was met with a peculiar sight; another boy was there - was he actually touching himself or something on the chest. It was odd to the boy and he smirked at him in bemusement and then moved away to go do his business, not bothering to say a word.

@Noire Winters
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