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 fun in dysfunction, brandy's party is open to all
Brandy Sage
 Posted: May 13 2017, 02:38 PM

"i have problems with authority"

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Brandy Sage
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Tonight was going to be fucking fabulous.

The bright haired eagle had been looking forward to her planning evening ever since she had sent out the notice a few days ago. During the classes she has bothered attending, all her mental energy was spent on going over her plans for her Monday night party. It was very important to her that she delivered on the promised excitement and debauchery. Her free moments were spent pooling together what supplies she had needed, grabbing all the promised drinks, beer, wines, rum and whiskey, and a few extra things, like flat sodas for the boring folk who tagged along, and a few more partial empty bottles of booze, namely a peach vodka she wasn’t overly fond of and the last few shots of her namesake.

Having taken the latter half of the day off, not caring if it resulted in detention sometime later that week, she had plenty of time to set things up after having thrown herself together and taking a nap in preparation for the late night. The Room of Requirement was a saint, having anticipated her needs and setting up most of the shit for her. Dumping her heavy, alcohol filled bag onto the gorgeous, stainless steel topped bar and putting her bass and another bag filled with miscellaneous objects on the floor next to the surface, Brandy walked around the space, examining everything there was to offer. Honestly, what would she do without magic? The room had been three steps ahead of her, providing a vast collection of records to be played on the ancient-looking gramophone, a few plush sofas pushes against the walls and a small, sage like area for those who felt like performing in order to show off or take advantage of her offer for free food. In fact, it was so ahead of her that it had even provided the one thing she always forgot- cups.

Picking up her back of random goodies, the Ravenclaw began pouring what snacks she had, mostly an assortment of potato crisps, cola flavored gummies some candy bears she soaked in less-shitty, non-peach vodka, and dumped them into various provided bowls. After that had been sorted out, she set up her drink station behind the bar, organizing her mess of bottles and throwing the lukewarm cans of beer into a never-melting bucket of ice. Feeling like it was still missing something, she pulled out a few black balloons left over from Halloween and blew them up, tossing them onto the ground without bothering to wipe the traces of lipstick off them.

The eagle undid her duo-toned hair from the messy ponytail she had thrown it up into before she had stated working and ran her fingers through it. Things were just about done on this end. Striding over to the collection of music offered to her by the magical room, the girl knelt down and began riffling through in order to find something decent to listen to. Her calloused fingers stopped on the distinctive blue cover that was Nevermind by Nirvana. “Fuck yes!” Not really caring if it would make the best part music or not, she pulled the album out and set it up on the ancient machine. And cranked u the volume. Perfect.
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