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 Oh, how we've grown, Petra || Allie
Lucus Earl
 Posted: Apr 14 2017, 05:42 PM
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Luke was excited to spend some time away from work. In Hogwarts it was officially the Easter holidays, and while students still remained in the castle for this short break, anticipating the upcoming quidditch matches and studying for the approaching exams, he was allowed extra free time to wander and plan. As long as he was around for his assigned chaperoning and corridor patrolling duties, and made time to plan lessons for the exam season, that was it.

Today, he relished the freedom from the school as he waited on his old friend, wasting his time on another video game. Petra's time was a lot more demanded these days, she was a mother, wife, and auror, so Luke accepted that she might be late. It was difficult to say whether she actually was, video games could do that to a person, especially when that person hadn't even yet managed to stop long enough to put his foster-daughter to bed before his company arrived. The little girl instead watched him play his mildly violent adventure game from beside him on the sofa, slowly drifting off on his arm.

Eventually, the ex-Slytherin arrived. He'd asked her to apparate into their back garden and let herself in through the back door, in order to not wake up the toddler that should've been in bed as the sun had almost set. Luke heard the distant cracking noise before his friend had found her way through to the living room, he paused his game and carefully slid Maggie off of his arm. He got up from the sofa and met Petra halfway to the garden. The young woman had a similar look to her younger self: the same springy, silky hair and a wide grin, but she had a slightly more mature face now, as they all did except a few baby-faced ex-classmates. Luke couldn't help but greet her with a matching large smile, and a tight, silent hug. "Maggie's asleep on the sofa, I just have to take her up to her bed." he admitted, keeping his voice down. "Come in and make yourself comfortable, I'll be right back." He lead Petra through to the living room where the toddler was fast asleep, spread out across two seats.

The three year old stirred as Luke scooped her off of the sofa, but stayed asleep until she was tucked into her toddler bed upstairs and he'd kissed her forehead goodnight. He pulled the curtains closed, and drew up her bedroom door before heading back down to Petra with another grin. "Would you like a drink?" he offered now at a normal volume. "We have the usual stuff, everything from coffee to butterbeer... and loads of kid's stuff."

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