It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 ❀The taste of [rebellion], Summer 2k18 Announcements
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Jun 1 2018, 08:08 PM   Link Quote
  ❀Welcome Nerds❀
If you do not know me, well I am Storm and I frequently flood the cbox with scattered showers and screaming.So welcome back for another lit term. We won't talk about last term, this term though the eagles are going to soar! I will be teaming up with Gabby Dalca this term for prefecting duties. Gabby is pretty stoked about being the HBIC for the term, bow to her or face the wrath of witty remarks and sass.

Let's start the term off with a bang, ya feel? Our lovely staff has put on yet another wonderful site wide in the form of Paintwand! You can find all the information and sign-ups here, don't forget posts in event threads are worth double points towards the house cup at the end of term!

FOAs for spring term can be found here be sure to go collect your pretty badges and congratulate your friends.

Our lovely skin is coded by our lovely Exh, there is a thread located here to report bugs or to swoon over the pretty skin!

Happy Wurring ❀

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