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 [R]Yekaterina Drozdova
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Jun 1 2018, 03:34 PM   Link Quote
Name: Yekaterina Yakovlevna Drozdova
Age: 16
Year: 6th Year
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: 鈥楳ember when Robin killed a few of Stells鈥 characters? Stells 鈥榤embers.
鈥澬熝傂秆囆盒, don鈥檛 sit at the corner of the table or you may never marry.鈥

The moment Yekaterina Drozdova first heard her dearest nanny pronounce such absurd words at the young age of eight, was the moment she decided to begin sitting at the corner of the table for every single meal without fail.

As a member of the Drozdov family, Katya has always known that she would marry someday: that her engagement would be arranged, and that one of the fianc茅s found by her father would be the person with whom she would spend the rest of her days. But honestly, that never sat right with her. It鈥檚 not that she鈥檚 a rebellious person. If asked, she definitely wouldn鈥檛 claim to be as much. Yet while all of her life she has followed most of the Drozdov family鈥檚 teachings and traditions to the letter, there has always been something about the notion of trying to fall in love with a stranger and seeking a fairytale 鈥榓nd they lived happily ever after鈥 type of ending that has always bothered her in some ways.

Perhaps it鈥檚 because, like most of her sisters, she was engaged from a young age...to a complete stranger she didn鈥檛 even meet until she was twelve. And what happened when she finally got to meet this betrothed of hers? She managed to scare him enough for him to cry to his parents and for the engagement to soon be cancelled. How did she do that? Well, as her interest in Tasseography and Scrying, as well as her avid studies of the general Divination Arts, have taught her: people can easily get incredibly uncomfortable when being told details about their lives, especially those no one is supposed to know, and even more if they go along with a prediction of a future that鈥檚 all too bleak and dark. Of course, she is no Seer, so who knows how truthful her predictions are? As Katya would explain: it is all in how convincing one can be when making them. So, good thing she can tell incredibly convincing lies. And when she does lie, it is for this purpose and this one alone; as truly, Katya鈥檚 interest in most people is limited to hoping they鈥檒l stop speaking to her once and for all.

鈥漀ever whistle inside the house, or else all your money will go away.鈥

To accompany her interest in the Divination Arts comes a firm believe in the superstitions she learnt since young. Perhaps most people will say it鈥檚 absurd, but most people are not an issue to Katya Drozdova, and it鈥檚 certain that no one will ever find her crossing paths with a black cat or daring to spill salt. It is simple the way she has always been, much alike how she has always believed the tales of winged hounds chained to stars and islands that disappear with the tides. Magic, to her, has always been something that goes far beyond the use of a wand, and perhaps that is why she cares much more about the study of the cosmos than of charms. Then again, it could also be because of the feeling of insignificance with which Astronomy comes, the knowing you鈥檙e just a small and irrelevant part of the universe 鈥 a feeling most people she knows seem quick to deny.

Attention has always come easily: because of the beauty some claim she possess and that seems shared by all of her siblings, because of her talent for dancing, and because of the expectations that have been placed on her and her siblings ever since they were children. But Katya has never cared much for this attention, and just like it happened with her first betrothed, those few that followed were scared away as quickly as he was. Boys are not something that interests her, and truly neither are girls 鈥 they likely never will be, and it鈥檚 not something she has ever been bothered to explain. The simple fact is that there is much she considers to be more important than pondering on such matters, and that all those who pressure her to 鈥渕ake up her mind鈥, or 鈥get laid鈥, or 鈥渟ettle for a fianc茅 already鈥 only end up awakening her anger鈥 and is there anything more terrifying than a Drozdova's silent anger?

Character Background:

Chained the brightest star of Ursa Minor, lives the winged hound Simargl. He is to be forever imprisoned, watched over by the Zorya sisters who are tasked with keeping him from ever breaking free. For if he does, all stars will be devoured, and the universe will no longer be...

The stars shone beautiful and ever-bright on the night of Margarita鈥檚 and Yekaterina鈥檚 birth. Twins, identical in every way; of hair as pale and mesmerizing as snow and of eyes that reflected the light of the moon itself. Identically, yet as different as night and day. One smiled and laughed at almost every single thing, the other rarely ever did. One insisted on babbling incoherences, while the other was as quiet as a child could ever be. As if the Morning Star who greeted the sun at dusk and opened the gates for his journey to begin; and the Evening Star, who patiently waited for the sun to return and who closed the gates as dawn came. These differences, noticeable and visible from the very night of their birth, would only increase as years passed, yet despite all that, not much seemed capable of keeping the sisters apart鈥

It was two days after their birth that the twins arrived at the home of Yakov Anatolyevich Drozdov, in the arms of Yakov himself. Of his children, they were fourth and fifth, their elder siblings still young and their loyal companions through every single day. But for a home that was soon inhabited by no less than eight children, Yakov鈥檚 mansion was a quiet place, laughter not rare yet still not capable of causing any disturbances; much of the girls鈥 time spend in lessons, studying, or practicing ballet. As for the rest of it, like with many other things....it was where the differences were displayed, for while Margo enjoyed spending her time in the outdoors: climbing trees or attempting to disturb the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon that diligently guarded the Drozdov estate; Katya prefered to spend her time in the safety of her family鈥檚 mansion 鈥 sleepless nights spent watching the constellations that twinkled brightly in the dark skies of Stavropol Krai. That was how their childhood years were spent, and through it all, not once did any of Yakov鈥檚 children set foot beyond the walls of the Drozdov estate, not until they reached eleven years of age.

Many would have called it an unusual upbringing to be sure, but it was the only upbringing ever known to the Drozdova girls, and not once did Yekaterina really question the reasons behind their isolation鈥until their time at Koldovstoretz. As Katya would soon come to realize when attending the Russian school, most people weren鈥檛 exactly like her siblings and her. And while in most this realization would have likely spark a curiosity to find out more about the lives of their classmates, it sparked no such thing in the girl. What it did spark, however, was a certain feeling of distrust, and what would soon grow to become a dislike for most people she met 鈥 especially those who only ever seem to approach her for the same reason most people seemed to approach all Drozdova girls: their interest in her beauty, a beauty Katya had been unaware of until attending Koldovstoretz. In many ways, avoiding people and seeking an isolation similar to that of the Drozdov estate became easier, and while no place ever felt as safe and welcoming as home, the girl found comfort in the things she loved: gazing as celestial bodies, astrology, divination, ballet, and so much more鈥

But change always had to come, did it not? And change came indeed during Katya鈥檚 sixth year at Koldovstoretz, in the form of Aurors dressed in dark cloaks, who asked one to many questions which she didn鈥檛 care to respond. Following the interview with the Aurors was the inevitable change of schools, while Katya should have minded it as much as some of her sister did, truthfully....she did not.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: "We have to wear this hat, 袛邪? Ugh. Hope none of the children who wore it had lice..."
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OOC Name: Stells!
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How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I fell down the rabbit hole鈥

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Drozdova Twins 鈾
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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