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 [S]Florence Vasilev
Kat · 16 · 6 · · Pureblood · 5'6
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Jun 29 2018, 06:15 AM   Link Quote
Name: Florence Vasilev
Age: 16
Year: 6th year
Bloodline: Pureblood
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Personality: If you catch Florence on a good day, which even then is like walking towards a raging inferno of pompous behaviour, you'd find her to be incredibly passive aggressive. Everything about her seems to seep ignorance to those who are significantly less fortunate than what she is, and that ignorance means that the people she associates with seem to have the same outlook on life as her. This leads to Florence being stuck in a bubble where her father buys anything that Florence desires, and her mother is at Florence's be beck and call whenever she does not want to do her own dirty work. At a consequence of all of these factors, it leave Florence in a mindset that work if for the poor and that the world revolves around her and her needs.

Although, on a bad day, that inferno is blown completely out control and that passive aggression twists into a ruthless hunger for revenge. It does not take a lot to tip her over the edge into complete rage, but when it does she will do anything to make, from her point of view, everything back to the way it should be. That ideology normally involved Florence constantly being the centre of attention, and her not caring whether that attention is positive or negative. If people are either talking about her because they envy her or simply because they hate her, than Florence knows that everything is back to normal and her name is the constant topic of everyone's conversation.
However, the ways in which Florence goes about being the constants centre of attention are never violent, but nearly always very manipulative and often done through people she knows she can wrap around her little finger. It's very rare that you would find Florence directly causing this much disturbance, but the only time she would is when all other means had been exhausted, and that there was no other way to make sure that her ego was not damaged.

Despite this aggressive nature, Florence was not always like this. As a young child she significantly more kind, and was in no way as egotistical as she currently it. She was still showered with everything she could ever want, by her father's money, and never had lift a finger as her mother was always ready to do anything for her little girl. However, maybe the innocence of childhood, and the fact that she was surrounded by other children that were all treated in the exact same way by their parents as Florence was, meant that she never felt any advantage over them.

The most significant turning point in her attitude was when she began attending Hogwarts. Here she was exposed to other children who were not as lucky when it came to how much money their family had, and that advantage seemed to cause something in Florence to mutate. Suddenly, after being equal in status and availability of money, Florence found that she was seeing herself as better than other people, and that she would make it so that her advantages made her the topic of everyone's conversation. She then found herself only associating with people who were similar to those that she was friends with back home.This only continued to shroud her in her very obnoxious world, which then lead to her sweet personality being twisted even more into what she currently is today.

Underneath all of this very manipulative behaviour, Florence does show compassion and kindness to her parents. Although, allowing her mother to do nearly everything for her and allowing her father to pay for everything she wanted, the last thing she would ever want is to see them hurt. Though she may not show it, especially since she can be incredibly rude to her parents at times, she does love her parents and would do anything in her power to protect and make sure they were safe.
When it comes to other types of relationships, such as friendships, Florence will only ever befriend purebloods that are at the same status as her and her family, and even then she only makes 'friends' so that she can use them to get what she wants. It is similar when it comes to her love life, with the only difference being that Florence only dates for popularity, and has never experienced what it is actually like to fall in love with a boy. Both of these factors lead to Florence making enemies very easily, and it is not a shock that her enemies very much out way the number of friends she has.

Character Background:

The Vasilev line follow exactly what you would expect from a stereotypical pureblood wizarding family. Florence's father, Dimitar Vasilev, had been born and raised in Bulgaria under the notions that associating with halfbloods or muggle borns would taint the pureblood name of Vasilev. Dimitar had been brought up believing that his role was to marry a pureblood witch, which would in turn mean that he would in inherit his family's money, and then to have children which would carry on the family line. It was preferred that Dimitar produced at least one son, so that the name, Vasilev was not lost.

In an attempt to do this, Dimitar's parents used their connections to other pureblood families to find their son, what they believed to be, a suitable wife. This arranged wife went by the name Wilma Robinson, who came from another incredibly rich wizarding pureblood family from the south of England. Before travelling over to meet Wilma, Dimitar had months learning English before his parents paid for him to move to England where the two seemed to hit it off. Wilma fell for Dimitar's charm and, as expected by Dimitar's and Wilma's parents, the two were quickly engaged within a few months of knowing each other.
Although, such a quick engagement, and there fore a quick marriage, came with it's downfalls. The pair were only in their very early twenties when they were married, and so both were inexperienced with maintaining a healthy relationship when living in such close quarters. It was often harder on Dimitar as he was now living in a foreign country, and often found himself feeling homesick as he was only ever able to see his family every few years.

Arguments became more and more frequent as time went by, and the relationship between the two gradually became more and more hostile. In any other marriage, this sort of unhappiness would lead to a divorce. However divorce in the eyes of the two families was almost as bad as associating with halfbloods and muggleborns, so the pair decided it was best that Dimitar moved back to Bulgaria for a short time. Although, what Wilma failed to tell her husband was that she was pregnant with his child.
The couple certainly had not planned for a child just yet, but Wilma knew she could not just get rid of the child like it never existed. She's waited until she started to show before she wrote to her husband and her family. Wilma's family, just like any other pureblood family, were over the moon and expected that this child would be boy. After her family heard about Dimitar moving back to Bulgaria, Wilma's family had expected children to be few and far between, so they really needed this child to be a boy.

When Dimitar received Wilma's owl, he knew that he had to move back to England to support his wife even though the pair knew that their marriage was coming to the end of it's life. Despite this, both knew that they needed to keep the image that they were still married. Even if that was just for their family's sake, and so that their child would have the same status and opportunities as any other pureblood child.

In the months before Florence's birth, the relationship between her parent's healed so that they became nothing more than good friends. This made it easier for them to stay married, but it just made the pressure for their only child to be a boy even greater. So, when Florence was born those few months later, both families were horrified. The only option for the Vasilev name to be carried on was for her marital name to be hyphened, which was still not ideal in the eyes of both of the families. Although, there were no other options, and so Florence was raised and treated as if she was the male heir of the family fortune.

Florence never wanted for anything from the moment she was born. Her parents felt guilty that they put all this pressure on their daughter, and that their daughter's parents were only married because of convenience and not through love. Not that Florence's childish perspective saw any of this as she spent most of her childhood playing with other pureblood children that seemed to have very similar lives to her.
It was only when she started attending Hogwarts did she notice the advantages she was born with that others didn't have. Maybe if she had accepted the offer Durmstrang, the school that her father attended, then the difference in social standings wouldn't have been such a shock. Maybe she would've maintained that kindness that she had as a child.

However, while attending Hogwarts she found herself enjoying manipulating situations so that she was the centre of attention, and ways in which she did this became more and more manipulative the older she got. Having been brought up speaking both Bulgarian and English, her manipulation simply started by singling out people by talking in Bulgarian around them. Twisting their minds into complete paranoia about what Florence was saying about them. By the time she got into her 6th year, her manipulation expressed it's self through the 'friends' she had that would end up doing her dirty work for her.

It would only be one more year from now that she finishes Hogwarts, and pushed into the outside world where her small, safe bubble of control will be completely burst.

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