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 should auld acquaintance be forgot, midori!! // lily
Felipe Silva
 Posted: Jan 2 2017, 08:38 PM


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Felipe Silva
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Some things in life are processed in stages.

Stage one – unknowing. Felipe hadn’t noticed at first the small addition to the population of the Slytherin common room until well into the term. And how could he when there were all the first year students to welcome? He also cites this as the reason why he had not noticed at breakfast or lunch or supper the subtle change in the layout of the Slytherin dining table. Although, perhaps it would be ridiculous to pin her for the reason why Conrad sits to his left, instead of at the end of the table, or why River sits across from him more often than not. Felipe notices patterns, recognizes routines. But those change over time. Once or twice, he’d thought he’d seen her, but he imagined it was just someone else who looked so, so similar, or a ghost because she had left in his third year and he hadn’t seen her since.

Stage two – disbelief. Confusion. Maybe a little bit of shock. Surprise, definitely. It was definitely her. Midori. All of a sudden, Felipe is shocked into the smell of pines and the sound of leaves crunching beneath his feet as he runs wild and free. He had not felt so carefree in a long time. But that was long, long ago and she cannot be here. She moved away! How can she be back?

He should probably say hello.

But he does not. Not yet, anyway, and he goes and he buries his nose in his books because he’s got an essay due tomorrow.

Stage three – he figures he should talk to her soon. How do you start a conversation with someone you hadn’t seen in many years, even though you used to be good friends? He likes to think he and Midori were in fact very good friends in their early years at Hogwarts. He may have been more shy than he is now, and he liked to think they’d found some common ground there. Felipe made few good friends early in his life, and those friendships are now very likely dissolved due his inability to keep in touch or reach out to them. Just like how he hadn’t tried to keep in touch with his old friend. And that, he thinks, is his problem now.

He does not, in fact, reach out to her in any conventional manner. Instead, he sends her an owl. A short, very formal letter because he feels obligated to say hello. He tells himself he is not nervous, he is simply busy. But then one awkward conversation led to another less awkward conversation. Next thing he knows, they were talking about their old adventures and, yes, they were grand weren’t they?

“You don’t suppose you still feel that very adventurous spirit now do you?” he asks Midori as they stand before the entrance to the ghost village.
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