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Posted by: Lilith Woodland May 12 2018, 10:39 AM
The common-room was finally ready. The standard oaken walls lit dimly by the flickering orange firelight given new life by fluorescent light reflecting off floating orbs of varying colour that drifted near the roof. A nifty charm, one Lilith had spent hours working on in preparation for the event. The room was littered with comfortable couches, lifted tables and even a dully humming juke-box near the back end of the room beside a table laden with varying treats and edible goodies.

Lilith hated parties, taking in the small room with deeply rooted disdain. 'Why did I let Nessa talk me into this...' She grumbles internally, arms folding over her chest. She had a soft spot for the short blonde and when she'd been asked to help set up for a "heckin' awesome party beyond belief, pretty pretty please!", Lilith had grudgingly agreed. Now that she was here in the room, music filling the tense silence, she wondered if anyone would even come to their small gathering. They'd sent invites to all the seventh and sixth years.. would any of them find time in their busy lives to attend?

'I doubt it.'

Regardless, Lilith found a quiet seat on the couch before waving her wand in disinterested fashion at a nearby crystalline cup to fill it with clear water that reflected odd colors in the multicoloured light. Sipping it, her focus turned to her partner-in-crime, watching Nessa as she busied about the room. In truth, the Gryffindor had done most of the work, single-handedly handing out invites and lining up the music playlist... Lilith had simply helped arrange the furniture, being the better hand at transfiguration and charms.

And so Lilith sunk into the plush cushioning of the hefty old couch, in part wishing she could simply melt between the cushions and let the night slide by in a haze of warm comfort. She doubted she would be so lucky.

@Nessa Ivers

Posted by: Nessa Ivers May 12 2018, 09:18 PM
Had it come as a surprise that Nessa had been able to talk her friend into throwing a party with her? Not particularly. The blonde had quite a mouth. In her past life, she surely must’ve been a rapper. She could spit off about two hundred words per minute. Where they all legible? No. But that was besides the point. The idea of her being a lyrical musician in her past life made her laugh a little as she considered the situation.

What had come as a shocker was how early into the conversation the eagle clad in blue and brown had given in. The ginger was a known stick in the mud, a party pooper, a hater of any social event that required her to leave the books at home. Nessa knew she was going to be successful in her convincing, but she hadn’t expected it to be done so quickly.

For the past few afternoons, she had planted the seed in certain friend groups of the planned party. People had to know ahead of time that such an event was being thrown, mostly so contraband items could be ordered and shipped, but also to ensure enough people knew about it- Or rather, enough of the right people knew about it.

In comparison to some of her other parties thrown, this one was rather out in the open. It had surprisingly been Lilith’s idea to throw it in the common common room, and so there they were. They’d have some assigned lookouts and some protective spells put up to dull noise, and surely everything would go smoothly. If it didn’t, then she got another detention. Big whoop. She had handled plenty of those in her Hogwarts career. If they handed out punch cards, Nessa would’ve had a dozen detentions free by now.

The location wasn’t all that bad, though. Couches were a nice added bonus, seeing as the blonde had attended many parties in Prefect bathrooms and Astronomy towers were seating lacked. Snacks were laid out by her ginger friend, but Nessa was much more focused on the decorations. An aspiring interior designer, the room had to have the perfect ambiance. Surroundings set a tone, and she had to be sure that tone was just right.

There were a few faces she was really hoping to see, and a few faces she was really hoping not to see. All in all, though, she held only one expectation for the night: To have fun. Knowing Nessa, the lioness would stop at absolutely nothing to meet an end for her goal.

Posted by: Everett Lange May 13 2018, 11:58 PM
Wherever there was a party, there was likely to be a boy named Everett, and this particular one was to be no exception. He’d heard about it directly from the source, a whispered conversation between he and Nessa, and a secret invitation passed hand to hand in a session of detention that they’d shared earlier in the week. Just like that, with a sly grin included, the Gryffindor boy had agreed to swing by. Any chance to socialize amongst his friends and partake in some less-than-legitimate activities was a chance he’d take.

He checked the invitation again, reading Nessa’s scrawled handwriting with interest. Everett was stretched out across his bed, mulling over whether he should wait and be fashionably late, or if he should just leave now. Who else was even coming? He wondered if any of his other friends were going to make an appearance. Did he want to be the first one there? He pursed his lips, deciding the anticipation was too much of a motivation to wait any longer.

Everett stuffed the invitation into the pocket of his jeans, just in case the girls had planned precautionary measures. Everett knew, of course, that any good after-hours party host always did. The walk from Gryffindor Tower was long and somewhat lonely. The usually busy halls had mostly died down, and the chasm-like walls allowed for his footsteps to echo loudly as he went. It was not an unfamiliar sensation for the boy, however; he’d spent many nights roaming the castle passages just for the excitement of it. The silence was almost a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of daily life at Hogwarts.

Upon reaching the common room, Everett noticed he’d been correct, and someone had stationed lookouts near the door. Flashing his invitation casually, he was allowed entrance with no trouble. It didn’t take long for the boy to take in all of the effort that went into decorating the room. He’d visited the communal common room only a handful of times before, but the colorful orbs dotting the ceiling were a noticeably stunning addition to the otherwise drab room. The furniture seemed different, and he found it funny the pair had put as much thought in as to rearrange the furniture. There were an abundance of snacks arranged on the freshly arranged tables that he was sure to overindulge on at some point during the night.

“You two out-did yourselves,” The Gryffindor smiled, finally making his presence known audibly. “Everything looks great!”

Everett meandered across the room, smiling at Nessa as he passed and giving her a little wave, before settling down onto the couch next to the other girl. He’d seen her in passing quite often, her red hair was hard to forget, but he couldn’t recall ever having been properly introduced.

“Hi, I’m Everett,” He offered a handshake. “Nice to meet you!”

@Lilith Woodland @Nessa Ivers

Posted by: Lilith Woodland May 14 2018, 08:32 AM
Lilith Woodland was ever a girl entangled in her thoughts, often drawn away on flights of fancy as whimsical and formless as a faerie caught on the summer breeze... often drawn so distant from where it had started. As it was, Lilith's eyes were tracing the countless small orbs that flitted along the roof in colourful arrays, bobbing and moving as if drawn on invisible currents. Though simple, she had to admit she was a touch proud of the creations... a Lumos charm interweaved with a simple colour transfiguration and a weightless charm. Simple sounding, it had taken a few days for her to perfect the harmony of so many spells such that they did not require constant focus on her part. Not completely perfect, she did have to keep some small part of her mind focussed on the bobbing lights even now.

Maybe if I work in a binding spell between multiple places on the roof it'll create the same shifting effect without the requirement for the weightless charm... Her mind ticked away in such fashion, deconstructing the web of spells she'd cast on the roof and reassembling them like building blocks in search of a more efficient way of creating the colourful effect presented for all the partygoers of that night. This was how the Hawk distracted herself from the - as she viewed it - pointless social niceties of the party... such an activity she would have happily engaged in for the remainder of the aforementioned party had a melodic masculine tone broken the clockwork musings of her mind.

'I'm Everett. Nice to meet you!'

Lilith's head turned with an instinctive subtle bow at the neck to encourage a few select strands of crimson to unpin from behind her ear and cover the eye distant from the new arrival. A subtle manoeuvre that, like the lights above their heads, had taken far longer than it was worth to perfect. Worth it or not, the effect was giving the impression both her eyes were the same shimmering hazel whilst also lending her the demure visualisation she had been repeatedly informed was preferred in women these days.

Lilith's eyes roamed Everett's own form in birdlike flittings before returning to his eyes, but not before a socially-defined awkward amount of time had passed with his hand upheld. So this is Nessa's detention buddy. She mused inwardly, affecting a faint and polite smile that was as fake as a courtesan's innocence and just as well hidden. "Lilith." She introduces herself in turn, extending a hand finally to clasp his own briefly if it had not already been dropped. "I hear you and Nessa got detention together a while back." She states softly, hands dropping to rest in her lap, intertwining as an excuse not to fidget absently.

Go on, launch into a monologue like most Gryffindors. She mentally urges, casting a sidelong glance in search of Nessa. Her friend always had a spectacular way of swishing past in a blur of skirts before vanishing just as quickly - albeit now with Lilith's consort on her arm engaged in pleasant conversation, thus saving Lilith from the embarrassment of trying to fake social adequacy. To Lilith, the conversations were so...

Shallow. Meaningless.

She smiled regardless.

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Posted by: Luciana Valenti May 27 2018, 01:32 PM
Warning: language


It took a little bit of jiggling and rattling the handle, some colorful language and of course the help of her wand to get the door unlocked. This was a very important door that lead to a very important place. What had once been a filthy abandoned classroom had been transformed into her own office and place of business. Granted, it was still filthy and a layer of dust still clung to everything…. Even in the air. This was her space though, and the birthplace of Valenti Moonshine and the lioness couldn’t have dumbasses wandering into her place of business without supervision. Over the last few months the fifth year had brushed up on her defensive enchantments that were meant to scare off anyone who dared to break into her space and touch her precious product.

It took a few minutes to realize that she was not alone, blue eyes grudgingly dragging themselves to follow the trail of tiny paw prints to see the feline perched on a dusty table top, looking rather condescending as she judged from a distance. Such petty work was obviously beneath the feline, when had her tiny kitten grown up? It was an almost sentimental moment, something so easily ruined by the sound of a shattering shot glass. “Fuck off,” the girl muttered under her breath as she collected her bag, which was deceptively small considering the amount of jars that disappeared into it. Each jar was carefully packed inside, a blanket used to keep the jars from smashing into each other and breaking. Luci had a party to crash, and didn’t really feel like picking up broken glass. Instead of just tossing the cat back into the corridor and locking her out, the trouble making feline disappeared inside the bag as well. It was a comfy enough with the blanket, and at least this way the feline would not turn up unannounced to crash the party she was already crashing.

Now, Minou was normally a pretty vocal feline that let all her complaints be known…. So it was pretty easy to forget that the cat was in the bag without all the protesting and complaining. Between locking the door behind her and heading back towards the Gryffindor tower, well Luci forgot all about stopping back at the dorms to drop Minou off. Getting to the communal common room didn’t take too long, all partial detours and things considered. Luci was going to crash their little party, and it was going to be fucking glorious. So it was, the lioness strolled into the room like she owned the place, oblivious to the fact that the quiet feline was just waiting for the opportunity to wreck havoc. Or whatever it was Minou thought she was doing when she made an ass out of herself.

With the toe of her shoe the door was swung back closed with a little too much force, but Luci didn’t miss a beat and strolled across the room with a wink to Nessa. “Moonshine is here, drink up bitches!” the lioness announced as the bag was set onto the table. It was not moonshine however that let itself out of the bag, but a feisty feline that didn’t look all that happy to be there. “You little shit.” Luci muttered under her breath as she watched the small cat retreat to one of the tallest bookshelves, blue eyes setting on all of them with a smug expression. The cat was out of the bag, and they were all being judged. Well shit, there was still moonshine and Luci retrieved a jar for herself before plopping down into one of the cushy couches, it was the type of couch that tried to swallow you and the Gryffindor was already wondering how moonshine and overly comfortable couches was going to go over.

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Posted by: Brandon Eastoft May 27 2018, 03:07 PM
"Can't be late, can't be late," Brandon thought to himself, running up the staircase. It was a wonderful feeling, finally being able to step back from the book mountains and the 36 inch parchment on the side effects of a incorrectly brewed Draught of Living Death, which he only had to write because he'd put regular beans instead of the Sopophorous ones. Why he had regular beans in his pouch was a mystery to himself, but the toast with beans he'd eaten that morning had given him quite the trouble. But that was last week - now he had a party to attend to. A secret one!

Brandon was bubbling with excitement - or, perhaps that was the bubble machine he was clutching in hand. The hufflepuff was sneaking through the shadows, with a trail of multi-colored bubbles stretching behind him. The invitation, which he had acquired through a friend of a friend, was safely packed in the back pocket of his jeans.

He could have sworn that there was someone on his trail, so he sped up his pace, in the end, sprinting towards the right hallway. Unfortunately for him, his sneakers had gotten wet from the bubbles. The rubber was slippery and---


Back flat on the ground, legs up in the air and bubbles slowly floating down. One popped right against his nose, making him sneeze and filling the air with a pleasant strawberry scent. He had fallen right in front of the door, and one of the look-out's was leaning over him. Without getting up, he pulled the invitation out and grinned. Only afterwards did he finally think, "Gee, maybe I'd feel better if I wasn't in this puddle!"

He opened the door, brown hair disheveled, blue eyes shining like two lanterns and a face-splitting grin. Upon seeing the decorated room, Brandon could only sigh in amazement.

"If I'd had a hat, I'd take it off in honor of whoever is responsible for this!"he said, announcing his arrival. Clutching his bubble machine, which looked like a small gun, he moved towards the small crowd of people. But before he could greet them, he spotted a cat. The prettiest cat he'd ever seen (although he said that about every cat)! He smiled at it, albeit his facial expression might have looked a bit... less than intelligent.

"That's such a great cat! If I would have known there would have been a cat, I'd come even sooner!" he started, his speech speeding up as he went into one of his monologue sessions. "Who's is it? Can I pet it? My name is Brandon, by the way, Hufflepuff, 7th year. This is a very, very nice place you've got here, I really do like the lights!"

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Posted by: Nessa Ivers May 27 2018, 06:53 PM
It was slow going for a few minutes, sat on the couch. Nessa just chatted with one of her closest friends until a few more showed up. Everett was first. The tall, blond, walking smile of a boy never failed to bring a smile to her own face. He sent her a little wave. “Shy are we, Evan?” she asked with a beam. Folding her arms across her chest, she flicked up her brows at him before her fellow lion introduced himself to her friend.

Detention was brought up. Nodding, silvery-blonde tresses brushing her chin, she scooted a little closer to the pair so that she could not only take part in the conversation, and not only get just a little closer to Everett, but so other guests could also sit on the couch if they wished. “Mhm. Not just a while back. We’ve been serving together since, what, first year? Maybe second? It’s been awhile. A loot of detentions.”

She noticed the look on Lilith’s face, the one of complete discontent. Her eyes were glazed over with boredom, her smile fake. She hated these things. Why? The younger girl couldn’t wrap her head around it. Sure, they weren’t the most fun, but at least they were somewhat fun. In comparison to classes or homework? This was so much better. Leagues.

The ginger wasn’t the only one close to her that didn’t seem to like parties. Her cousin Ronan sure didn’t either. The dyed blond didn’t just not like parties, he hated them. He hated them more than most things in the world. It took Ness dragging him nearly kicking and screaming to come to one. Would he show tonight? Only time would tell.

But if he was coming, she wanted to get a few ticks past sober first. Ronan could be a lot to manage on his own. Add the party element, and he was a handful and a half. Nevertheless, she continued to invite him because she not only felt obligated to, as he had always felt more like a brother to her than any of her seven other older ones, but because he was family. Deep down, she loved him. It was just . . . Really, really deep down and not in front of her friends.

Speaking of alcohol, a certain reliable fellow lioness appeared. Instantly she perked. Abandoning the couple on the couch, the blonde stood and greeted the guest. “Luuuci,” she called out, singsong in tone. Her and Lucy always got along good- Real good. She was one of the first girls the blonde had kissed. That sure had been fun.

And so was the alcohol they had been drunk on. When she saw the bag full of a few jars, she instantly helped herself to one. The one she grabbed had little strawberries floating around in it. “I see you got a summer brew going,” she commented as she screwed the top off, beaming down at the brunette. She plopped down next to her now, playing a bit of a game of musical chairs, just minus the goblin choir music.

Knowing she wouldn’t mind, she outstretched her legs, resting them across Luci’s lap. One hand took to playing with the girl’s long curls, a wide smile stretching across her face. “So glad you could make it, Luci. It’s been a little while since we’ve gotten to see each other. You been busy?”

Before she could get an answer, a rather tall boy with bushy brows walked in, dripping a bit. The blue-eyed girl blinked, once, twice, and then three times before she shook her head. He rattled on, and as he did, she realized that the device he was holding in his hands was also dripping. “What’s that?” she asked the newcomer, accent soaking through. Her head bobbed in a nod at the device before she took a sip of her drink, the fruity flavor by no means covering up the sharp one of alcohol.

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Posted by: Ronan Ivers Jun 1 2018, 02:31 PM
Ronan, with his eyes glued to the floor as he walked, didn’t notice the flâneur of bubbles until he stepped right through them. He startled when they popped against his nose and cheeks, showering him in an iridescent, strawberry-scented mist. Nose scrunching, the Ravenclaw blinked and lifted his gaze. He wiped the soapy residue from his face with his sleeve, peering down the long, empty corridor to find that the bubble brigade did not start and end with him.

Bubbles. Why in the name of Merlin were there bubbles trailing through the corridors? The whole merry fleet drifted up the hall and around the corner, each sphere near-translucent and glowing in the light of the torches along the walls. Eyes narrowing, nose twitching with the headache-inducing sweetness of the bubbles’ strawberry perfume, the corners of his lips sagging under the weight of just how unimpressed he was, Ronan pulled out his wand.

“Diffindo!” The Ravenclaw shouted. The tip of his wand slashed through the air. Each bubble in the spell’s path burst on contact, filling the corridor from floor to ceiling with the overwhelming reek of artificial strawberries. Ronan clapped a hand over his nose at the stench. It hit the back of his throat and he gagged.

Pulling the collar of his shirt over his nose, Ronan held it in place with his hand as he shuffled forward again. He rounded the bend, blind in his urgency to leave the wretched scene behind, only to stumble head-long into another student who was, for whatever reason, stationed in front of the door leading into the communal common room.

The boy’s meaty hands grabbed Ronan by the shoulders and held him at arm’s length. He gave the Ravenclaw a quick once over, eyebrow quirked. Then he rolled his eyes, opened the door behind him, and shoved the boy hard into the party beyond.

Sprawling, graceless, and stinking of artificial strawberries, Ronan entered the party. It was like tripping into a nightmare: music pulsing, people talking, lights bobbing in a multi-colored array that made his head spin. His pulse throbbed through his temples in time with the beat of the music, and through the dizzy, strawberry haze, his stomach threatened to evacuate its contents onto the floor.

The moment Ronan caught his balance, he stumbled backwards. He pressed himself hard against the door, his fingers fumbling behind him for the knob. Just as he found it, the cool brass singing through his fingertips, his eyes found something else. Through the crowd he spotted a familiar face: petite, round, pale skinned and framed by a bob of blonde hair. Ronan would recognize his cousin’s face anywhere, and the sight of it stirred his memory of the invitation offered to him only a few days prior.


Ronan hadn’t stumbled into just any party; He had stumbled into Nessa’s party. His stomach sank and his fingers curled tighter around the cool handle of the door. He had stumbled into Nessa’s party, and if he knew one thing about his cousin, it was that she wasn’t going to let him leave without a fight.

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