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 Getting bigger and sleeker and wider and brighter, Idys <3
Benjamin Flourish
 Posted: Mar 12 2017, 11:49 AM
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Touching the pain that you left me with

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Benjamin FlourishHufflepuff Beginner
Awards: 6

Marbles was gone.

It was not something that came as a surprise, or a shock even - Marbles was gone a lot, yet usually he could be found in Rosalie’s company, twirling around the girl’s legs or resting beside her in the Slytherin common room. But today was different. Benjamin had been looking for his cat for a while now, yet it was nowhere to be found, even when his dormmates had long since gone to bed, and the lights in the castle had been switched off. He had changed into his pyjamas, quietly hoping that Marbles had just gotten distract and would return to sleep draped over the badger’s feet. Yet the cat did not return to the dorm, and worry was weighing heavily on the boy’s heart as he sat on the edge of his bed. It was just not like his pet to stay away without returning, unless Rosalie was taking care of him - she had been the one to name the stray when he followed Benny home all those years ago, after all.

Benny did not know what to do. He was not a rulebreaker, was not used to leaving the dorm deliberately after curfew - but he had to, in order to find his cat. With a soft sigh, his bare feet slipped into his slippers and he stood, reaching for the wand that was resting beside his pillow. Fingers wrapped around it as he snuck out of the dorm, quietly closing the door and walking through the common room as well before his washed-out gaze wandered from one side to another. No one was around - not a cat, not a house elf, and also no prefect, and he quickly left the ground floors as he doubted Marbles would err around so close to the Hufflepuff dorms without coming back for traits. The cat - as much as he had not asked for it - had become a fixed part in Benjamin’s life, and he did not like the way his stomach felt like it was twisted and knotted by worry, while not even a soothing hand pressed against it helped.

The corridors were lying in the dark, only few lights sparking when he passed them. Benny raised his wand and muttered “Lumos” before he continued his walk, wandering up some stairs and holding the tip of his wand in different directions, only to make sure Marbles was not lying in a corner, hurt or in pain. Was there anything within the walls of this castle that would find pleasure in hurting a cat? Benjamin did not know, and if he was being really honest to himself, he did not want to find out. His slippers were making shuffling sounds on the stone ground as he walked just a little faster, the hand that was not holding onto his wand running through the messy, brown curls that were taking his eyesight away when falling into his face. Benny was tempted to turn around and go back to his dorm - yet he was selfless enough to sacrifice sleep in order to find his cat again. Even the portraits around him were already asleep, resting their heads against whatever chair or wall they were leaning in.

Benjamin would not have minded to lay down in the middle of the corridor and close his eyes, as he was blessed with the talent to sleep in every position possible. He rubbed his eyes and hid a yawn behind his hand, pausing his steps as he heard the echo of someone else’s footsteps around, immediately assuming that this was going to be the end of his mission. What if the caretaker - or someone way worse? - would catch him now, give him detention and write home? It wouldn’t exactly bring Marbles back to the badger, either.

@Idys Ward

Idys Ward
 Posted: Apr 3 2017, 12:33 PM
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Acts like summer and walks like rain

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Idys WardRavenclaw Prefect
Awards: 9

Tap. Tap. Tap.

It was quiet, but she could hear it. The sound of her own footsteps as she walked down dark and empty hallways, it being muffled by the soft and comfortable nature of her footwear - pink bunny slippers, to match her pink bunny pajama pants. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice in attire when she was supposed to be patrolling after curfew, but who could really blame her? Idys hadn’t chosen the Prefect life, the Prefect life had chosen her. Why? Well, no one could really tell, the best guess was that her name had been put in the list a joke and then they had forgotten it was there until the announcement was made. Not that she understood what people meant by this anyways, or why she wasn’t exactly what would be considered ‘prefect material’, specially taking into account that she hadn’t even known what a prefect was until the badge had been handed to her in the first place.

Being a prefect was fun! Most of the time...but it wasn’t when she was sleepy and forced to stay out of bed. The small eagle had quite a lot of energy, such was a fact known by anyone who had ever met her, but even the most lasting of batteries died out at times, or needed some recharging. In many ways, Idys was like a child, active and cheerful on the daytime, tired and sleepy at night. On most nights, she would go to bed as soon as curfew came, falling asleep right as her blue-topped head met her soft, wonderful, nice, and perfectly fluffy pillow. She missed her pillow. There were only a few exceptions to this routine of her, like when she was going to do something super exciting...a pajama party! Or sneaking into the Great Hall to paint a mural in the middle of the night!

Patrolling? Not so exciting, and the poor little witch could barely stay awake. A yawn escaped her, hand raising to cover her mouth… and dropping her wand in the process. She blinked, silvery gaze lazily following the dim light emitted by it as it rolled over the cold floors of the castle. Dragging feet, she followed, soundly crashing against one of those decorative armors as she leaned down to retrieve her wand. Ouchies. At least she had not fallen, but where was her wand!? The spell had faded away, and now the girl tentatively pat the ground as she knelt, trying to at least feel something similar to that tiny wooden stick but only finding dust to replace it. It didn’t help that she could not see at all when surrounded by the shadows of the night. Oh Idys, what did you do to deserve such luck?

Aha! There it was! Her fingers wrapped around the wooden surface...not as smooth as she was used to. Maybe it was just her imagination? “Lumos” She tried excitedly, but no light appeared to illuminate her surroundings. Maybe it was just a twig? Why would a twig be there of all places? The objective was discarded without much consideration, rolling up the sleeves of her thick sweater as she stood. Even Idys understood that little could be achieved when searching in darkness, and while walking in the night without her wand would definitely not be good for her awful sense of direction, maybe she could find her way back to Ravenclaw tower. Truthfully, that was not the first wand she had lost, much more preoccupied with the care of her paintbrushes than the actual tool which allowed her to enchant her paintings, yet there was still this small amount of panic inside her.

She would get the wand back at some point...right? Return to that corridor in the morning and find it! What floor was she even in? Would she even remember where she had lost it? No, probably not, but in her mind, the plan was flawless. So, without letting distress consume her for much longer, Idys walked, surrounded by the darkness that felt as if all colors in the world had been mixed together in the air to form that black fog that surrounded her. And the thought was almost comforting, because when things were explained in such ways was when she understood them. Soon covering her eyes as the sight of light broke through the darkness. She blinked in confusion, almost crashing against the student in front of her, silver stare fixing on the person only to find a face which was all too familiar. “Benny! What are you doing here?”

@Benjamin Flourish

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