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 What are we to do?, Quinlan
Liam Andrews
 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 06:51 AM
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Liam AndrewsRavenclaw Beginner
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    It was not unlike the eagle to be in the library on a Friday evening, as everyone else was out doing whatever normal teenaged wizards and witches did with their time during the start of the weekend. However, Liam was not doing his homework this Friday evening - usually it was his mission to finish the weekend work before he went out and had fun. Today this was not what was on the eagle's mind. Or it was, but it would be dealt with soon enough. What was even more prevalent in the young man's mind than school work? Well, the Ravenclaw had met a mermaid the day prior and clearly the sea creature finding a home in the school's lake was much more entrancing than the homework that usually occupied his mind. Not that Liam was going to tell anyone his reasons for looking up mermaids and learning more about them - he had made a promise after all.

    So there he stood, in the section of the library where he had been told that the mermaid books would be found. His fingers skimmed spine after spine of the books, reading the titles and mumbling to himself. This was not an unusual sight to be seen in the library for Liam Andrews and if one were to ask his best friend, Kiska Ferdenova, she tell you that this is where the lioness often found him. Maybe not between these exact shelves, but he was often in the library. It was his hideaway from the world. It wasn't that the young man was anti-social at heart, it was the fact that he loved to learn. Okay, maybe it also had to do with the fact that the eagle had a small problem with trusting others to the point of actually admitting that he had friends. But that was a story for a different day, as Liam was not going to delve into the fact that JR Zerner had become somewhat of a prick fifth year and left him dry.

    No - there were way more important things on his mind, like the mermaid that he was going to learn about in the books that he picked out. There was one mermaid that he was the most interested in, but it seemed that Nasha had very few memories of her life before she had been dropped into the lake on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So he continued picking out books in the quiet, book filled library that had the musty smell that only a lot of older books could have, stacking them in his left arm as his right hand plunked them out by their spines.
@Quinlan Bemus

Quinlan Bemus
 Posted: Mar 19 2017, 02:49 AM
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When scars of past are opened... What do you do?

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Quinlan BemusGryffindor
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The library was a treasure trove of knowledge and whenever Quinlan would begin his 'research adventures' this was usually his first stop. Walking in, he looked around at the vast books that contained the library in awe at the sight. There was never a dull moment for the lion but he had to admit, this was the place where a lot of his frustrations were tested as well. It was both a training ground and a haven for him. Looking to his left and right were shelves that almost seemed as strong as Corinthian columns that loomed over him. He also noticed students busy in their school work and some just finishing, casting a spell to return the books to its original place on their respective shelves.

Flicking open his book, he stopped to look at his notes under the heading of 'Increase Learning'. There were definitely spells out there that could help improve someone's productivity, but the brain was such a delicate thing that not even famous witches no wizards have even dared create a spell. Potions, maybe but a spell was definitely out of the question. "Maybe this was too much of an undertaking even for me." If only Dmitri were there, Quinlan would have some fair idea at least as to what potions were made. ‘Maybe he already made one like this.’ he thought with a sigh, before grabbing his wand and pointing at the page with the heading, silently whispering, “Tergeo.” The ink magically was removed and all that was left was an empty page. He continued walking and he looked up and managed to see someone who possibly made eye contact with him. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a rather calm look on their face as they grabbed more books. His eyes widened at the recognition of who the young man was—Liam Andrews.

A flurry of emotions came over him and he quickly walked into the further sections of the library, sitting down on a chair around an empty table, making sure he was all alone. He was hoping that the eye contact was just all an illusion to him; perhaps it was—maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was even just another boy who sort of looked like Liam. Was the Gryffindor even ready to see him? He had met two amazing people already and he was content with that. Meeting Dmitri Haag was like finding a long lost brother. He was someone that resonated with Quinlan’s thoughts and emotions. He was actually getting better since meeting the seventh year Gryffindor. But Liam Andrews? The Ravenclaw boy where his life depended on at one time, with the odd encounter? A mixture of confusion and sadness came over him as the young lion shook his head. ‘I-I don’t know…’ his thoughts were loud in his head. Quinlan took a deep breath so as to regain his composure and control over his emotions. He groaned, burying his face on his journal. “I definitely need to find another thing to research and get out of here as soon as I can.” He sighed again, taking out his quill and ink as he thought for a good minute before writing some things as the young Gryffindor became engrossed in his thoughts.

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