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 Alba Blackwood
Kahlen · 15 · 5th · Neutral · Pureblood · 5'8"
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Apr 30 2015, 04:08 AM   Link Quote
Name: Alba Lambton nee Blackwood
Age: 23
Faction: Neutral
Reason Behind Faction Choice:

Alba doesn't really care about things that don't really affect her. Her stance on morality has always been muddy at best, and adulthood has only blurred the lines more. She doesn't think either side is right or wrong, and she doesn't think it even matters. If she had to choose a side, it would be the winning one.

Job: Pureblood housewife/ Family business

Reasoning for Job Position:

In her family's eyes, her greatest achievement has been her marriage to James Lambton, the heir of the pureblood Lambton family. With her union, the businesses of the two prominent families have been thicker and more profitable than ever. As the wife of such a distinguished man, her "job" is to play the perfect wife and host extravagant parties, play politics and preserve the similarly perfect family image.


The years post Hogwarts have worn down whatever joy and optimism Alba might've once possessed. Harsh reality has made her worst habits most prominent, particularly her tendency to self-destruct. Alcohol (and drugs of various kinds) have become her crutch to get through life. Various attempts to quit--especially for the sake of her child(ren)---have had varying success. Most days, she is moody, bitter and eager to lash out at everyone and everything. Her one shining light, dancing, has become a faint glow at most. While it remains one of the only things that can pull her own of her misery, she rarely has the time or energy to focus on it as much as she would like.

Much like when she was younger, she attempts to live her life wholly in the present, but now it is even more of a matter of survival. She has to take things day by day, lest the weight of everything that has happened to her crush her completely. Unfortunately, even living day by day is a struggle. Forced to put up a facade of "perfection" to the outside, world, Alba has certainly become a stellar actress, as her interactions with the public will show her to be a mature, refined and not-at-all broken version of herself. It is only away from the vultures of high society, that she lets her mask drop.

In particular, despite her many problems at "home", this is perhaps the one place she is honest with herself. She and her husband, James, fight near constantly, and their drawn out battle often end in violence against each other. If nothing else, her dueling skills have remained sharp as ever, as her husband's own skills as pitted against them on a near daily basis.


Alba's life post Hogwarts has not been a happy one.

Talks of arranged marriages have been happening all her life, and have always been one of her greatest fears (second only to her father). Unfortunately, it all becomes a reality sometime in her seventh year, as she is betrothed to the heir of the Lambton empire, her old "acquaintance", James. Almost two decades older than her and a long time family friend, he is one of the few friends of her father's that she did not hate. Unlike the rest, he never treated her like a stupid child or a reckless nuisance. While she did not exactly have a close relationship with him, she would have called him a friend, perhaps. However, while she has always gotten along decently with the man--as one of the only family friends with such a distinction--she hardly wanted to shackle herself to a marriage with him.

But then, family pressure bore on her. The lingering fear of her father was the final push it took to make a wedding just two months after her graduation from Hogwarts a reality. It was a beautiful white wedding, and all Alba could remember of it was the intense feeling of being trapped. The consummation of their marriage involved more hate than love, and it certainly set the precedent for the rest of their time together.

Despite their age gap, the two have always been more alike than not, and their worst traits often magnified each other. There were some good moments--good enough that on her better days, she might've looked at the whole thing with hope--but their bad moments were absolutely hellish. Both of them had trouble with monogamy, and they cheated on each other constantly, but they were also incredibly possessive of each other. Perhaps, somewhere underneath it all, they did love each other, but the thin lines between love and hate were certainly blurred between them. It was not at all a healthy relationship.

It only got worse when Alba fell pregnant. By then, she was pretty much a high-functioning alcoholic, and keeping herself healthy for the sake of her child was quite an undertaking. For a time, it made the husband and wife grow closer and patch up a few wounds. Unfortunately, hormones and her own doubts made fights break out soon enough. In the end, she had to force a spell on herself that would keep herself from drinking, smoking and her other bad habit, just to make it through the nine months. It took quite a toll on her mental and emotional health, and there was some worry that she would not survive the act of giving birth.

Just a year into their marriage, at the ripe old age of nineteen, she gave birth to a thankfully healthy baby girl. Despite worries, Alba herself remained similarly healthy (or at least, enough to not be on death's door, as was the fear). It was a disappointment to her family who yearned for a male heir, so the burden of names fell to her. She named her Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, in the hopes of giving her the strength to get through life.

That was probably her last act of motherly love towards her daughter. Never having wanted children in the first place, her continuing hatred for her husband and some postpartum depression ensured that she avoided her daughter and left her in the care of various nannies and house elves most of the time. It was a terrible replication of her own childhood, and the realization that she had somehow turned into her mother--complete with alcoholism and need to sleep with people besides her husband--was enough to send her into a spiraling depression that ended into a stint in St. Mungo's that was hastily covered up by her family.

It was some help, perhaps. If nothing else, it equipped her with enough coping mechanisms to be able to return to her everyday life. Now taking various pills and potions for her problems--as prescribed by the Healers--she waded through her life numbly, barely noticing her own child growing older, or the war steadily gaining ground in the background.

Eventually, a little over two years after the first, she fell pregnant again. At this point, she had no idea who the father was, seeing as her days seemed to be spent under a daze most of the time. Now twenty-one, she gave birth once again to healthy baby girl. It was yet another disappointment. In the throes of yet another bout of depression, and desperately clinging to hope, she named her daughter Avalon, after the place in Arthurian legend.

Unfortunately, much as with Athena, love for Avalon did not come easily. As Athena grew older, she resembled her younger sister Alma in the most painful of ways, further striking old wounds. Avalon, on the other hand, reminded her a little too much of herself. Though she longed to be able to love her daughters, to be the kind of mother she had always longed for, she found herself terribly inadequate.

Now, at twenty-three, with a a four-year-old and two-year-old, she feels no more in control of herself than the nineteen-year-old girl who was sent to the mental asylum.

Special Abilities / Other: What your special request is if it has been approved at novice.


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