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 Pie and Pudding en Flambé, Cooking Club - Open to everyone!
Mathilde De Clercq
 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 10:39 AM
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You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

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Mathilde De ClercqGryffindor Beginner
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The kitchen looked almost exactly like the Great Hall that was build right above it, with the four long wooden tables and a high, curved ceiling. However, unlike in the Great Hall, there were furnaces and counters lined against the walls, not to mention heaps of pots and pans, almost making the room look smaller simply by how cluttered it was. Mats thought this just made it cosy though, especially combined with the fire blazing in the hearth and the House Elves running around. Shrill voices chattered excitedly while Mathilde prepared for the Spring meeting of the Cooking Club.

The meetings were open not only to members, but to everyone, and the Gryffindor was aware that some people would only stop by for the food and not necessarily the cooking, so she had spent the entire morning baking already. One table was covered with cakes, while another was burdened with a heap of chocolate chip cookies – when the House Elves had noticed her baking, some of them had joined in, apparently deciding she needed help, or maybe they just thought it’d be a fun use of their time. Either way, Mathilde let the small beings do their thing – it’d be disrespectful to tell them to stop baking, in their own kitchen, right? – and there was now a sizeable amount of desserts ready to be eaten. Mats even felt a bit guilty for people who didn’t like sweet pastries, maybe she could ask around and see what kind of cooking styles the others liked, so they could focus on a different type of food next time.

“Well, I know we’re here to cook, and uh, knock yourselves out,” the blonde was standing on the bench of one of the tables and gestured around her to indicate the entire kitchen, then ducked to avoid a frying pan that was summoned across the room. “…But for today’s meeting I’ve been working on a spell to make cake decoration a bit more magical! Of course there’s frosting that changes colour, I brought some of it so if you want to try that, go nuts.”

The cake in front of her was indeed going through every colour in the rainbow, it was a bit trippy to look at it. Most of the other cakes were simple enough, there was chocolate cake, cream cheese pound cake, sponge cake, lemon cake, angel food cake, marble cake, and classic vanilla. Admittedly, a few were already cut with a piece missing – because nobody expects you to stand there surrounded by all this sweetness without taking a bite.

“Now, magical ingredients like that are cool and all, but I kind of wanted to do something extra. Then I was thinking, if there’s one thing that everyone who bakes will make at least once, it’s a birthday cake!” That certainly explained why there were candles on all of these cakes, and even more packages of birthday candles scattered everywhere on the tables.

“With this spell, you can make the candles sing and dance for a very magical birthday cake. You just twirl your wand over the cake and upwards, like in a spiral, and use the incantation ‘Candetalis,’ like I will do now.”

Mats pointed her wand down at her cake and moved it upwards in a spiral movement, speaking the spell just as her hand reached the top of the imagined spiral. The candles on the cake suddenly jumped out of the frosting and danced in a circle across the sweet surface, while a soft rendition of the classic Happy Birthday To You could be heard, as if the flames were singing it with squeaky little voices. When Mats blew out the candles in one breath, the singing and dancing instantly stopped.


Welcome to the Cooking Club! We’re experimenting with bringing some magic to our food, and today we’ll be trying to make the candles on a birthday cake dance and sing! You can grab any of the cakes that Mats and the House Elves put on display, or describe the cake that your character made themselves. Use below code to try out the spell for the candles, and let the dice decide how this first try went! Don’t forget to add a little summary at the bottom of your posts.


1: I’m sorry but it seems that your cake blew up, you’re covered in it!

2 – 6: Your candles’ flames are shooting through the roof! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you probably did burn your eyebrows off, or maybe set fire to the table.

6 – 10: Well… the candles are burning… but that’s… it? You might as well just have used a match.

10 – 15: The flames are changing colours and the candles seem to be singing something – it’s just not exactly what it should be yet. Maybe the ‘Happy Birthday’ is in slo-mo and sounds creepy, or maybe it started singing Anaconda instead – up to you!

15 – 19: The candles are dancing on the cake with colourful flames, while singing ‘Happy Birthday!’ Success!

20: Your candles are now performing a perfect rendition of Be Our Guest, even the silverware is participating. Congratulations, you prodigy.

Ground floor, Broom closet

Athelstan Munn
 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 11:55 AM
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Darling you'll be okay

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Athelstan MunnSlytherin Beginner
Awards: 13

Somehow, Athelstan doubted that there was an actual cooking club at Durmstrang, because why would they teach their students how to cook when they could teach them how to mistreat house elves in the worst way possible instead? See, fair point. But Hogwarts had a cooking club, and the girl who was in charge of it was a sweetie herself. Had someone told her already? Stan hoped someone did, because she sure as hell was an actual motivation to share his graceful display of cooking skills with a bunch of other people. Still it was the first time he actually attended one of the meetings, his wand tugged behind his ear and peeking out of the mess that was his hair when he walked into the kitchen, only to be greeted by the sweet scents of several cakes - with missing pieces, mind you. Looked like someone could not keep their fingers to themselves, how disappointing that actually was.

Usually, the snake only displayed his cooking skills in front of his older brother, causing minor damage to both Archie and the kitchen in the process and generously throwing all the house elves out. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that here - long legs casually finding a way around the small creatures while ignoring them. He marched towards the front, gazing at the cake and actually resisting the temptation to dip his finger into the cream - for exactly two seconds before he did it to, white-coloured fingertip disappearing between his lips as he looked innocently at Mathilde and blinked several times. “Sweet, but not as sweet as you,” Stan said smoothly with a grin, finger being removed from his mouth again and carelessly wiped on his shirt. Nothing better than introducing his presence at the cooking club by flirting with the club leader, right? It wasn’t his fault she was quite the cutie.

But when the meeting officially started and the cutie in question started a little speech. Alright, cake decoration. Was Athelstan prepared for this? Not quite. Was he going to stay anyway? Of course, a Munn did not simply walk away from the challenge of decorating cakes! Instead he reached for the cake he had already manhandled with his finger and grabbed a handful of those candles, because how hard could this be? It was going to be great, Stan could feel it in his fingertips as he throw a short gate at other club participants - and at Mathilde of course. It was time to impress her with his marvelous skills, and smoothly he spread the candles over the cake - although not without helping himself to some more sweet cream.

Athelstan reached for the wand behind his ear, and his fingers tightened around it as he dramatically cleared his throat and twirled it over the candles on his cake, exclaiming “Candetalis!” And now we wait for the result.

Stan shamelessly flirts with @Mathilde De Clercq before attempting to make his candles sing and dance.
Dice Roll: 1d20: 2 = 2

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