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 [R]Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy
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May 8 2018, 09:40 PM   Link Quote
Name: Daniel Kennedy
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Nope, first character!

Appearance: Measuring in at a measly 5’6”, Daniel is used to getting the short end of the stick. His height screams child, but he wants to be anything but. Shortest in his family, and the youngest of two brothers, navigating his world can be a bit of a challenge sometimes﹘ but his resourcefulness and creativity always shines through. His dark brown hair frequently changes styles, but always has a certain messy charm to it. He currently has it styled in a faux-hawk of sorts, but had a short and tousled crew cut prior to it. His clothes are often slightly large as result of both hand-me-downs and his small stature, though it is more of a personal preference than anything and he could easily buy a new wardrobe if he so desired. Daniel has an average build for his height, though he is slightly on the muscular side. Both his brothers were mediocre students, so he feels a need to stand out with bold fashion statements and frequent appearance changes. This is the main motivator for his chameleon-like shifts. His stormy blue eyes reflect his outlook on life in many ways. Uncertain, and cloudy.

Personality: Anxious. If there was any word that could most easily sum up Daniel, it would be anxious. You wouldn’t know it though, and he’ll do anything in his power to make sure of this. His relaxed, and even boisterous demeanor is really just a facade to protect himself from succumbing to his own worrisome habits. It’s a wonder he even gets out of bed in the morning with all the things he’s worried about. His mom, his brothers, the way he’ll be perceived ﹘ they’re all valid worries in his mind. Despite this he has a rather reckless outlook on life, choosing to sport a “live fast, die young” motto which has proven to be a challenge at times. His creative soul is hardly content with basic commodities. He’s passionate about what he does, and will often push himself harder than he should in order to reach his high self-set standards.

Flamboyant. Daniel is not known for his subtleties. Often choosing to sport bold statements in means of clothing or hair, he’s a hard figure to miss. His creativity shines through in… interesting ways. He’s rarely seen without painted nails and his school projects tend to look more like design projects than anything. Doodling, scribbling, and sketching are all popular pastimes for him. His lack of subtleties statements can be seen in both his fashion choices and his verbal interactions ﹘ he has no time for stupidity and will not hesitate to continue forward in his life with or without you. People are predictable, and he strives to be anything but.

Blunt. Again, subtleties truly are not his strong suit. He doesn’t have time to put up with stupidity and often chooses to skip over basic social practices in order to stir the pot and to just get on with things already. He likes a little bit of excitement in his day and is always experimenting. He’s able to navigate social scenes with ease if he does so choose, though upon returning home he’ll slink off to his room to sulk. It’s draining for him, his whole personality is. Very few people get to see the tired boy he is, and those who do are often by mistake or are incredibly close to him.

Passionate. He throws himself into his work...if you can get him to care first. Paintings, designs, independent studies, or relationships are all areas where his passion really shines through. Classes, not so much. His study habits are less than admirable. He’ll opt for reading a book quietly and blocking his new painting out as opposed to paying attention in class, but he can periodically get caught up in a subject or two and minutes later is up to his shoulders in old texts and scrolls in order to absorb as much information as he can. He finds beauty in intelligence, and as result tends to surround himself with it. What purpose does the world have if not to be beautiful? As his mother always told him.

Curious. The best company is one’s own mind, and a pretty lady ﹘ a quote his father liked to bring up frequently. At his core, Daniel doesn’t think there’s a better representation of this than himself. On his best days, he floats between friend groups like the wind. On his worse, he’ll shut himself away for days on end stuck in a melancholy daze. Everything around him seems to become monotonous﹘ and in his mind that’s okay. On these days his passion really shines through and he’ll become so caught up in his work he’ll forget to sleep. He challenges everything with an inquisitive eye, and is determined to know the why behind the most basic of answers. His mother likes to joke his first word was “why?”﹘ though really (and much to her dismay) it was something far more profane.

Cunning. Fortune favours the bold, or those willing to put a little less faith in luck. Another father quote to swallow. Manipulating the rules to get his way isn’t unheard of for Daniel, especially when it comes down to a stressful situation. He’d rather cheat on a test than be caught not knowing how to solve a problem ﹘ it simply doesn’t jive well with him. He had been manipulating his way through life for some time anyways, it was nearly second nature to him. You couldn’t get far in the Kennedy family without a little bit of kissing-up to your distant relatives, they were the ones with money after all.

Daniel is a nightowl to all extents of the word. As a hereditary insomniac, sleep is something rather foreign to him. It’s not unheard of for a Kennedy to go days without sleep in order to complete a project, and Daniel is no exception. He finds company in rainy days and old worn books. His jitteriness can be mistaken for eagerness ﹘ which is likely one of his biggest downfalls. The standards he holds himself to often cause a great deal of mental distress and thus he pushes himself even harder to mask this. Kennedys should have cracks beneath the surface.

Character Background:
Daniel hails from a long line of Slytherins ﹘ his mother being the first exception in years, a Ravenclaw. His brothers both took after his father -- Slytherins. Daniel's not sure what he wants, a difficult decision for someone regardless of maturity. From a young age, Daniel was the problem child, though he was not a problem by most definitions for the word. Daniel was quiet, but was cheerful and able to cry at just the right time to get the newest thing that fascinated him (typically a cookie from the kitchen counter). Never quite fitting in at home brought about its own challenges alongside the regular difficulties of growing up. His brothers were always mediocre at best in everything they did, never phenomenal, and never terrible. Though they have since graduated, Daniel puts pressure on himself and sports a sort of determination to bring his own eccentricity to the table in order to build his own reputation. He’s determined to be better than they were ﹘ he has to be.

He popped into existence on a cold February morning, and not a scream was heard from him. His mother tells him that his eyes were filled with wonder and sparkled with joy. His father swooned over him, though he would become absent as Daniel grew older. Your father’s a busy man, Daniel. I’m sure he’ll be home soon. A favourite line of his mother’s growing up. How naive they had all been. He was enrolled in regular public school early, in order to fill the blandness of his days and quickly found himself unhappy. His teachers rarely had much kind to say about the poor boy, as he made an effort to stand out despite appearing standoffish and snarky as result. Hair gel was his best friend, and his class photos were interesting to say the least.

His mother was his best friend, encouraging his curiosity, while his father was more concerned with preserving the family tree. Despite the endless persuasion, Daniel is determined to pave his own path and discover himself as is truly fit. Growing up in a family of purebloods, his family was rather well off. Food or clean clothes were never really an issue for him, and it allowed him to really push his interests to their limits. He grew up in a small house just outside of London, surrounded by rolling fields and limitless fresh air. His room was often neatly organized, with his current interest taking over the theme of it. As he neared the age of 10, his once clean room had transformed into a wild scrapbook-like conglomerate of hobbies. His friends typically envied him﹘ he was given a certain amount of freedom in where he went and who he was with, given the expectation that he wouldn’t muck things up for the Kennedys. Really, he was just thankful for the opportunity to disappear for periods of time and do as he wanted. He enjoyed being a social butterfly, but it got tiring at times. It did however give him an opportunity to try new personalities on for size. He would roam the streets introducing himself with a new name and new traits each time.

When his letter arrived, the Kennedys had been overjoyed ﹘ though Daniel didn’t quite understand what it meant. In his eyes, school was just the same repetitive routine day in and day out, why would some dingy old castle be anything different? Why couldn't he be going to one of the farther schools? He was due for a vacation or a trip soon regardless and his parents owed him this at least. His brothers tormented him, telling him he’d be a failure of a Kennedy and he’d never live up to the name. Daniel was faced with a challenge ﹘ and he always succeeds when it comes to challenges. He has to.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Please, just don’t let me be a disappointment to my dad. Give me a chance to prove myself to my brothers and family. They’ll torment me endlessly if I’m a Hufflepuff, so I suppose I’d rather stay away from that. Although, I guess the longer we take, the more opportunities I have to scan my fellow first years though, so please, at your leisure.

Special Request (available at Novice**) N/A

OOC Name: Joel (J.C.)
Your Pronouns: he/him
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May 8 2018, 10:28 PM   Link Quote
the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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