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 Character OTM Interview - Moth Skelton

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Oct 8 2017, 08:58 AM   LINK Quote
Hey Evan! We’re here because your character, Moth Skelton, was chosen as September’s Featured Character. Congratulations!

Tell us, what's it like to write Moth? Does it come easily or do you struggle with him from time to time?:

Firstly, thankyou very much!

Moth is an interesting character to me: a couple of years ago I perged my list of characters and one of the only few who stayed from the pre-purge times was Moth, so he's definitely got a high spot in my heart.

Writing for Moth is an interesting blend between hard and easy, really. I've had him for a long time, so to "get into" his mind is a lot easier than it is getting into newer characters like Florian. I know his reactions and limits and likes and dislikes better than my other WURR babies, so he's definitely easy to write for in a technical sense! His subject matter tends to be a little thicker and heavier than my other characters (most of the time), though, so writing for Moth can take it out of me a little. If I only had Moth and nobody else, keeping to writing him regularly would take a bit of a toll after a while. I love my boy, but I gave him too sad a backstory. lmao.

What about his significant relationships? Does he have a best friend? A sworn enemy?

Relationships with Moth are tricky: he dislikes people for a lot of stupid reasons, and blames them for doing things on purpose which could only have been accidents. His relationships for his entire life have been strained, considering his parents abandoned him at birth, and his many foster families kept sending him back, so in general he tries not to form bonds with anybody.

That being said, he's still a teenage boy looking for love in all and any forms, and he's no stranger to embarrassing crushes or the odd friendship here and there. He keeps close with Lindy Sutton, who he limpeted to as an ickle firstie, and a few other odd people who managed to worm their way in through his cracks persistently enough that he's given up telling them to eff off.

He has a crush, but I have to have a few secrets; )

What is his best subject in school?:

Moth loves studying because it's something he's good at, and something that passes time. Ancient Runes has always been something that interested him - it ties into his love of languages that he's never really had time to pursue. Runes intrigue him because they're like secret little languages of their own, hiding magic and whispers that you need to work hard to discover. It's also a quiet lesson: no needless boutswith weird animals or annoying "okay class let's all get up and do things" bits. Studying, quietly, calmly. That's Moth's thing.

How do he occupy his free time during the day?:

Moth tends to keep himself to himself: his favourite hobbies are things he can do alone and without having to speak to anyone. Reading is definitely up there: he likes to get lost in a world different to his own, where the good guys always win and the bad guys always lose. He wishes desperately that he could live inside a book like that.

What are three of his favourite things to do for fun?:

Moth loves reading, as I mentioned. He always adores studying, because it occupies his mind. He doesn't have to think all too hard about things, and if he does it's a welcome change from moping about like a shadow. However, another thing he likes to do for fun is hurt people :/ Maybe it makes him feel better about his own pain, or maybe he's just not a very nice person (it's a mixture of both, really)

What are three of his least favourite things to do in general?:

Honestly, "socialising" could be all three lmao. Moth hates people, so that's a huge big massive no-no for him. Talking? No. Parties? Double no. People speaking to him? God, no no no. (Although some people are okay. Maybe two people. A handful, at most)

Public speaking is also up there, in any form. Whether it's having to give a presentation for homework, he'll try his hardest to find some way to wiggle out of it; or even answering a question in class. He hates speaking where people can hear him, unless he's being mean to someone, so speaking aloud is a big problem for Moth.

Does he own a pet? If so, what is it, and how would you describe his relationship with it?:

Moth has never really had animals in his life, excluding some dogs in an old foster home that left him with lifelong cynophobia. He's a little unsure of how to look after any kind of animal, except for bugs and things, so when the opportunity to buy one for Hogwarts arose he was a little too intimidated to even look around the shop, let alone buy anything. Not to mention, he had barely enough money to afford everything else on his Hogwarts list (having to resort to a little petty theft), so a pet was completely off the cards fiscally. He keeps bugs in his pockets and in tubs by his bed, though.

Favorite food?:

Soup! You can make it out of almost anything, warm it up if it gets cold really easily, and you can keep it anywhere - a bowl, a cup, a flask. It's so good. Moth is a soup monster.

Favorite movie?:

Moth hasn't watched a lot of movies in his time, but he remembers watching old disney films with one of his foster families, and really liking them. Robin Hood is a favourite, as is Sleeping Beauty (but the dragon at the end has always scared him)

Favorite book?:

Les Miserables. Moth likes books where everything turns out okay in the end, but Les Mis is a reminder to him that the world sometimes doesn't turn out okay for people and that that, in itself, is okay. It reminds him that he's not the only victim in the world: a lesson that he should take to heart a little often.

What's a cool thread Moth is currently involved in?:

meaner than my demons is the one i'm super into at the moment. It's the first piece of actual writing I've done involving Moth's reactions to his fear, and specifically to his old family situation. It's a [R] topic, for good reason, but it's something I'm really looking forward to delving into further!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about him?:

He's a good boy really;-; ignore all the... swearing. a fighting. and punching. and detentions. um.... he is a good boy i promise

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