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Erik Dwight
 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 05:09 AM
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To go along with our skin competition, now more than ever is a time in which we want to solidify with our members that your voices matter, and a submission box for requests and concerns is a great way to do that. People have all kinds of ideas, but with any form of suggestion comes the fear of their name being attached to something that may be silly or rude and so they don't speak up. We want to encourage our members through an anonymous platform to speak up about those things that concern them most so that wurr may continue to thrive. We are all busy, working individuals with lives of our own, and occasionally we will slip up.

If you have any thoughts, issues, ideas, suggestions or anything you would want us to know, you can use the anonymous account and pm a staffer. No matter how small your idea or your problem might be, do not hesitate to speak up and voice your concerns, so we can keep making wurr a better place <3

To use the anonymous account, fill in the following data:

Username: Anonymous
Password: albusseverus


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