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 business as usual, nora // mama

Miriam Whelan

guess i better wash my mouth out with soap

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Oct 11 2017, 12:27 AM   LINK Quote
The breath of the full moon overhead still crept over the back of Miriam’s neck, even as the dawn approached, the sun rose triumphant in the sky, and the light of day burned away the wolf again. Geese soared overhead, honking breaking the still of the morning. She was tired. The whole night had been spent curled into Esau’s side, as their pack dwindled from five to four following Joshua’s death, three with Eve’s recent disappearance, and then two, when Andrew decided to stay in the castle. They were falling apart, as if they had never been stitched together in the first place, and she didn’t know what to do.

She was tired.

Full moon meant that she wasn’t going to be meeting up with Isolde until the next day, and she had a study session with Esau after breakfast, but the first thing that was on Miriam’s to-do list that morning was visiting the Hospital Wing.

It was simply protocol. A checkup to make sure that she didn’t incur any new injuries during the night, Miriam was plied with potions that helped to ease the majority of the aches, spells to heal anything that might be broken or fractured, and if she needed it, a Pepper-Up potion to stave off any impending cold that might come from the cortisol spike that started at transformation. When she, and other werewolves, came back to their bodies, there was risk for all kinds of illness because the corticosteroid uptick caused the immune system to stop fighting.

Learning about the medical side of her transformations after so many years of just accepting that she had them was simply riveting.

Her bare feet were a lot colder than she had remembered them being last time, bleeding a little bit by the time she actually got to the Hospital Wing. That was pretty normal, though, and so she dismissed it, a soft sigh leaving her at the way the warmth of the castle washed over her. The floor of the Hospital Wing was slightly less cold than the stone outside it, Miriam’s toes curling slightly at the change in temperature. “Good morning, Madame Breen,” she managed to get out through a yawn, arms tight around herself and the simple dress and cardigan she wore. She could feel herself shaking, her body beginning to feel like a bruise from head to toe.

Miriam completes flying south
@Nora Breen

sometimes life seems to quiet into paralyzing silence,
like the moonless dark, meant to make me strong
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