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 [H]Alani Lua-Millers
Alani Lua-Millers
 Posted: May 18 2017, 02:35 PM
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They call me Pineapple Princess all day

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Name: Alani Lua-Millers
Age: 16
Year: 5th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin: Yes, Alice loves me.
Literally the embodiment of bubbles and sunshine, Alani has a big heart and a willingness to love just about anyone or thing that moves. She is a very agreeable person and often seems like she doesn’t have a trouble in the world. Seeing other people happy makes this ball of honey equally happy and she will often times go out of her way to see other people smile. To some, her happy-go-lucky attitude seems untouchable and, for the most part, it is. The girl is hard to bring down and is often times oblivious to people trying to pull her down.

Of course, just because she’s hard to bring down, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The young Hawaiian is very compassionate and is often hit deeply by other people’s struggles. Her desire for the world to be a better place means she is likely to try and help people fix these in whatever ways she knows how. In her naivety, she often thinks these problems can be fixed with hugs, kind, sincere words or a loving smile. She doesn’t understand why this doesn’t always work or why some people might not want help but she is willing to do whatever it takes to fix the problem.

In addition to her love for people and helping them, Alani also adores animals. If she could, she would keep a menagerie of cute yet wacky pets or animals that she rescued if she could. Just as much as she hates seeing people suffer, she hates seeing the cute, cuddly and even downright ugly creatures of the word hurting as well. The young woman is a devoted vegan and is very against animal cruelty. There aren’t many things that make her angry but this is one of those few things she’ll get truly fired up about. In fact, she gets downright angry sometimes.

As sweet and loving as she is, it doesn’t quite make up for the fact that she is, to put things simply, quite the idiot. She doesn’t mean to be, but sometimes her innocence just gets the better of her. The girl walks around with a pair of rose tinted glasses on. Because she sees the best in things all the time, she overlooks the terrible things and often times unintentionally ends up in bad situations or is taken advantage. The girl is also incredibly gullible and will often take people at face value, not realizing that, or just refusing to believe, that some people are just dishonest and cruel. It’s not just her naivety that gets the best of her though, A lot of times, things just tend to go over her head because the minute details aren’t as important as the big picture. If she doesn’t get something, she’ll just shrug it off and deem it to be not worth the worries.

Alani is an incredibly laid back kind of person, it’s why she doesn’t really care much for the unimportant things, like being on time. To her, life is about jumping on the hypothetical surf board and just riding out the wave of life. Eventually, things will work themselves out and life will turn out alright. This being said, she doesn’t believe in fate. But, in her mind, if you follow your heart then your dreams will come true. She doesn’t understand why people stress out about things, since, in her mind, her theory has yet to be disproven and she’s not one to crush her own dreams.

Her relationships with people reflect her wishful thinking and her wide-eyed innocence. As mentioned before, she just can’t see bad in people. Even the people who treat her with disrespect or downright nastiness are given a pass. She’ll just blame it on them having a bad day or something of the like.

Character Background:
For as long as Alani can remember, she has breathed island air and has partaken in the delights of that home. That wasn’t always the case, however. Once upon a time, her mother had fallen in love with a wizard from Chicago. They got married almost instantly, not taking the time to get to know each other. It wasn’t long after that that Alani’s mother, Melia, realized she had made a mistake. The man she had married was not the kind, loving person she had been tricked into thinking her was. Nicholas was a hard man, prone to elitist views about blood status who refused to listen to his wife.

And yet, she was hesitant to leave him. Pregnant with their first child, the woman wasn’t sure if she would be able to support herself and the baby. What’s more, she wasn’t sure he would willingly go through with the divorce and risk ruining his image and she didn’t think she could emotionally handle the mess that was sure to ensue. So, she bit her tongue and tried to wait it out, hoping things would get better and maybe, just maybe, she would be able to fix him. The first year was supposed to be the hardest, wasn’t it? Plus, she was no quitter. She was a strong witch.

Melia and Nicholas gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As soon as she laid eyes on her daughter, she knew she couldn’t let the girl grow up with her husband. And so, the drawn-out battle for custody had begun, or, at least, that’s what she thought it would have been. Turns out, the man and his family were more interested in paying her off, shutting her and brushing the whole thing under the rug once they realized she was serious. She was lucky and she knew it, so she took her daughter and the money and left and that was it.

Fast forward a few years later and you would find that the young Hawaiian girl had grown up to be a big hearted young child with a love for just about anything and everything, particularly the ocean and animals. Already, she had shown signs of magic as well as an aptitude for swimming. When she was 4, her mother taught her how to surf and Alani subsequently spent the most of her in the water. Her mother thought it was adorable, calling the girl her little mermaid and encouraging it. When she wasn’t in the water, sometimes her mother would take her hiking and by the time she was 10, she had climbed the Stairway to Heaven over 15 times.

When Alani had left to go to school, Melia had found herself increasingly lonely. While she was glad she had left Nicholas, she craved companionship like they had had before she discovered that she hated him. Of course, every time she laid eyes on the girl, she knew he had made the correct choice. The girl was worth being alone forever, if that was what it came to. Still, she couldn’t shake that desire for someone to love and love her in a way her daughter never could. So, very hesitantly, the woman opened herself back up to dating, taking things slow this time in order to avoid making the same mistakes she had in her younger years.

The young girl didn’t mind that her mother was dating. In fact, she was excited. She had never known her father and was excited to know what it was like to have a dad. Things went on fairly normally for several years. Alani enjoyed her times at school but was always more excited to come home and see her mother and her beloved island. Melia had been on several dates but only ever had two serious relationships that she had ended because things just didn’t feel right. The young witch didn’t understand why her mum was so picky and she kind of wished she would just find someone and be happy.

And then, she did. Despite the woman’s resolutions, it happened almost instantly. His name was John and they had met when he was on vacation and instantly hit it off. She tried to wait longer, but, after a few months, she knew it was him. While the Alani had been at Ilvermorny, she had visited the man and they sorted things out and decided that her and Alani would move to be with him. Unlike Melia, John had family back home and she thought it might be nice for her daughter to have grandparents and cousins. However, Alani wasn’t as excited as she hoped.

Leaving her home forever was not something the girl looked forward to, however, she wanted her mother to be happy. After all, the woman had done so much for her, not that Alani understood most of it. So, she agreed and they moved to live with him in London and the young witch was transferred to Hogwarts to start her 5th year.

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Charlie Cooper
 Posted: May 18 2017, 03:06 PM
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4AM knows all my secrets

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