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 Treat yo self, Tine/Tildaaaa
Mathilde De Clercq
 Posted: Feb 19 2017, 11:08 AM
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You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

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Mathilde De ClercqGryffindor Beginner
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Mathilde loved being a prefect. If she could volunteer for it, she’d do it every term. It actually wasn’t that different from what she always did – running around like the busybody she was, getting to know people, helping confused ickles – but it came with a shiny badge and an air of importance. It somewhat validated all the effort she had put in so far, as if her social butterfly slash PR manager act had finally been recognised. You’re hired!

But aside from this being the kind of function she’d always wanted, it came with one of the best perks that Hogwarts had to offer: The Prefect’s Bathroom™. It was every girl's dream! A large tub, scents and colours, bubbles and foams, not to mention privacy. Mathilde regretted not having visited the Beauty Salon in Diagon Alley with a friend yet, but this was actually better, because it would be just them. It had been years since Mats had been to a sleepover, and she kind of missed it. Of course, at a boarding school, she was always surrounded by other people, so that wasn’t the issue – but it also wasn’t the same, it was a routine. The part that she really missed was doing each other’s hair and nails, and gossiping about boys. In the midst of running her business and studying for OWLs, the Gryffindor could really use that. Fortunately, she knew exactly who to ask.

“You’re going to love this,” Mats chirped as she lead her friend Tilda into the prefect’s bathroom. “It has everything – bubbles, foam, bath oil, bath salt,” she skipped towards the pool-sized tub and started pointing at taps. “Shampoo’s here, conditioner here, there’s even hairspray over there! Oh, and these turn the water different colours.”

She turned around to face the Hufflepuff, spreading her arms wide as she gestured at the room in general. Daylight fell through the carved windows, only to be reflected by the many gems on the golden bath taps, and the painted mermaid poked her head out of her painted water to take a look at the visitors. “So, what do you think? It’s like having our own personal spa!”

Mats hummed to herself while she walked towards the bath robes and towels, her golden curls dancing behind her. “I brought some things from Madam Primpernelle’s – I haven’t even tried all of this out yet. Here’s nail polish that changes colour, instant-hairdo shampoo, beautifying masks,…” She lifted every bottle, only to put them back down next to each other, as if on display. Then, with a flick of her wand, one of the bigger taps turned and started to fill the pool-like tub.

“You need relaxation, right? This’ll be great! Just us – no crowd, no strangers, no boys. There’s warm water, and everything we need for manicures and make-overs – or we could just soak for a while in whatever bath oil or bath salt we want. No stress, for just a few hours. Our books won’t go anywhere, we’ll continue studying when we’re fresh and rested.”

Despite its size, it didn’t take long to fill the tub, and neither did undressing and changing into the comfy bath robes that the room provided. Soon, Mats was standing at the edge of the tub, breaching the water’s surface with her toes to check the temperature.

“It’s perfect,” she threw her friend a bright grin and a thumbs up, then gestured towards the many taps. “What do you want to start with?”

@Tilda Burnings

Ground floor, Broom closet

Tilda Burnings
 Posted: Feb 21 2017, 10:02 AM
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Viridian Guild
Since I was young I've tasted sorrow on my tongue.

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Tilda BurningsHufflepuff Beginner
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Although Mats was officially prefect, Tilda felt like they were breaking several school rules while her friend was leading her through the corridors, straight towards the prefect’s bathroom the small brunette only knew from the tales that were whispered during breakfast or dinner, myths ranking around this mysterious bathroom like roses wrapped around a long forgotten tower in a fairytale. She had, of course, never been there herself, as Tilda Burnings was not the kind of girl that made prefect material, as there were days when she was afraid of her own shadow. “Are you sure you’re allowed to bring a friend?” she asked hesitantly, although she did not want to dull Mathilde’s excitement. It was infectious to just watch her friend walk, and while she was sure she would enjoy the luxuries of such a private bathroom, she also did not want her friend to get into trouble for bringing her along. Yet judging by the rumours and gossip Tilda had heard before, people who were even less deserving than the girl herself had been in here, so she tried to push all her worries aside and just enjoy what was offered to her.

Her big blue eyes widened even more behind her glasses as she followed Mats like a little duckling, taking in every sensation, every scent and every speck of colour that was dipped in warm, golden light. The siren on the portrait was busy combing her hair, but she paled next to the many tubs that - according to the lioness by Tilda’s side - turned the water into different colours. It was indeed every little girl’s dream, and the small badger could not help but smile at the sight, turning around in a circle once to look at everything. There were piles of fluffy towels, carefully folded bathrobes and so many different shampoos and conditioners that Tilda was sure this bathroom easily beat the drugstores in Greenwich where she usually shopped her beauty products. Once more, the wizarding world was filling her heart with joy.

“This is so great,” she whispered, a flush of excitement running over her face - and it was getting even better as she heard her friend’s announcement, curiously stepping a little closer to gaze at Mats’ shopping booty. If this bathroom beat every drugstore Tilda knew, Madam Primpernelle’s beat every Lush shop the girl had ever been in. The scents that rose from the bag were already tempting, yet Mathilde’s description of what exactly she had bought were even better. They were, after all, in their OWL year - and all they needed were several hours of not studying and taking care of their appearance instead. Tilda propped her hands on her hips and tilted her head, before her face brightened with a plan on how to proceed. “If you have deep conditioner as well, we can apply the masks at the same time as the conditioner, soak some and wash it off after a while for the best effect?” she suggested, rather well-versed in beautifying routines - her mother was a hair stylist, after all.

She stepped back again and walked towards the pool-like tub that was slowly filling itself, throwing another gaze at Mats before starting to unbutton the blouse of her uniform, quickly reaching for one of the bathrobes as the first pieces of clothing started falling. Tilda was comfortable enough around Mats to undress, snuggling into the fine fabrics of the bathrobe while folding her clothes and putting them together on a neat pile, before sitting down on the marble bench within the bathrobe. “Now, shall I help you with the mask, and you help me?”

@Mathilde De Clercq

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