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 life's greatest joys, archie // smol luv
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Jan 1 2018, 02:33 PM   LINK Quote
With a name like Fortescue, it was to be expected that Aphrodite knew a thing or two about knowing a thing or two about ice cream. She also had a keen eye for observation. See, the thing about attending Hogwarts was that she had seen a number of them while they were all still growing up. There were a lot of kids she knew by their face and ice cream preference before they had even formally met and exchanged names, and that was just the way of things.

Hell, it was one of the only ways that Dita put her impeccable memory to use, really.

Some people would call her an underachiever, but why try to reach for the stars when she could pluck the silver spoon already on the table before her. Simplicity was key to happiness, wasn’t it?

Simplicity. That was why she was there that day, attempting feats of gastronomical prowess. These were her Labours, her Nemean lion: she was going to expand the range of tea flavored ice creams on the family’s menu. Of course, it was dramatic to think of it as being so difficult as Hercules paying penance for murdering his family, but merde, that was how it felt. Matcha was already a staple, as well as Earl Grey and Lavender, but there was so much more. Tea, like ice cream, was as much about the science as it was about the experience and flavors married in different ways, so much so that this was all a gamble, but if it paid off, it would pay off well.

So, Dita called on the foremost tea expert she knew: Archibald Munn.

And she invited Archie to join her on this hellish journey of discovery.

Additionally, tea and ice cream were two of the foremost pleasures of the magical world. Who could resist the invitation for both?

She was grateful for the tea emporium in Hogsmeade, and the number of options that its masterful owner afforded her. If she was lucky, maybe Archie would be willing to spare some of his tea for the endeavor; this was a small hope, of course, entirely dependent on how that day went. The custards had been mixed into ice creams that morning, left under appropriate freezing spells and labeled with their teas. All that was left, she mused as she pulled her ice-white braids up into a messy bun, was to wait for the elder Munn and then brew tea accordingly.

The clamor of house elves behind her heralded the door to the kitchens opening, the Gryffindor glancing up to find the Slytherin that she had been waiting for. “I’m glad you could make it,” she greeted him, her face sliding into an easy grin. She neglected to admit that she had been worried that he wouldn’t come; realistically, she could’ve done this without him, but as he was one of the few students she know that favored the Earl Grey and Lavender flavor, and one of the few who also grew their own tea, his opinions would prove invaluable. “I apologize for requesting your company without much explanation, especially on such short notice.” Her attention then turned to the elves, who she gently shooed away, though still authoritative in manner. “I’ll take care of him, we’ll let you know if we need anything.”

@Archibald Munn

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heart skipped a beat
and when i caught it
you were out of reach
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