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 all the world is an interlude., lien <3

Devitt Leighton

dancing in a swirl, of golden memories

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Feb 18 2017, 09:17 AM   LINK Quote
Devitt was a man well read and well learned. He knew a lot of things, being versed in the language of chemistry and biology, in physics and in astrology. He knew religions well, and the symbolism riddled within it. He knew a bit in linguistics as well, having stressed its importance in his research while he'd been alive, though he only knew Latin as a formal second language. The man even knew the rules of socializing and being civil and polite, though some practices had faded as ghosts tended to grow self-centered with an eternity with themselves. He knew poetry and classic works, enjoyed the odd play or two. But what he didn't know well at all was in how his existence as a ghost affected everything around him.

His existence disturbed the threads of reality, tearing at the fabric of time one single nip at a time. He made it cold where life would have it warm; he brought with him a sense of misery where color and sound would have had it joyous and light. Even if he felt, himself, devoid of the typical angers and resentments of ghosts, if he felt this mutual sense of contentedness that he presumed he could share with the living, Devitt still brought the reminder that life wasn't meant to be eternal. Only the truly sad and masochistic chose a life in this hellish purgatory, not quite living or gone, but simply there, stagnant in a world that didn't stop spinning. The ghost, simply, wasn't aware of what he himself symbolized, an irony in itself that had he become aware of it, would have made him chuckle. He wasn't aware of what he could do, at least not in the magnitude behind his abilities. Or rather, the consequences as a result of his being around.

Which was why it wasn't uncommon to find people frustrated with ghosts. If they were doing something important, and suddenly felt a numbing, hair-raising chill in the air, naturally, they'd be distracted and become a little agitated. Others might grow fearful and panic, but usually they would both end up with the idea to hunt out the disturbance in the air.

He took the set of students trying to brew a potion in one of the upper, abandoned rooms of the castle to be of the latter, their nervous exchange with each other clearly painting them as the sort who weren't quite used to the presence of ghosts at Hogwarts. Devitt hadn't meant to startle them, or to pry, but as a former Potioneer in life, he almost couldn't help but want to watch them brew and perhaps even offer them some tips. An apology had been slipping out before the students could understand what they were seeing, though they didn't wait to hear him speak, and instead sent a strong Lumos right at him, mid-apology.

The affect of light on him was something Devitt didn't truly understand. He didn't need to understand it to know that it hurt, though, or to know that it could make him wince so strongly that he'd be essentially sling-shot away. Like a missile tearing through the air, Devitt's body spiraled away, passing through walls, people, and furniture, able to make sense of nothing but the constant, muffled static in his ears and the blurred grays of everything he passed by mixing together.

Eventually, the man gained control again, his eyes stinging faintly, head throbbing for a moment as he regained his composure. Unfortunately, he'd managed to come to a complete stop in the face of another student. Bug eyed and a little disheveled from his unexpected flight, Devitt scrambled to float backwards to give the girl some distance. "I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed, his words coming out rushed. The last thing he wanted was to be banished again, flung in some other direction and risk popping up in front of someone else with the same idea to Lumos him away. The man wasn't a ball, and didn't fancy participating in a game where he was ping-ponged around. Light—particularly the sudden burst of it in the blinding blue of that spell—was disorienting, and had a dull pain to it that Devitt found terrible. It wouldn't take long for the affects to fade, but it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

"I don't mean any harm, I promise!" He added, his face settling back in his normal, eased expression. "I'm-I'm Devitt. I didn't mean to pop up, it was an accident," the ghost explained, hoping he wouldn't soon find the tip of wand pointed at his nose.

@Lien Hong

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