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 Jēkabs Smiltiņš
Songbird · 16 · 6 · · Muggle-born · 6'1"/185cm
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Jul 12 2018, 05:19 AM   Link Quote
Name: Jēkabs Smiltiņš
Age: 16
Blood status: Muggle-born


Standing at 185 centimeters (6'1" in those old-fashioned wizarding measurements), Jēkabs towers over most of the other students. He's always been a tall kid, and he started shooting up at 14 and hasn't really stopped growing yet. Luckily for him, it makes his reaching for the Quaffle just that much easier in Quidditch games!

His hair is light brown and slightly wavy, and reaches the bottom of his ears. Sometimes it can get messy, but he's pretty good about combing it every morning. His eyes are dark green, and they usually narrow when he smiles or laughs. His smile is bright, and the right corner of his mouth usually raises higher than the left, making it seem like a smirk. His skin is usually light-colored, though he gets tan in the summer from spending time outside.

When he walks, it's usually with an easy and relaxed stride, so when he's more tense, it's easy to notice. He rarely sits still, unless he's sleeping.

When he isn't wearing his uniform, his clothing style is simple: t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants. He doesn't wear many accessories, usually wearing the same hat and gloves all winter. The only jewelry he has is a silver ring that his grandfather let him borrow to take with him to Hogwarts as a reminder of home.


When you first see Jēkabs Smiltiņš, you'll immediately notice his sparkling eyes and inability to sit still. He might not be smiling at first, but if he likes you, he'll flash you a mischievous, crooked smile. He tends toward cheerfulness and playfulness, and he'd love to come to your next party or play a game in the common room. You'll find him chatting with the Hogwarts ghosts or attempting a Disillusionment Charm to help him play his latest prank on his classmate without being caught (though he's always careful never to actually hurt anyone, just annoy them). But his personality is more than just silly fun. Though he's very entertaining to be around, he's still hard to get close to. He's the type to have fun all day and then go to bed alone. He's fine with that, most of the time, since he isn't sure how to open up to others.

But he often gets lonely. He's an identical twin, and while Jēkabs is a wizard, his brother Jānis is a Muggle like the rest of his family. For the first eleven years of their lives, they spent nearly every moment together, but for the last five, they've been split apart most of the time. It makes Jēkabs reluctant to make big decisions or commitments, because he would rather share the important parts of his life with his twin. The subject is a touchy one, because Jānis gets to live out the Muggle life in his home country of Latvia with his family, and Jēkabs couldn't have done that without causing magical mayhem. He can't go back--his only option is to learn to balance his wizarding and Muggle lives, and he doesn't know how to do that yet.

While he tries to project a self-assured air, there are some things that make him anxious. He isn't entirely comfortable with the level of darkness and threat he sees in the magical world. Defense Against the Dark Arts class makes him nervous. So did Care of Magical Creatures, until he started to make friends with some of the creatures. He tries to remember every monster and every curse in order to defend himself, even though he isn't happy that he has to think about defense in the first place. He also doesn't want to hear any prejudice against Muggles and Muggle-borns. Because he knows that some purebloods really hate Muggle-borns, it puts him on the defensive, adrenaline and all. Though he will certainly defend himself if need be, he'd rather not think about how many people hate him, especially when he feels so alone.

He's active and has loved sports since he was small, so he naturally gravitates to Quidditch. His flying lessons started out difficult, but he was so determined to figure it out that he became the athletic Quidditch player he is today. He plays Chaser so his basketball skills would travel easily to the wizarding sport, and his height helps him with that too. He likes to make friends with fellow Quidditch players, no matter their house, because he knows they have something in common.

Classes are not always easy for him, so he isn't as dedicated to them as perhaps he should be. When he likes a class, he'll do all the work for it, but when it's too difficult or he doesn't get along with the professor, he usually slacks off. He likes Potions because they have fun effects and Ancient Mythology because it's interesting, but many classes just do not work out for him, and he has to somehow rescue his grades by doing well on exams. He swears this doesn't mean he's lazy, since he's managed to pass five years of Hogwarts before now. He also has the ability to pull out great results on practical exams even if his essay-writing skills are not up to scratch, since he's more of an action person than a words person.

Speaking of action, he doesn't usually get into fights, but he would jump into one in a heartbeat if he felt it was needed. So while he may be easygoing and playful in regular life, he has a sense of justice. He just doesn't have a reason to show it until the situation calls for it.

Character Background:

Born sixteen years ago to young parents who were entirely unprepared for him and his twin brother, Jēkabs has been causing chaos ever since in both Latvia and Scotland. The identical Smiltiņš twins, Jēkabs and Jānis, were energetic little kids who refused to separate from each other. They were raised in an apartment in the town of Ogre by their mother Ieva, who always seemed to be chasing after them. They could constantly be found playing with a basketball or soccer ball, wrestling with the family dog, or giggling as they painted the walls with their mother's makeup kit--oops! The twins were always in the same class at school, and looked so alike that nobody could ever tell them apart. Everyone around them thought they would grow up exactly the same. Then Jēkabs got a letter from an owl, and Jānis didn't. In that moment, everything changed.

Nobody ever expected Jēkabs to be a wizard, not even the wizarding world. So it was a bit of a struggle to find a place for him to learn magic. He had no magical family to educate him. Durmstrang wouldn't take him, since he was Muggle-born. His parents would flatly refuse to send him to Koldovstoretz. He didn't speak a single word of French, so Beauxbatons was out. That left Hogwarts as the only school in Europe for him to attend, so an owl was dispatched across the North and Baltic Seas to bring him a Hogwarts letter.

And it wasn't an easy transition, uprooting an eleven-year-old boy from his country and his familiar Muggle life. He struggled to buy school supplies, with his limited budget and his nervousness at being in London alone. He struggled in classes, because even though he'd thought his English was fine when he was studying it in school, he couldn't keep up with how fast the British professors spoke. He missed his family, especially his brother, and had to wait until it was dark to cry in the first-year dormitory because he couldn't even get his cell phone to work to call them from Hogwarts. Not to mention the culture shock that came from moving to the other side of the continent, with not a single other Latvian in sight. He spent much time cuddling his cat Mittens, a gift from his mother since he was allowed to bring a cat to Hogwarts.

So what do you do when you're a stressed eleven-year-old boy with a seemingly endless reserve of energy? If you're Jēkabs, you cause trouble. The source of many a prank in the Hogwarts hallways has been this boy for the past six years. Most professors have been frustrated by him, though some have taken a kinder approach, knowing that he had plenty of stress in his life and was capable of better things in the right environment. The Quidditch pitch also provided the perfect outlet for him once he learned how to fly--even being sent to the hospital wing after his first flying class didn't stop him. He has never been able to buy the best broomstick, but his childhood years of practicing basketball made him a talented Chaser when he finally got to start Quidditch in his second year. The only problem has been the times he was suspended from games for bad grades. Those made him bitter and grumpy, which didn't convince him to raise his grades at all.

Since those difficult beginnings, Jēkabs finally settled into Hogwarts in recent years. He made friends on the Quidditch team. He picked classes that actually suited him, like Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Mythology. He managed to pass several of his O.W.L.s, though the delicate art of Transfiguration and the boring (in his opinion) History of Magic unfortunately eluded him. Still, he's gotten used to being a bit of a class clown, and that aspect has never left him.
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