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 <span style="color: blue">[R]Idys Ward</span>
Idys Ward
 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 09:06 PM
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Acts like summer and walks like rain

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Idys WardRavenclaw Prefect
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Name: Idys Ward
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Nah~ Just the one and only
Appearance: Up until the summer before she transferred to Hogwarts, Idys had been, in many ways, unnoticeable. She wasn’t particularly tall, or particularly short. In fact, she stood at a common and comfortable 5’6. Pale skin and though not scrawny, she was certainly on the thinner side, a probable side effect of often skipping meals because she simply would not notice the time, a surprising fact considering how much she actually loved food. Her formerly brunette hair was often kept long, rarely ever cut... probably due to the own girl's forgetfulness, and more often than not tied up in a bun. As stated…unnoticeable, in fact, the most remarkable thing about her was maybe the fact that no matter how often she washed her hands, she always seemed to have the colorful stains of paint all over her fingertips.
Though after the summer intervention of her brother, being unremarkable was certainly not one of her qualities. By the time the Start of Term came, what was once soft yet unremarkable brunette hair, now fell in blue and green waves. Which, added to her gray eyes…it all certainly made this average girl more than noticeable.
Personality: How to describe that what is usually dismissed? As those who do their best to remain anonymous are often easily forgotten. From one continent to the other, Idys Ward had attended not one, not two, but three wizarding schools in her short lifetime; a way of living that was certain to put a toll on such a young individual. It was not that her social skills were subpar, on the contrary, a single conversation could often light the spark of friendship as a bring smile curved her lips, almost effortlessly entertained by those around her. After all, the charm of one who has seen places most can only imagine is not easy to resist, specially that of a girl with no apprehension to share her thousand stories of faraway lands. No, such was not the problem at all, the dilemma lied on the bittersweet reality of such short-lived friendships, as Idys quickly learned after her first transfer that no matter how many laughs she shared, how many memories she created…she was all forgotten once she was faraway.
After her second transfer, she vowed to never let such thing happen again, so since she didn’t quite have the mind or thirst for knowledge to immerse herself in her studies, she chose painting. Being one who for long had an affinity for drawing and arts, the hobby came as a relief with no equal. Such is how the girl that was easy to laugh and quickly made friends became a teenager of short smiles who seemed to immersed in herself and her paintings to have any kind of relationship. It was not that she had become shy, she simply had chosen to ignore her own reality. Anonymity was the perfect excuse, the perfect hiding spot in order to prevent herself from getting attached to anything around her.
But of course…things weren’t always that easy or ideal. For while Idys immersed in herself because of this life of constant moving, her brother was quite the opposite. Charismatic and charming, he had always been the one to stop her from completely disappearing from sight, with concern masked as jokes, pranks, and mean comments, she rapidly became known to those senior to her as his younger sister, often making interaction unavoidable. Idys often considered this to be a plot by him to stop her from getting what she wanted, though while she did not hate him…she could not deny that she envied how much better he was at dealing with any situation put before him. She often relied on this ‘ability’ of his as support, a reminder that she too could do better. Which is why his graduation from Ilvermorny came as no relief, as her parents were moving once again, which meant she would have to transfer to another school and survive her last two years with no help what-so-ever.
She didn’t have a game changing plan for her time at Hogwarts, or a positive ‘new school, new me’ attitude, but she knew this time things would have to be different. First of, all hopes of being immediately dismissed by her looks had been cast aside the moment her brother had decided to play one last summer prank on her, her hair now seeming to be permanently dyed blue. ‘A spell gone wrong’ he said, though Idys knew his spellcasting abilities weren’t the best, she didn’t believe he was capable of such mistake. Most of all, she cursed the fact that of all colors…it had to be one that did not seem to suit her at all. Secondly, she would be attending her parent’s alma mater, the place she had heard so much about, and even she who tried to be detached from her surroundings could not hide the slight excitement such thing caused her. And thirdly, other than the fact that now her hair seemed to be a beckon for attention and that she was genuinely excited to be there, she was well aware that the last two years of school would define whatever she would get to do in the future, and there was a certain nervousness linked to how much was at stake.
(I'm sorry if the actual personality description is rather lacking, I think I have revealed enough about her, and should I have said more I believe I would have trouble sticking to the character. I'd much rather develop her more as I RP, but if you want me to change the description that can be done too.)
Character Background: Idys always thought that she was part of quite a funny family, though others may not have seen it as easily as she did. First there was the fact that his father, Augustus Ward, had chosen to dedicate his life’s work to the study of no field but that of (surprise surprise) Protection Charms, often being referred to by those most close to him and those more familiar with his work and Mr. Ward Himself. But make no mistake, for this was no coincidence, as it was common for Mr. Ward to joke about how in his Hogwarts days his particular talent for protection charms had been attributed to his last name, as if his surname was almost determinant of his fate. Idys would often glance at her mother when she heard said story, and the woman would sigh, making the girl wonder if such story was true or in fact made up, and his father had changed his surname to ‘Ward’ years later in order to distance himself from a shameful background. It would have explained why the girl had never met any of their relatives, though she never could quite bring herself to ask if this theory was true. Then there was her mother, Mallory Ward, formerly known as Mallory Twonk, descendant of Norvel Twonk himself, a woman that prided herself in coming from a long linage of wizards that couldn’t seem to forget that once, one of it’s members, was awarded the Order of Merlin posthumously, yet none had achieved anything slightly remarkable ever since.
It wasn’t that her mother was a bad woman, in fact Idys was quite fond of her, she gave good advice and always seemed to have a smile on her face, she was infinitely supportive of Idys’ father and left everything aside to help him achieve his goals, including her job as a reporter. Wherever he went, she was right beside him; and whenever he found another exciting charm protecting some ancient place at the other side of the world, she was there smiling, ready to help pack everyone’s bags and move their family to some remote place, preparing all the necessary paperwork for her children to transfer to the closest wizarding school. Whenever she looked at her mother, Idys would tell herself that that was what love must have been, after all…why else would someone set all their goals aside to help another achieve their dreams? For if it wasn’t love…it had to be craziness, since a sane person certainly wouldn’t act in such a selfless way. Though, in all fairness, more often than not Idys found herself taking actions that reminded her of her own mother.
Her parents did agree with this fact, they said that while Idys was like her mother, Idys’ brother was exactly like their father. Which only managed to increase Idys’ suspicions regarding her father’s linage as it seemed like something her brother would definitely do to get out of a sticky situation. Such thing was proved two years ago, when he was her age and they had just transferred from Castelobruxo to Ilvermorny, dyeing his hair and calling himself something different in order not to be recognized by someone he knew, though his lies did quickly catch up to him. And speaking of dyeing his hair…it almost seemed like he dyed Idys’ to keep the tradition alive, though she did doubt him being capable of acting with such a cruel and selfish motive. After all, he had been the one by her side and supporting her as they travelled the seven continents.
She was almost too young to remember Australia, but she did remember their childhood in Asia, then the middle east, when they moved to some remote location in Africa and his brother got accepted into Uagadou. Her first two years of magical studies in Durmstrang, and how thankfully she was that she wasn’t forced to learn Swedish, then to Castelobruxo and standing the humid atmosphere of Brazil for a whole year…she would never forget the landscapes she had painted there. Finally Ilvermorny, oh how she had loved that place, she had manage to remain almost completely anonymous even with her brother around… something she blamed on him trying to make the best out of his last two years of school. And now finally Hogwarts, as her father finally decided to return to England in order to work on his book. To her, the country had almost seemed a disappointment the first time she saw it, as it seemed much…grayer than how her parents portrayed it. It almost made the girl wonder if she would have to spend two years painting the somber image of a sky covered in clouds, or if Hogwarts would actually represent a completely unexpected tonality.
The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: (A few sentences in-character is fine, eg. Are you nervous? What house are you hoping for? What house are you not hoping for? Why?)
“So…this is a sorting hat? It smells old, I wonder were they keep this thing…Do we all have to wear the same one? Merlin! I hope none of those kids have lice! I mean…who am I to talk…I’m sitting here with blue hair. Ah, can we just get this over with so I can go eat? Those mashed potatoes look good! Wait…can this thing hear what I’m thinking?”
Special Request (available at Novice**) (Do NOT request to be placed in a specific house in this section. House requests in this section will NOT be honored.)
OOC Name: Stella
Your Pronouns: (he, she, they, etc.) She~
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? The almighty google.

Ozymandias Park
 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 10:17 PM
mayo horse
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"some killer queen you are"

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Ozymandias ParkHufflepuff Novice
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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