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Posted by: Mathilde De Clercq Jun 7 2018, 03:08 PM
For nine to ten months a year, Mathilde wished for better weather. Almost every day she’d get up, and see snowy mountaintops or a curtain of rain from her window in the Gryffindor tower. The Scottish weather was even more whimsical than the Belgian one, making it extremely hard to dress for, and even harder to plan outdoor events – a shame, given how beautiful the lake and the garden were. Yet now that summer had finally arrived, and the heat that the highlands had refused for the rest of the year suddenly arrived all at once, it was hard to imagine it had ever been cold. On days like this, the heat was smothering, the sunlight crushing down on one’s skin as if it was as heavy as it was bright. It sucked the air out of the castle, the rooms becoming even stuffier than they had been during the rest of the year. Yes, on days like this, a dreary, bleak, rainy day seemed eons away, impossible to imagine – even though tomorrow could be one. At night, storms rattled the castle’s walls, the lawns illuminated by flashes of lightning, as if the gods themselves were rejecting the heat wave, and had decided to actively fight against it – at least, that’s what some tea leaves were saying in Divination class.

Mats had walked about the castle, suddenly finding herself with too much time on her hands now that her OWL exams were behind her – and she rather preferred not to speculate on how she had done in them until she would hold the report card in her hands. The stuffiness of the castle had ultimately driven her outside, as it had many students, the light breeze that occasionally stroked her skin and bounced her curls as she strolled across the lawns more than welcome. It carried the coolness of the lake, and the scents of the garden. That’s when she knew what she wanted to do, and when she decided that the Culinary Club should come together one more time before they went back home for the summer.

A large, white canopy tent had been set up on the lawns, tables and chairs set out underneath it in its cool shadow – Mats had enlisted the help of some of the castle’s house elves to set it up, not to mention bring the food over, which was set out as a buffet on one long table. There were salads, pastas, fruity desserts, and plenty of appetizers to choose from, and Mathilde was busy setting up the barbeque. The tables were decked with plates, glasses, and cutlery neatly laid out on the cloth napkins, and bottles of water and jugs of juice were present on every table. Mats had barely found place to set down bowls of chips and peanuts – but of course, where there was a will, there was a way. Only a small part of the buffet table was still empty, to leave place for whatever the guests wanted to bring themselves – though this little get-together wasn’t just for Culinary Club members, everyone who wanted to escape the scorching sun and grab a bite was welcome.

Mats threw the first pieces of meat on the barbeque, which sizzled pleasantly. She was wearing a sleeveless red summer’s dress, the hem just reaching her knees, and platform sandals, with a wide-brimmed straw hat with a red bow. If there was anything better than cooking, she thought as she turned the pieces of meat on the barbeque, it was sharing it with other people.

OOC: Welcome to the summer thread for the Culinary/Cooking Club! Mathilde organised a barbeque on the lawns. There’s a canopy tent providing shade, with tables and chairs set out for people to sit, chat and eat. The buffet includes salads, pastas, fruit, appetizers, snacks, barbeque meat… And you can bring something yourself as well!

Everyone is welcome, no sign-ups or membership of the culinary club necessary.

Posted by: Isidora Argyris Jun 9 2018, 04:37 AM
For someone who had been vegetarian since she was merely ten years old, Isidora found herself to be unbothered by the all too familiar scent of meat being grilled on a barbeque. Perhaps it was because, despite her own dietary choices, she wasn’t the stereotypical kind of vegetarian shown on television that went on a full ’meat is murder’ rant when seeing someone eat something like a burger. Or perhaps, more realistically so, it had to do with the fact that she had spent all of her life eating dinner with people who did consume meat on the regular basis, and that having grown up visiting the farmlands that surrounded the Argyris Institute, she truly saw no issue in it all. Plus, honestly speaking, her own choice of becoming a vegetarian had little to do with a lack of desire to eat meat or with a sense of sympathy for the poor creatures, while it did have much more to do with seeking karmic balance. But really, who in the world had time to explain the specific philosophical concepts that lead to Isidora Argyris’ own dietary choices?

Certainly not her, at least not at those moments, as the young witch found herself all too occupied with carrying not one but two food containers to the Culinary Club’s very own BBQ meeting. The first was actually gazpacho, because as Izzy had come to learn last summer: when dealing with a warm day like that one, there was nothing quite as soothing and enjoyable as a cold bowl of gazpacho. The second, on the other hand, contained carefully sliced zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. Because obviously, if she was going to be at a barbeque she couldn’t possibly miss out on some delicious grilled dishes, and – at least in Izzy’s own opinion – veggie burgers were all too overrated. But why was she even bothering with attending that meeting? Well, the obvious answer was because she was member of the Culinary Club, and although Izzy generally had a tendency to not be much of a sociable person, that was supposed to be something she had been trying to work on throughout the school year (and the keyword here is ‘trying’, gals and lads).

Even if she had wanted to skip that meeting – which, if she was being completely honest with herself, she didn’t – it wasn’t as if she had much of an excuse, for her N.E.W.T.s had already ended, and the schedule that was usually packed with studying found itself…uncharacteristically empty. Honestly, it was kind of strange, and the eagle couldn’t wait until she returned home so she actually had something to do with all the freetime she had suddenly gained. But for now, all she could really do was enjoy the time she had left at school, finding herself clad in a large blouse, slip-ons, a boater hat, and shorts – for that was Izzy’s definition of ‘Summer clothes’. And really, not even she could deny how excited she was about all that, because even if it was a barbeque and full of things she could not eat thanks to being vegetarian and all that jazz… she didn’t really care, as it was still exciting to do something like that with the other members of the club. Although, truthfully speaking, it probably had to do with the fact that she had always kind of envied people who got to spend their summers doing things like barbeques and throwing pool parties.

Had she ever even been to a pool party? Not that Izzy could recall, but the idea sounded rather uncomfortable, and not at all as enjoyable as the scene that displayed itself before her as she reached the gathering’s location at the lawns. She didn’t have any particular plans for the event, nor was she really friends with most members of the club. So, instead of approaching anyone, the short eagle made her way straight towards the buffet table, looking over the dishes with an interest that closely resembled scientific curiosity, and not really reaching for anything to on which to snack. Unsurprisingly enough, Mathilde had actually thought of having more than a few salad options for those who didn’t want to just eat meat, and as she carefully set her own containers on the table, Isidora made a mental note to go thank her later on. For, as she saw it, thoughtfulness was always something to be thankful for.

Stells is sleepy so...apologies just in case
Izzy's vegetarian self ain't about that barbecued meat c': So, like a good member of the Culinary Club, she brought gazpacho! And grilled zucchinis! And she's being a total nerd about food at the buffet table while also making a mental note to thank @Mathilde De Clercq for all her work and the variety in that buffet~

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