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Mar 13 2017, 03:08 AM   LINK Quote
Dyeing his hair was something Timothy usually only did during the holidays, with the help from his mother - as his father refused to help him turn the bathroom into a mess of colour blothes and smears on floor tiles. But exceptions justified every rule, so there he was, walking through the corridors of Hogwarts with his sneaker soles blinking in baby blue whenever he ran a few feet or jumped down another set of stairs, the small bucket of hair dye pressed against his chest while a canvas tote bag filled with dyeing devices was swinging from his shoulder. This afternoon would be dedicated to dye his hair from baby blue to cotton candy pink - and the best part was that he was not going to be the only one who was going to look like an exceptionally loud and excited flamingo. His candy hair partner in crime was going to be Daesung Ryu, and he was also the reason why Timmy was running towards the bathroom that was supposed to be haunted - although he had never met that ghost before, which was almost annoying.

Skipping some more stairs, the eagle shivered a little as it seemed like the early spring sunlight was not quite as warming as he had thought, and he only wore a t-shirt that wouldn't mind pink stains so much. Experience had shown that hair dye often ruined clothes, and at home, they even used special towels for it. His mother used charms for her hair, unless she changed it deliberately thanks to her Metamorphmagus abilities. Yet for her son she only ever allowed the temporary muggle colours, as she did not want to allow permanent changes just yet - eventually, she just knew that Timmy changed his mind like other people changed their underwear, and who knew what kind of mess he would create in the process of being unable to decide on a single colour?

It almost felt like doing something strictly forbidden, as Timmy had never died his hair all by himself - he only hoped that Dae would know what to do, and that he would help him with all the mixing and letting it soak and whatnot. Finally, the still blue-haired boy had reached the bathroom door and pushed it open, only to shiver just a little more as the temperatures within the tiles and cubicles of bathroom were even lower than within the corridors. Timothy pouted for a second, bicoloured eyes wandering around, once more disappointed that the ghost girl the bathroom was named after seemed to avoid him like the plague, while he just really wanted to chat with her at least once in his life. He walked, the lights of his soles reflecting from the shiny tiles and the small puddles of water, until he found an halfway intact sink and emptied his bag into it. There was shampoo, conditioner, a plastic bowl, gloves, a towel and brushes in different seizes.

The cherry on top of the pie was - of course - the hair dye itself, a small bucket of pink, jelly-like liquid with a black lid. Manic Panic Cottonn Candy Pink. He had chosen this shade over the Pretty Flamingo one, although he wasn't so sure if there had been a real difference. Whether it would even work on his blue hair or not was to be found out, but for the moment he just placed it in the sink as well, turning around as he heard the creak of the door to figure if Daesung had arrived or if the ghost girl had changed her mind after all.

@Daesung Ryu

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