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 Laying at the Sharp End of this Knife, Kiedis//Akkey
Tori Deveaux-Carroll
 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 10:34 AM
Ghostly Mouse
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Rain was the life-bringer to all things on this planet. The very fact that it rained water on earth was a magic in and of itself. Without the rain nothing would be here. Terra would simply be a rock of magma and dust. And yet the rain fell and so there was grass and lakes and trees and animals and life. For this, Tori loved the rain.

She hummed as she worked in her plot of the greenhouse, carefully picking up her potted plants and moving them outside. She placed the ones she moved with care, setting them tight against the outer wall of the building so nobody would trip on them throughout the day. The early morning sun shone weakly through the clouds, giving the mist-covered grounds an ethereal gray shine. It didn't take her too long finish her work; most of her plants would not do well in the rain and some were too heavy to bother moving. Yet by the time she was finished, the knees of her jeans were soaked through with muddy water and wet grass clung to her hands.

She double-checked her plants once, then twice, then with a final nod to herself strode away from the greenhouse. She made it about five yards before turning around and hurrying back to grab the umbrella left forgotten leaning against the wall just inside the door to the building. She made her way back to the castle slowly, the umbrella swinging lightly around her wrist (it wasn't raining hard enough for the badger to feel the need to use it at the moment). Her meandering way through back to the castle led her through the courtyard where she spotted the shimmering and unmistakable ghost of a seventh year slytherin.

"Hello, Kiedis." She greeted him, a small smile on her lips as she stopped next to where he stood. Floated? It was difficult to say with ghosts. She had known him before, though he was a separate year and a separate house. Her friendship with Elias often brought her to the slytherin common room where she would occasionally see the angry teenager. He wasn't exactly the most pleasant to talk to, but something of him reminded her of her father and her brother. But mostly, when she was being completely honest with herself (which was as rare as a unicorn letting a male touch it), the snake reminded her of herself. So she had often made an effort to talk to him, a small voice in her head naively and pridefully telling that she should take any chance to try and help him, whether he accepted it or not. "The grounds look very nice today, don't they?" Yes, small talk. Because it was hard enough to get him to say anything civil in the first place. She had long since learned that.

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