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 knight takes rook, alice//blysse
Atticus Mac Dara
 Posted: Mar 19 2017, 01:02 PM
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One hour.

That was all her blasted note had said before she’d signed it with a smiley face. What sort of woman did that? The sort that would climb a lad like a tree to claw at his smirk off. He’d seen it before, Blyssenor Wright had that sort of...reputation given her temper. And he, like the brilliant scholar that he was, poked the sleeping dragon. Casually counting how many pokes it would take to get to hit that infamous button that would have her erupting fire - which, mind you, were the three of the notes in a series of six he’d sent. Three strikes and he was out? Or rather, running for his life?

The Ravenclaw knew it would be foolish to stay holed up in the Ravenclaw Common Room. Wright was a clever witch, solving a riddle at the door would be child’s play. There was also no way to avoid her forever given the fact they were still at school. Atticus had no delusions about winning this little game, he had Gryffindor tenacity working against him. The best he could do would be to outrun - outlast. But he was no athlete, constantly moving for the hour would be another fool’s errand given her higher stamina.

He needed someplace to hide. Just for an hour. Someplace difficult to traverse. Someplace where, if she came looking, he would have the advantage. Someplace that would give him what he needed to hide. A smirk curled his lips. Now that was an idea. Given the time of night, she was likely hidden in the Gryffindor Tower or tucked away in places that the nightly patrols wouldn’t be able to grant detention to easily. If he was lucky, he could make it to the Room of Requirement.

Ducking his way through the hidden passages, he crept cautiously down from the Ravenclaw Tower. His breath stilled every time his ears caught a sound. By some miracle, he managed to make it to the Room without encountering a soul, save for someone’s tabby cat, and crossed the hidden entryway three times.

Please, he prayed in desperation. I need somewhere to hide. Just for an hour. I know she’ll find me...I just...I need Someplace that can slow her down long enough to outlast the hour.

Excitement bubbled through him as he watched a door materialize. “Fantastic,” he murmured breathlessly before he slunk through the door and into a room that he’d ventured many times before. But never had he seen it like this. The massive room divided by mirrors. Dozens of his reflections smirking at him as he neared. A hall of mirrors. A miniature maze. “Goddess…” he chuckled, glancing up as a small creak of a chain reached his ears. Low hanging candles casting dim light over a small hourglass that hung above the center. The crimson sand turning azure as it dripped into the bottom half. Maybe he could last that hour after all, he decided before diving headfist into the miniature maze.

It took longer, and a few more bumps against mirrors, than he cared to admit before he managed to figure out the best way to maneuver around the pathways. It was a way to pass the time as the sands fell. And, just when the bottom half of the hourglass was three-quarters of the way full, he heard the sound of the door opening.

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